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All these receivers mentioned below are Frsky Taranis compatible RX,

Frsky Taranis has a complete set of radio receivers (Rx), and in this article I have collected receivers suitable for mini quads and micro quads. We’ll explain the differences in the specification and hope it helps you choose one for the next build.

All of these receivers mentioned below are RX compatible with frsky Taranis, which works with frsky radio transmitters (TX), such as Taranis x9d, x9d plus, Q X7, x9e, Horus x10s and X12.

There are also third-party receivers designed for the frsky radio system. If we miss any Rx, please let us know in the comments section.

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For size comparison and overview, the following is a compilation of the most popular 2.4GHz and 900MHz Mini four axis radio receivers from brands such as frsky, FlySky, TBS crossfire, Spektrum and Futaba.


Weight: 1.5g

Dimensions: 16×11 x5.4mm

TX protocol: D16, access (firmware dependent)

Receiving protocol: SBUs – 16CH

Telemetry: Yes, smartport

Comment: why you should and shouldn’t get this Rx.

R-xsr is the latest frsky receiver upgraded to the popular xSr. It becomes lighter and smaller, but achieves the same performance and characteristics as xSr and x4r-sb receivers. Unlike the xSr, the antenna is connected via a micro IPEX connector




Weight: 5.8G

Dimensions: 30 x 22 x 11 mm

TX protocol: D16

Receiving protocol: SBUs – 16CH

Telemetry: Yes – Smart port

The x4r-sb has almost the same size as the d4r-ii. Thanks to the support of SBUs and smartport telemetry technology, it was one of the most popular Mini four axis aircraft Rx, until a smaller RX appeared.





Weight: 3.8 G

Dimensions: 25 x 19 x 11 mm

TX protocol: D16

Receiving protocol: SBUs – 16CH

Telemetry: Yes, smartport

The size of the rxsr / sb is upgraded on the old. It has exactly the same functionality as the x4r-sb, but it is much smaller and lighter.

However, some xSr owners claim that there is a shorter range than the x4r-sb, possibly due to the incorrect length of the active element in the antenna (exposed portion). So if you have a distance problem, you may want to test an antenna length of 31mm.




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