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Homoeopathy Introduction

Homoeopathy is a Medical science that relies on the fact that everybody can heal themselves. A healthy body is like an ideal machine, where each organ and part of it works together in harmony.

Sometimes, there can be mental shock or shock, and/or a physical affliction like an injury or infection that causes disruptions in the harmony or functioning of the body. These symptoms and signs are known as a disease.

The body is capable of healing itself and recovering after any disruptions to its functions. For example. For example, if a finger is cut, it will stop bleeding by itself. If the cut is large, however, the body may need to be assist with dressing it or putting stitches. For knowledge about Homoeopathy, visit Spring Homeo.

Why does the body need ‘Extra Healing Power?

The experts at Spring Homeo explains that similar to internal diseases, if the cause of the disruption is more severe, then the body cannot fight it alone. Symptoms are a sign and symptom.

Homoeopathy is a great option for helping your body recover. It boosts our immune system, which is our body’s ability to fight off disease.

Homoeopathy works on the principle of the body continually striving to restore and maintain its internal strength. Homoeopathic medicines can be use to calmly stimulate the immune system and fight disease.

Finding the Root Cause of Trouble

The doctors at Spring Homeo says that Homoeopathy considers you as an individual, not just the affected or diseased areas. Homoeopathy, unlike other medical sciences, does not treat the symptoms of the disease. Instead, it seeks out the root cause of the illness. The disease will disappear completely when the cause of the illness is eliminate.

Homoeopathy provides gentle treatment through natural medicines

At Spring Homeo, Homoeopathic medicines are prepare from substances naturally found in the animal kingdom, plant kingdom, and mineral kingdom. To ensure that each medicine accurately identifies the signs and symptoms in the body, it is test on healthy humans.

Homoeopathy has more than 3000 medicines. New homoeopathic medicines are constantly being develope. Because homoeopathic medicines are prescribe in a minimum dosage, they do not cause any side effects. This is because it is only enough to provide relief.

Advantages of Homoeopathy

  • Homoeopathy can be describe as a complete science:

Homoeopathy is a complete system of medicine. This gives Homeopathy a distinct advantage over other Medical Systems. It considers the whole person, including his mental and physical makeup. It also looks at the evolution of the disease and prescribes a treatment.

  • Homoeopathy aims to remove the root cause:

Homoeopaths investigate the root cause of your problems and take a lot of time to get to know you. This is done to determine the root cause of your illness. Homoeopaths will help you get rid of constipation and other causes that can cause headaches. Ask for help and be patient. This will ensure that your headaches cease to recur.

  • Homoeopathy is based upon Holistic Methodology:

Homoeopathic physicians take a complete history of each patient. The detailed history includes not only the patient’s physical symptoms but also his emotional state. It has two advantages: first, it allows the patient to share his personal history, which can help him feel better.

  • There are no side effects to homoeopathy:

Homoeopathy has no side effects and is gentle for the patient. Homoeopathic remedies are made from natural substances and prescribed doses by qualified physicians are no more than the patient needs. This is why Homoeopathy has no side effects.

  • Homoeopathy can improve immunity:

Homoeopathy is a way to help the body’s vital energy heal. This means you can get rid of any of your problems, no matter how small or large, old or new. Homoeopathy protects you from future problems because your immune system is strengthened.

  • Homoeopathy Medicine Is the Best Medicine:

These medicines are safe for babies and pregnant women. Homoeopathic medicines can be used with any other medication without triggering adverse reactions or interactions. Homoeopathic medicines are not addictive or dangerous.

Myths and Facts about Homoeopathy

Myth 1: Homeopathy can be used to treat depression

The fact is that homoeopathic remedies are superior to placebo in clinical research. Homoeopathy has shown remarkable results in thousands of cases, making it impossible to say that Homeopathy is a placebo.

Myth 2 – Homeopathy has the same white remedies for all diseases

Fact: It is false. White pills are not carriers or neutral vessels for actual medicine. The white pills are coat with potent medicine. To best serve different patients, you can prescribe different remedies in different potencies. There are approximately 3000 medicines, 10 different potencies (powers to medicines) for each medicine. This means that there can be at least 30,000 combinations and permutations.

Myth 3: Homeopathy takes time to work

Fact: Because the disease has been eradicated from its root, homoeopathic remedies work quickly and last longer. The duration of relief will depend on the severity of the condition.

Myth 4: Steroids are in homoeopathic medicines

Fact: Homeopathy is not slow to work. People believe homoeopathic medicines are steroids because they see great results in chronic and acute cases. It is false. Homoeopathic medicines are prepare from natural substances and are sweet. Homoeopathic medicines do not contain steroids as they taste bitter.

Myth 5: Homeopathy Is Not a Medicine for Emergency

The fact is that homoeopathy can provide quick relief for acute conditions such as fever, cold, cough, diarrhoea and migraine. To get the best guidance, you should consult a qualified homoeopathic physician.

Myth 6 – Homeopathic remedies cannot be compared to antibiotics

Fact: It has been proven that homoeopathy can effectively treat and control infections without the need for antibiotics. Homoeopathy is immune to antibiotic resistance.

Most Common Questions about Homoeopathy

Is Homoeopathy a scientifically prove science?

Homoeopathy is based upon scientific logic and extensive experimental data. Homoeopathy is the only medical science that collects drug data by testing on healthy humans and not animals. Because humans can communicate their feelings and symptoms, while animals cannot, this is why it is so important. Clinical experiments have led to the discovery of homoeopathy and its principles. Homoeopathy’s drug collection (pharmacopoeia), contains more than 3000 remedies. Their clinical efficacy has been proven in numerous clinical trials conduct around the globe.

What do homoeopaths need to know about you?

Your Homoeopath must know you, your personality, and any emotional or mental problems. This will allow him to get to the bottom of your case. Your past medical history, any peculiar habits, and childhood details are all important information that your Homoeopath needs to know. Your physician will be able to accurately assess your case if you give a complete and accurate history. All information you share with your doctor will remain confidential.

Why is it that Homoeopaths need a detailed History?

Homoeopathy is a holistic approach to treating individuals, not diseases. The physician must know all about the patient. Many times, past medical conditions that led to current complaints will be reveal. It is well-known that many factors can have an impact on our lives. Some of these can affect our mental and physical health. It is therefore important to have a detailed history of each patient.

Why is it that Homoeopaths need a detailed History?

Homoeopathy believes that homoeopathy treats the person, not the disease. The physician must know all about the patient. Many times, past medical conditions that led to current complaints will be reveal. It is well-known that many factors can have an impact on our lives. Some of these can affect our mental and physical health. It is therefore important to have a detailed history of each patient.

Are Homoeopaths not qualified to diagnose the disease and conduct investigations?

It is impossible to diagnose a disease without diagnosing it. However, to select the right treatment we need to identify the symptoms and characteristics of the patient. For example, two people suffering from Asthma may have different triggers and relieving factors. These details are crucial for prescribing treatment. It is important to conduct investigations to determine the diagnosis of the disease and assess any improvement.

Is Homoeopathy (sugar pill) a placebo?

It is false. Although the Homeopathic Medicine Pills may be prepare of sugar, they are not vehicles. These pills contain liquid medicine that is prepare from natural medicinal substances. Sometimes, homoeopathic medicines can also be dispense as liquids or tinctures. These medicines can be taken directly or by being dilute with water according to the doctor’s instructions.

Why is it that all complaints are treat with the same white pill?

White pills can only be use to dispense actual medicine that has been spray on them according to the case. Homoeopathic medicines can be use in different potencies (strengths) depending on the needs of patients. There are approximately 3000 medicines in homoeopathy and 10 different potencies for each medicine. Each patient can use at least 30,000 combinations.

Why is it necessary to take medication for such a long period?

The duration and time required to treat the disease depend on the severity of the condition (acute or long-term) as well as the body’s ability to fight it. To ensure that the problem does not return, the treatment is carry out for a set period. The treatment is stop if the patient shows signs of improvement.

Why is Homoeopathy Medicines slow to act?

Homoeopathy medicines don’t take long to work. They are quick to act and can last for a long time. The disease is eradicate from its root. The severity of the complaint will determine how long it takes to get relief. A patient who seeks homoeopathic treatment as soon as possible after a symptom develops (early), has a high chance of rapid recovery. Homoeopathic medicines are quick and effective in acute conditions. For example, suppose “X” has Diabetes and has tried many different treatments. If Homeopathy provides relief for him in two years, would that still be consider slow homoeopathy?

Is it true that Homoeopathic medicines contain Steroids?

Homoeopathic medicines are prepare from naturally occurring substances. They are sweet due to the globules, or white pills. Steroids are bitter tasting and can not be add to medicine. Anyone who doubts the effectiveness of these drugs can have them tested in a laboratory.

Why are homoeopaths hesitant to give the names of the medications they prescribe?

For the benefit of the patient, the name of the medicine cannot be disclose. The misuse of medicine could result from knowing the name of the medication. This could alter the disease picture, making it more difficult to treat the patient. For medico-legal purposes or the patient’s records at the end, a copy of the case history may be request.

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