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All About Homoeopathy Medicine

Brief History of Homoeopathy

Hahnemann born in Germany in 1755. In 1779, has been given the title ‘Doctor of Medicine’ In 1790, he moved on to explain the results of cinchona (china) had that he intentionally took doses of it himself. All those symptoms that to me are common of irregular fever – all made their appearance. He set the new principle -‘Like cures Like’. This was the start of Homoeopathy.

He did a study on ‘dose’ & ‘strength’. He developed a broader collection of medications, carrying out experiments called proving, by the German term ‘prufen’ to check. In 1805, he produced a work describing the properties of 27 remedies, all analyzed on himself, & volunteers.

In 1812, he utilized Homoeopathy efficiently to deal with ‘typhus’. Homoeopathy proved more powerful than traditional remedies of this time and its prevalence & utilisation disperse.

Locals, probably covetous doctors had conspired against him to stop him from preparing his remedies. A patient of the Prince Schwarzenberg of Austria had died as a consequence of intemperate alive. Hahnemann competitions had taken the Chance to grab about the prince’s departure as proof of the collapse of Homoeopathy.

From the latter years of his lifetime (i.e. later 1834), he moved to Paris & put up a clinic there and become globally famous. He died in 1843. Visit Spring Homeo for detailed knowledge about Homoeopathy.

Homoeopathy & it’s Basics

The term Homoeopathy means similar suffering’ and relies upon the law of similars. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of this proper therapeutic system of Homoeopathy created the concept that a substance can also cure the very same symptoms in a sick individual. This is known as the ‘Law of similars – similia similibus curentur’, which also occurs throughout nature.

Diseases just co-exist when they are dissimilar. After Hahnemann had left his discovery, he then experimented with different medications and chemical on his loved ones members and friends and built a detailed Materia Medica.

The next principle of Homoeopathy discovered by Dr Hahnemann is ‘The minimal Effective Dose’ i.e. that the smallest quantity of the treatment needed to possess the desired healing effect. Homoeopathic remedies are prepared to utilize a process of numerous ‘dilutions’ & ‘successions’. This process is ‘Potentization’. The larger the number of phases of potentization, the higher the curative potential of this treatment.

Method of Homoeopathic therapy at Spring Homeo.

  • Past Medical history.
  • Accurate listing of symptoms.
  • Grading of the important symptoms.
  • Utilization of repertory.
  • Selecting the remedy and also the dose

Homoeopathic remedies.

At Spring Homeo, homoeopathy remedies are prepared from:

1. Plant

  • Whole Plant – Pulsatilla, Aconite, Chamomilla.
  • Plant Leaves – Rhus Tox
  • Plant Roots – Ipecac, Bryonia
  • Seeds of Plant – Nux Vomica, Ignatia
  • Plant Bulbs – Alium cepa, Colchicum

2. Animal Kingdom

  • Honey bee – Apis Mel,
  • Spanish fly – Cantharis
  • Cuttlefish – Sepia,
  • Venom – Tarentule , Lachesis

3. Chemical components & minerals

  • Minerals – Silica, Arsenicum Album & Natrum Muriaticum.
  • Metal components
  • Insoluble – Plumbum, Aurum, Stannum in hot water / Alcohol
  • Non – metals – Sulphur, Graphites.

How are remedies ready?

  • Maceration
  • Extraction
  • Ageing
  • Filtration

There common scales of potencies Decimal (D or X ) Centesimal (C) using 1000 C revealed as 1 M. LM (1 in 50,000)

2 Chief Procedures of preparation:

  • Hahnemannian – multiple vial Technique
  • Korsakoff – only vial approach.

Starting alternative Called Mother Tincture.

Insoluble material rendered soluble by trituration – grinding & mixing the material with flaxseed powder.


Vital characteristics of a remedy.

Advantages of using homoeopathy.

  • No successful allopathic alternative is different. There are lots of medical conditions that there aren’t any effective allopathic remedies. Daily, we find ourselves not able to think of a cure or just a cure, for both chronic and acute ailments.
  • Homoeopathy is still the only alternative.
  • The side-effect profile of this allopathic choice makes it improper. Many allopathic medications are poisonous or have side – effects. Non — steroidal anti-inflammatory has been notorious because of their harmful effects on the gastrointestinal tract. Homoeopathic remedies don’t have any such side effects or toxicity.
  • Reduction in the quantity of chronic allopathic therapy — Many chronic conditions can be curbed with allopathic medication to allow an improved quality of life and even life expectancy. But, all allopathic medications are toxic and frequently try to discover long-term treatment regimes that involve the tiniest quantities or shortest courses of those crucial remedies.

A fantastic example of this is Asthma where steroids demonstrate tremendous advantages but because of their toxicity, it’s necessary to use as little of them as possible while allowing the individual to get the most benefits.


Modern allopathic medication isn’t functioning too well. Europe and America are now losing the war against cancer regardless of early detection, superb scanning gear, & best of operative therapy. The nates of cancer have increased 18 per cent since 1991 and also mortality increased by 7 per cent. The mortality numbers of heart attacks are refusing to drop despite tens of thousands of prescriptions for anti-cholesterol medications & the greatest of high cholesterol meals being averted In actuality, heart attack rates from the west (and currently in the east too ) are rising alarmingly.

Despite superb speciality and pc medication, diseases like arthritis, asthma, diabetes, rheumatism, cancer and autoimmune disorders are flourishing & contemporary medicine hasn’t influenced their incidence by one per cent.

Hahnemann claimed that poor living circumstances, moisture, appetite, lack of clean air & light, dirt and overcrowding contribute to sickness. Now, though a few of those factors still bring about disease in developing countries, various other variables are just coming up. These may be the poisonous load obtained by drinking, overeating, pollution in addition to faddy diets or dwelling off crap foods, lack of exercise or perhaps abrupt hard exercise, aluminium lead, chromium, mercury traces along with other developments (for example, pesticides) into the water supply from poor states allopathic & enjoyment drugs and the countless compound put on the soil in addition to the endocrine growth promoters and antibiotics provided to farms & cows, prolonged usage of computers & television, the speed of contemporary life & consequent strain.

Homoeopathy is the sole remedy to keep healthy with homoeopathic remedies with no side effects at all.

Is Homeopathy a Proved Medical Science?

Yes, Certainly it’s. Homoeopathy is a medical science based on solid logic & substantial experimental information. Homoeopathy is the sole medicinal science in which information has been accumulated by proving on human beings rather than on creatures because human beings can convey their real feelings throughout the testing while creatures cannot. The fundamentals of Homeopathy happen to be introduced & authenticated by enormous clinical experiments and statistics.

How Does Homoeopathy Act?

Homoeopathy functions by stimulating your body’s healing mechanism. It activates the very important energy within our body. This energy is known as ‘chi’ in Oriental medicine &’Prana’ in Sanskrit.

Do homoeopathic medicines have some side effects?

Homoeopathic medicines are considered benign and without any side effects at all. But, there’s a word of warning. If these medications are accepted in consonance with the simple Homeopathic principle, then only are they useful.

Would you have to take the drugs for Quite a While?

Ordinarily not. The length of the treatment is dependent on the character of the illness and the fighting capability of the individual’s body. The therapy is necessary for a particular period to improve the immunity of the human body to resist diseases.

Homoeopathy is a slow-acting system of medication. TRUE or FALSE?

It’s a fantasy that drugs act gradually. Its activity is fast and the result lasts much longer, often indefinitely.

The speed of activity of homoeopathic drugs depends upon several things.

In chronic cases, it requires more time to get complete treatment. Homoeopathic medicines, if properly selected, won’t ever palliate the disease, instead, it eradicates the disease permanently and totally, for which it’s very natural that more time is necessary.

If “A” is suffering from bronchial asthma and he’s suffering for the past 14 decades and has been to different systems of medicine. Now if you give him homoeopathy and state in two years the individual is okay – Please inform us which is slower?

Do homoeopathic medications contain steroids?

No. It’s a misconception that’s been growing in the current times. Due in several instances after viewing the improvement in a really short time people believe that homoeopaths contribute steroids. Any improvement to the first medication would change its medicinal properties and thus change it non-curative.

When the individual has some doubts that he must check these medications from a normal lab before consuming any amount.

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