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Air Hockey Mallet (Paddle, Pusher & Goalie) – Replacement Parts

What is an Air Hockey Mallet?

Air Hockey is fun and interesting game which is mostly played in the arcades. Everybody loves it especially, kids. It’s such a captivating game as it mixes competition and social engagement. If you’re new to the world of air hockey, you may be confused with the term mallet. This is because it has a number of other names such as pusher, goalie, paddle or striker. They all mean the same thing, that is, a small accessory that you hold and use to shoot the puck in an attempt to score a goal.

An air hockey mallet can be made from a variety of materials such as a plastic top and a fabric bottom. The fabric is attached to provide a good drip on the puck when it is in the player’s possession. The best mallets are lightweight so that they allow for easy movement. The most common materials they are made out of include nylon, felt, Capron, etc. However, as termed by experts, the best material for mallets so far is Lexan polycarbonate resin.

This is environment friendly and highly durable which is why it is the first choice for professional games. Moreover, air hockey mallets are exposed to a lot of wear and tear if the game is played frequently. Thus, you’ll often notice that more than 1 mallet is included in the accessories of an air hockey table. If not, it is best to buy multiple mallets beforehand to ensure an uninterrupted and smooth gameplay.

Professional Mallet Checklist:

To ensure consistent and smooth gameplay, the United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) has set a list of guidelines for the mallets used in games.

  • The mallet should weigh less than 0.4 lbs.
  • The size of the mallet should be under 16 inches in diameter
  • The mallet’s top should be a different color than the color of the air hockey table’s   surface
  • The mallet should be symmetrical and uniform
  • The mallet should be of the same material throughout (no attached fabric on the bottom)
  • Accessories for the mallet such as gloves, strings, handles, straps, bands etc. are only allowed as long as they do not affect the movement of the puck directly
  • The mallet cannot be modified or adjusted for scoring angled shots

Best Air Hockey Mallet Replacement Parts:

  1. Gold Standard Games Air Hockey Accessory Kit

As mentioned earlier, mallets often come in packs of 2 or more because they get damaged easily and need to be replaced often. The GSG Air Hockey Accessory Kit comes with 2 commercial quality mallets made of soft material: 1 home pro air hockey puck and 1 neon quiet air hockey puck. This kit is available on Amazon as well as other websites, with a rating of 5 stars.

  1. Dynamo Commercial Hockey Goalie Mallets

Because every mallet varies in size and considerably in shape as well, replacement parts usually come in a set. In each kit, you will find the same number of pucks as the mallets. This is in order to ensure smooth gameplay. The Dynamo Commercial Hockey Goalie Mallets come in a set of 2 white mallets with 2 beige pucks to go with them. The pucks measure 3.25 inches in diameter. You should buy this item if you own a large sized air hockey table. As the name suggests, the mallets are designed for professional use and do not come with felt pads.

  1. Dynamo Air Hockey Goalie Mallet Set

You can find the Dynamo Air Hockey Goalie Mallet Set for an average price of $20 on Amazon. The set comes with 2 heavy duty, commercial quality mallets only. The recommended age for this product is 12+ years. It weighs 0.6 lbs. so it is fairly lightweight. A number of users have reviewed it, giving it an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

  1. Carrom Air Powered Hockey Equipment Set

This is a unique set of air hockey replacement parts as it comes with 2 controllers and 2 pucks, both in the color black. The purpose of a controller as an alternative to a mallet is that it provides support for the hands as well, similar to wearing a glove – except it is attached to the mallet. The manufacturer clearly states on the website that the product is not suitable for children under the age of 13. They offer best results for a 7 inch air hockey table.

  1. Game Room Guys Air Hockey Felted Goalie Mallets

This replacement set is your basic, go-to mallet set that suits most players and age groups. It comes with 2 red mallets in the package, but the downside is that you will have to buy pucks separately. The mallets feature a classic ergonomic design that fits the hands well and offer a good amount of control. The mallets’ bottom is lined with felt that not only provides a better grip but also protects your air hockey table from scratches. The mallets measure roughly 3.75 inches in diameter. Moving on to the usage, this replacement set is perfect for personal, arcade as well as professional use. This is because it offers the perfect size and quality for all kinds of usage.

Other Air Hockey Accessories

Before buying an air hockey table, you need to be well-versed with the accessories and maintenance that the table requires in order to provide consistent and smooth gameplay.

Apart from mallets and pucks, you will also need to invest in air hockey blowers from time to time. Of course, these don’t wear out as quickly as external accessories, but if you’re buying a used table then this is something to look out for.

Another important investment is an air hockey table cover. The cover will protect it from dust, dirt and other pollutants that can potentially rust it when it is not in use. Last but not least, you may have to invest in air hockey table lights. Arcade tables often come with LED lights, but if you buy a small table with a simple design, just go for hanging lamps for better visibility while playing. You can find more articles regarding air hockey on popular posting as well.

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