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Agent Host for B2B Lead Generation: The tools to optimize your Website

Best Digital Marketing Agency in New York

The Agent Host is the Best Digital Marketing Agency in New York B2B tool for well-made and effective Lead Generation and in this article, I’ll also explain the how and why. In fact, attracting potential customers to target can become a big headache, because it is not enough for you to throw a large random network into the sea of internet and hope. You risk wasting energy, time, and money.

I speak from experience. Those who adopted the Agent Host system were able to better control the work of the marketing department, the investments made in digital marketing activities, and the quality of the contacts acquired. All of these factors have led to a greater ability of traders to sell.

If you do a well-targeted Lead Generation, the sales close rate also grows because you will only be dealing with customers who are truly interested in your products or services. Which is no small feat.

Use Best Digital Marketing Agency in New York for a great Lead Generation

Integrate chatbots into the site, create automated workflows, monitor potential customers’ interactions with your content. And, again, building Landing Pages and managing contact forms are just some of Agent Host‘s features for Lead Generation.

Irresistible calls to action

A simple contact form isn’t all that glamorous as an option. Your content – a blog article, a landing page, a normal site page – needs at least a call to action that invites users to take a certain action.

This allows you to improve conversions by up to 4% -5%. How do you know it? Because Agent Host, in the Lead Generation process, allows you to create different types of Call to action and, above all, to monitor their performance, to be able to optimize them.

Effective and beautiful landing pages

We all agree that the eye also wants its part but in addition to being beautiful. A Landing Page must work well. That is to attract potential customers to target and make them get in touch with you.

Well, know that Agent Host is the perfect B2B Lead Generation software to create a fairytale. Landing Pages in which to highlight the value of the proposal and convince the visitor to enter their data in the contact form.

Custom forms

And how do you know if a user has filled out the contact form? Always thanks to Agent Host, of course, which accompanies you step by step throughout the Lead Generation process. With this software, in fact, you can create and manage forms, and customize them with a wide range of fields and questions.

Chatbots that talk

Conversing with a robot, perhaps, may not be all that enticing. But you don’t always have the ability to support customers face to face: it would cost too much in terms of time and staff.

So what to do? Just use Agent Host and integrate a chatbot into your B2B company website. After all, this also contributes to Lead Generation because if a user asks for clarification or wants an appointment. All he has to do is communicate with you through a chatbot that simulates a human conversation.

Yes, automation in Lead Generation is a great thing!

Agent Host and Lead Scoring

One of the most useful features of Agent Host is the Best Digital Marketing Agency in New York Lead Scoring. Basically, after collecting new contacts interested in your company. Agent Host tracks all their actions and assigns them scores. Based on these you can understand which are warmer and which are less. Therefore also understand if you are attracting uninteresting contacts.

In the initial phase, you must establish a series of actions which. If carried out, accumulate points for the potential customer; then, also establish an arrival threshold, that is a score beyond which the potential customer is ready to be passed to the sales department and receive a call from your sales representatives.




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