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A Quick Guide to Salesforce Drip Campaigns

You might agree that the lack of the right features and capabilities in business leads to delays in business operations.

This is because when employees do not have options to choose the best-suited features for communication depending on the type of business operations, it extends the overall time frame.

Hence, when choosing a Salesforce texting solution, people always look forward to acquiring the best and most advanced feature set to communicate meaningfully and faster.

When communicating with audiences, you have to follow different approaches to drive responses from customers.

Sometimes you have to automate a single or a series of texts, and sometimes you have to dive into a one-on-one conversation to cater to the needs of modern customers.

So, in terms of Salesforce text automation, the Salesforce Drip Campaign is one of the best and essential capabilities to put business interaction on auto-pilot and engage with audiences meaningfully.

There are numerous reasons you should care about the Salesforce drip SMS campaign feature when looking for a messaging solution. Also, there are several issues that this capability can help to get around.

Let’s look at what they are, but before that, let’s clarify what SMS drip campaigns exactly are.

What is the Salesforce Drip Campaign?

Salesforce Drip Campaign is a capability that lets you schedule a series of text messages in Salesforce at different intervals defining date and time.

Also, you can schedule messages based on different conditions.

For example, if you want to send certain texts in a drip campaign before or after a few days, hours, or minutes of a specific action, you can do that.

Thus, you can decide when to send each message you have added to the Salesforce SMS drip campaign.

Why Should you Care about the Salesforce Drip SMS Campaign?

Every texting capability, whether manual or automated, serves a unique purpose and dd a different type of value to a business.

So to make the best use of any specific type of messaging capability, you should understand its importance.

This will help you choose the drip campaigns based on the text operation or communication requirement. Here’s why you should care about Salesforce Drip Campaigns in business.

Consistent Engagement

You might have observed in your daily life that people take time to recognize you when you don’t talk to someone for so long.

The same thing can happen in a business also. When it has been a long since your audiences haven’t heard anything from your brand, they are more likely to forget you.

In addition, they are more leaned toward the brands engaging with them consistently.

So, the Salesforce drip campaign is a perfect solution that allows you and your employees to engage consistently with audiences without a miss.

So, even when employees are busy doing high-priority tasks, they do not have to worry about connecting with audiences after a defined time.

They can simply automate a series of Salesforce SMS at various intervals and keep interacting with audiences meaningfully.

Reduced Manual Intervention

It could be strenuous for employees to keep track of when they sent the last text to engage with a particular customer.

This increases employees’ workload as they must keep track of and send messages manually at a specific time.

The Salesforce drip SMS campaign prevents you from keeping track of messages you have to send at different intervals and reduces your manual intervention.

You can schedule messages and sit back or invest your time in other high-priority tasks.

And the best part is that you can converse meaningfully, even without involving manually, by sending messages at the right time.

Better Customer Relationships

Timing plays a vital role in increasing the effectiveness of text messages.

For example, when you send messages during non-working hours or at night time, messages lose their impact.

Sometimes these messages do not get delivered the next day during working hours, and sometimes your messages are no less than an irritant when they disturb potential customers at night.

Using drip campaigns, you can specify the time for each message so that messages don’t go out at an unusual time.

Also, you can add value to your customers by sending texts when they need them the most. This helps you improve your brand reputation and customer relationships.

Use cases for the Salesforce Drip Campaign

The capability to define a series of text messages in one go can help you in several ways. You don’t have to text manually again and again to the same customer.

Also, consistent customer interaction can never be a problem, even when you’re busy. Here’s how you can use Salesforce drip campaigns in your business communications.

Follow-up Consistently to Close More Deals

One of the best use cases of the Salesforce Drip Campaign is to use it for follow-ups.

You might have noticed that when people want to buy something, they perform a lot of research and need reasons to prefer a specific brand over others.

So, when potential customers are involved with your brand, you have to make efforts to convince them, and you should be top of mind when they make a purchase decision.

You cannot expect a sale to happen in a single attempt. The chances are quite rare. So, you must follow up and engage consistently to seal the deal.

This is where you can configure a series of follow-up messages to nudge your potential customers at various intervals without a miss and close more deals.

Generate Responses from Non-responsive and Lost Leads

It is quite arduous and time-taking to generate responses from lost or non-responsive leads. This is because these business leads are rigid and rarely respond.

To generate responses from such leads, you have to engage with them repeatedly, and while dealing with such non-responsive customers, sometimes you fail to generate revenue also. This wastes your time and effort.

Using Salesforce Drip Campaign, you can put automated text messages at work to create responses. Plus, you can invest your time and effort in leads that are more likely to convert.

This way, you can be more efficient and intervene when responses are already generated, making the best use of your time.

Welcome and Onboard New Customers

Do you know one factor that increases customer churn is not engaging with your customers once the purchase is made.

So, you should deliver consistent experiences even after a customer has associated with your brand. You can configure a series of welcome and onboarding messages to do so.

This can include welcome text, follow-up text, assistance text, etc. This will help you present that your customers matter to you no matter at which stage of a customer lifecycle they are.


By configuring a Salesforce Drip Campaign, you can set meaningful texts to run in the background when you’re not even present. Drip campaigns provide enormous opportunities to automate business interactions without compromising the quality of conversations. More importantly, by choosing the best drip campaign features, you can target audiences over different channels and increase responses. Also, drip campaigns allow you to cut back on time investment in low-priority and non-revenue-generating conversations. Thus, you can have more time to focus on other tasks, and you don’t have to skip conversations as you can count on text automation.

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