A Quick Guide to Bespoke Suits

Australia is commonly perceived as a country of flip-flops wearing men in shorts and t-shirts. However, Australia has one of the world’s richest economies and serves as the headquarters of many international businesses. So it is not uncommon to see people walking around in suits.

When it comes to suits, the best ones are those that are bespoke. Wearing woolcott st bespoke suits exude power and confidence. But, what is a bespoke suit?

Brief background on bespoke suits

The term bespoke is originally used to describe a type of men’s tailoring. And when people hear it, what usually comes to mind is “luxury” and “high-priced”.

However, the term describes something custom-made for you based on your specifications. Although it is not limited to clothing, the term is often associated with men’s formal clothing like tuxedos, suits, sports jackets, and more.

It is a masterful craft of tailoring that is anchored on the bespoke core principle. For a garment to be called bespoke, it has to be made with the highest level of quality in terms of craftsmanship, construction, and materials.

In bespoke tailoring, a skilled cutter creates a pattern every time a garment is made. The master tailor will take more than 40 measurements on you during the fitting to ensure the suit’s perfect fit. He will then make a pattern from these measurements, which will be used to construct the different sections of the suit.

For a suit to be truly considered bespoke, it requires multiple fittings. It must also always be canvassed.

What is the difference between bespoke and made-to-measure suits?

Made-to-measure suits are cut out by a computer, unlike bespoke suits that a skilled craftsman cuts. Since computers are used in the construction process of made-to-measure suits, it does not consider the tiny details that a skilled cutter would consider.

The suit’s overall craftsmanship suffers because of automation and the lack of customization in the manufacturing process. Over 90% of men’s suits are produced made-to-measure.

A bespoke suit means that 100% of it is customized to fit the wearer. So if you are getting a bespoke suit, you can be assured that you are getting one-of-a-kind clothing made with your body shape, sense of style, and wear preference taken into consideration.

Why should you choose bespoke suits over made-to-measure ones?

The two main reasons why you should choose bespoke are fit and quality. It all boils down to what you are looking for. Before choosing bespoke, you need to consider:

  • Not every area has a bespoke tailoring shop. For a suit to be truly bespoke, you have to go to the shop for an in-person fitting.


  • A bespoke suit is not cheap. The material, labor, and skill poured into making a suit allows it to command a high price.


  • You can’t just order this type of suit online. You have to go to the tailor possibly several times. If you need a suit for the next day, then a bespoke suit is not for you.


These are just some of the things you need to consider when considering a bespoke suit. However, if you are looking for a customized suit that will last you a long time, a bespoke suit will be perfect. Check out woolcott st bespoke suits for the best suits in Australia.


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