A Packing Guide for Breakable Objects During a Movers in Dubai

Here at A-to-Z Movers in Dubai, we have put together a helpful guide of tips and tricks for key packaging skills.

Here at A-to-Z Movers in Dubai, we have put together a helpful guide of tips and tricks for key packaging skills. When it comes to packing, we often realize that we have gathered so much throughout our stay that we become indecisive on what to keep and what to throw away. Often these objects do find their way to the new location. The majority of these items you will see are fragile and delicate, which means they require a lot more attention and care.

These have been put together by our professional team who promise to make your packing experience as easy as possible.

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Make Sure to Have All the Essentials

Before you pack, preparation is key, the best way to do so is by going through each of your rooms and products, make a list to narrow down exactly how many categories you may have. Further to which you can narrow down how many boxes you may require. Once you have that sorted, you should purchase boxes of various sizes and quality. Ranging from thin, thick, lightweight, and durable, you must have enough to cater to all your products. For example; if you are packing bedding and covers, you may need multiple medium-sized boxes, in comparison to which if you were packing DVDs, then a smaller box should suffice. However, the size is dependent on the quantity of the product, for which it goes back to the first point, make a list!

Aside from the obvious choice of boxes, make sure to have the following products also; adhesive tapes, cutter/scalpel, bubble wrap, foam, markers/highlight plus anything else you choose for durability.

Keeping your Electronics Safe

A to Z Movers firmly advises all customers to adequately wrap their electronics. This is to prevent any potential harm during the transfer. We recommend carefully packaging all of your electronic devices with high-quality foam or film. Furthermore, you can put them in their boxes with extra padding with care. As a result, the probability of movement inside the boxes during the transfer is reduced. It’s important to take these measures because the last thing you want is for your electronics to break or leak acid.

Fragile objects such as Glass

When it comes to glassware, bubble wrap is your best friend. Before using bubble wrap, make sure that all of your glass fragments are tightly covered in newspaper. Since the newspaper is a coarse material, it can be used as a base for your glassware as a coating or “filler.” Since it’s so light, it’s an excellent substitute for packaging material. Following that, you can begin using bubble wrap. When packaging the items into a box, make sure to use dividers between each product. This decreases the risk of your belongings breaking during the relocation. A to Z Movers has put together a list of popular blunders to avoid during your relocation.

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