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A No-Code Solution for Selling on Etsy: WooCommerce Etsy Connector Module

Market leaders like eBay, Etsy, AliExpress, Amazon, and others control the lion’s share of the eCommerce industry. Since 2022, approximately 60% of all eCommerce orders have been fulfilled via these marketplaces, according to reports. Particularly considering that Etsy is one of the vast marketplaces in the eCommerce industry that sees millions of clients every day. The platform provides a wide range of advantages to both buyers and sellers, which is why the customer favors Etsy Marketplaces over its rivals. Different internet merchants, however, favor operating their own e-commerce stores. In this post, we’ll go through how online store owners can sell directly on the enormous marketplace Etsy and manage all of their Etsy listings and orders from their WooCommerce shop’s admin area. Let’s quickly go through the benefits of selling on Etsy for eCommerce businesses before we begin with the WooCommerce Etsy Connector.

PrestaShop Etsy

Each product category’s equivalent was made:

Selling on the Etsy Marketplace has the lovely feature that merchants can sell anything there. As opposed to other product categories, Etsy buyers choose to order their favorite product categories like handcrafted items, second-hand products, unique products like rare coins, etc. The platform is specifically designed for unique sellers.

So, if you’re a particular kind of seller looking for a possible venue for selling, Etsy might be the best option.

Selling a brand name is not necessary:

The greatest aspect of selling on Etsy is that you don’t need a brand name to get started. Selling on Etsy can also be advantageous for retailers that are just starting their online operations and do not yet have a reputation in the industry. Customers view Etsy as a brand in their imaginations because they perceive the marketplace to be heroic, which is the cause of this.

Sell Anywhere:

On Etsy, online merchants can offer their stock for sale to clients from all over the world. eCommerce sellers can sell their goods to any nation, regardless of currency or language, thanks to shipping aid and payment method support.

For instance, the Etsy Marketplace will quickly eliminate any discomfort caused by a language or currency barrier if you have inventory in the United States and wish to sell your goods in regions outside of the US. This is because of its well-maintained seller management system.

The best way to connect a WooCommerce store to Etsy!

The Knowband WooCommerce Etsy Marketplace Extension was created by the Knowband tech team, who have over 12 years of expertise developing WooCommerce plugins. To establish the connection between the WooCommerce Platform and the Etsy Marketplace, the Knowband WooCommerce Connector modules utilize the most cutting-edge API technologies.

Additionally, the WooCommerce Etsy Marketplace Connector add-on enables online merchants to sell the same goods—even ones with the same stock and goods—on the Etsy Marketplace. The owners of WooCommerce stores may simply update the order statuses, manage orders from Etsy on their WooCommerce Shop back-end, and access a variety of other features.

The following attributes are available to online businesses using WooCommerce using the Knowband WooCommerce Etsy Connector Module: 


Managing an Etsy account:

Administrators of WooCommerce stores can establish numerous Etsy profiles directly from the WooCommerce admin panel thanks to the Knowband WooCommerce Etsy API Integration module. Admins can also establish profiles for each category that is offered in their eCommerce store by selecting from a variety of incredible features, such as choosing the language, raised or decreased pricing, and many more.

Additionally, each profile that merchants create to display products on the Etsy Marketplace allows them to create a variety of shipping templates. a rise in price or a fall in price. If you are an online vendor wishing to sell on the Etsy Marketplace but are only wary of the Etsy seller fee, the Knowband WooCommerce Etsy Integration Module’s flagship pricing increment/decrement function enables WooCommerce merchants to set a separate price for selling on the Etsy marketplace. To avoid paying the platform commission, for instance, if you are selling a product on your WooCommerce store for $10, you can increase or lower its price on the Etsy Marketplace.

It has a tonne of automated cron features:

so pre-loaded cron jobs can handle all the manual work. By providing a tab for automatic cron jobs that handle every manual activity in an automated manner, the Knowband WooCommerce Etsy Integration extension gives WooCommerce sellers peace of mind.

Creating a Simple Bulk Product Listing

The Knowband WooCommerce Etsy Marketplace Extension’s ability to quickly list all of the products from a WooCommerce shop on the Etsy Marketplace is one of its most valuable capabilities. Similar to this, the WooCommerce Etsy Integration Plugin uses automated cron jobs to handle all the necessary bulk product listing while eliminating the hassle of human listing.

One-time cost and limitless usage:

The Knowband WooCommerce Etsy Connector Plugin has a one-time cost and a lifetime usability component. You don’t have to extend your support period on a monthly or yearly basis.

The Knowband tech staff works with the WooCommerce online shops during the first three months to handle every aspect, from plugin installation to product listing on the Etsy Marketplace, in addition to the Knowband Etsy API Connector.

Order Management on a Single Platform:

The WooCommerce Etsy Integration Addon enables online merchants to manage all WooCommerce and Etsy orders from the WooCommerce admin panel.

The button to synchronize orders from the Etsy Marketplaces may be easily located by admins in the cron settings tab. One-click of the Sync Orders button will sync all of the Etsy Marketplace orders with the WooCommerce shop admin panel.

A capability that allows products to renew automatically:

The OpenCart Etsy API integration offers an auto-renewal feature. Additionally, it enables the administrator to renew items automatically if they expire after a predetermined amount of time. This component is also available in the Profiles tab of the Etsy OpenCart API connection.

The Knowband WooCommerce Etsy API Integration Module setup requirements?

The Knowband WooCommerce Etsy API connector extension has an easy-to-use setup method as well. To link your WooCommerce store with Etsy, the plugin just needs the following elements.

User App ID:

App Secret for Clients:

Account for Etsy developers

Additionally, if the administrator encounters any difficulties during the connection setup procedure, the Knowband tech team will offer all the assistance required for obtaining the Etsy API details. Online retailers can add the following components in the module’s general settings section.


In the end,

It does not seem ethical to sell through a single channel in the present period, where the eCommerce industry is expanding like anything else. A massive selling site like Etsy might give your eCommerce business a big boost if you include it in your list of selling channels. A ready-to-use option for multi-channel selling for WooCommerce merchants is the Knowband WooCommerce Etsy Integration extension.

Please feel free to email us at with any questions or recommendations you may have on selling on Etsy using a WooCommerce shop.

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