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A Mesmerizing Experience Sandhan Valley Trek



Sandhan Valley Trek:

The Sandhan Valley is also known as the valley of shadows, this is because of its unique structure. During the peak dayd, the sunlight does not reach the ground in this valley. This makes it ad an attractive trekking destination even in summer season.

It is rising sbout 3000 feet above sea level. The Sandhan Valley is a deep natural crack in the scenic sahyadri mountain located in Maharashtra. This valley is located near the beautiful Bhandardara region near the village called Samrad. Judt imagine walking along a 300 ft into the deep gorge carved by water over a million years, the sunlight flickers though the crevices and the sound of your breath will echoes against the narrow walls.


While Visiting this trek for its thrilling technical patches like,


Water crossing.

It’s really a beautiful camping site.

While visiting Sandhan Valley :

You have to descend through the valley of shadow.


If you are looking for an adventurous hike with rock climbing.


Camp at a campsite with huge mountains.


Trek to Sandhan Valley :


The Sandhan Valley trek through the Samrad to Dehene is a high difficult trek in Sahyadri region present Maharashtra, India. It is the highest point of the trek at 3000 ft . This is also known as the valley of shadows , this is because of its unique structure. 


Region : Sahyadris


Elevation : 3000 feet


Distance : 5 km


Duration : 2 Days


Difficulty level : Hard


Exposure  : Low


Base point : Samrad


Best Season : October to May


You should visit Sandhan Valley , When you want to descend through the valley of shadows.

If you are looking for an adventurous hike and rock climbing


Sandhan Valley Trek Route , Samrad to Dehene:

The Sandhan Valleys id full-descend. It is just 2.5 kms long to campsite but the time taken to finish during a normal weekend is around 10 hours.

During this trek, everyone want to witness the beauty of this valley.


If you start this with a flat trail,  you will be opening of Sandhan Valley. Once you visit into the Sandhan Valley, you will enjoy the valley for the entire duration.


During this trek, don’t forget to carry torches with you, because it may get dark before you make it to your campsite. Most of the campsites were located near a small pool, which is present outside the Sandhan Valley. If you reach the campsite you can spend all your time for chilling by the pond and bonding the people around you.


Both the Samrad and Dehene were 120 kms apart from the roadways.


It will be a best to hire two separate means of transport instead of taking a personal vehicle there.


Drinking Water:

During this trek, there were no drinking water sources available throughout the trek. There is from a natural pond located near the campsite which is outside the Sandhan Valley for drinking water.



There were no food stalls along the way to Sandhan . This way also available eith some small stalls on the way to Dehene from the campsite it is present outside the Sandhan . 

This will sell 

Nimbu Sherbat (Lemonade), 

Kokum Serbat, 

cucumbers etc.



Accommodation facilities are available here, you can stay at a local house or in the local temple in Samrad.

You can make your own tents also you can get help from the local to arrange stay for you at the campsite outside Sandhan Valley.


Before starting, always ensure that you have book your tent in advance by talking to a local.


Best Time to Visit Sandhan  :

During the month of October to May is a best time to visit.

Sandhan Valley will be closed during the monsoon season. 


Apart from these monsoons, you can visit this Valley as pretty as much any time during the year. It is better to avoid going there on long weekends because it may very crowded. It is best to Plan your vitrip around no-moon nights to witness the beauty of the sky from the campsite.


Things to carry for Sandhan Valley Trek:

3 Liters of water .

Torch with extra batteries 

Sun hat or cap

Blankets and sheets 

Warm clothes during winter season.

Sports shoes or trekking shoes 

Comfortable t-shirt

Extra clothes

Light snacks to munch on during breaks

Fresh fruits 

Dried fruits such as dates,fruits, Nuts

Personal medicine


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