A Look at the Different Types of Cargo Ships Sailing Our Waters Today

Did you know that 90% of traded goods are all freight and are transported by water? The benefits of shipping items over water include faster transit, reduced labor, lower insurance costs, and reduced environmental impact. With so much cargo being shipped, there are several types of cargo ships that companies turn to.

Do you need a cargo ship built for your company? Are you not sure which ship is best for your requirements?

If you are interested in learning more about different cargo ship types, then this article is for you. From bulk cargo ships to RoRo ships, find out more about different types of cargo ships here.

Bulk Carriers

A type of cargo ship used to transport large quantities of dry bulk materials, such as ore, coal, grain, and cement. These ships are usually large and have a number of hatches on their decks for loading and unloading the cargo. They’re also equipped with cranes and other machinery for handling cargo.

They’re designed for specific types of cargo, such as ore carriers and timber carriers. They are an important part of the maritime transportation system. They provide a way to move large amounts of cargo efficiently.

Reefer Ships

These are vessels designed to carry perishable cargo and foodstuff shipments. This includes fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, and dairy products that need to be kept at specific temperatures. These ships have their own refrigeration equipment and sometimes even their own power plant to generate the electricity needed to run them.

Reefer ships sailing our waters today are larger and more sophisticated than ever before. They play an important role in bringing fresh food to our plates.

Container Ships

These behemoths of the sea are capable of hauling hundreds of thousands of containers, making them essential for long-distance trade. Container ships have had a profound impact on global trade.

By making it possible to move large quantities of goods quickly and efficiently, they have helped to spur the growth of international trade. Today, container ships sail the oceans of the world, connecting distant ports and carrying the goods that keep the global economy moving.


They transport oil and gas to refineries, where it’s turned into fuel for our cars and homes. Tankers are also a key part of carrying agricultural products to market.

While tankers play a vital role in our economy, they can also be dangerous. Oil spills from tankers can cause environmental devastation, and collisions can result in loss of life.

Also, shipping companies have marine insurance so in case of an accident, all goods will be covered. Today, we rely on tankers to sail safely and protect our environment.

RoRo Ships

RoRo ships, or “roll-on, roll-off” ships are a type of cargo ship that can carry wheeled vehicles. These ships are large and often have multiple decks that can transport cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles.

RoRo ships are commonly used to transport vehicles between countries. Today, there are hundreds of RoRo ships sailing around the world, carrying millions of vehicles every year.

Impact of Cargo Ships

Cargo ships are essential in transporting goods around the world. There are different types of cargo ships that cater to different needs. It is important to know the different types of cargo ships so that you can select the right one for your needs.

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