A Guide on Green Cleaning Services

Many times, companies try very hard to be sustainable in one or another way. They use very innovative options to take care of the environment but when it comes to cleaning their workplaces, they stick to the old ways of cleaning using toxic chemicals and products. Opting for a green cleaning service for your office cleaning will be a great step towards a sustainable environment.

The harmful cleaning products used in the offices can sometimes prove to be unhealthy for the workers, the employees and even the visitors of the office. Keeping your office clean brings a number of advantages and also creates a great impression. There are a lot of commercial cleaning services available for you to choose from. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a green cleaning service for your company or workplace.

Reduction in costs

Going green when it comes to cleaning will not only save the environment but will also save your costs. The traditional office cleaning supplies can potentially harm the environment of the office and can create potential hazards too. Green cleaning products are better as they decrease energy expenses and create more sustainable cleaning practices. This can lead to the smooth and efficient working of your business with fewer waste products which will further lead to a decrease in the overall costs of your business.

Healthy office

People tend to ignore the cleaning of their offices during busy days. Little do they realize that during the busy days, the employees are the most stressed and tired. This is why it is important to consider cleaning after every regular interval so as to ensure a healthy environment in the office. Stress depletes the immune system of the employees to a great extent which leads to the lack of productivity and efficiency. With Green Cleaning no harmful chemicals will be released into the air keeping it pure. There are a lot of commercial cleaning companies providing retail cleaning services at affordable prices. If your office is clean, it means it is healthy. It will also lead to fewer sick leaves as fewer to zero employees will get sick because of the unhealthy workplace.

Eco-friendly office

If you want to increase the work productivity in your office and want your employees to be satisfied, making them work in an eco-friendly office cleaned using eco-friendly products would be a great idea. Green initiatives like green cleaning can promote efficiency and productivity in the work. It helps the employees to think even more creatively and makes them better at responding to problems and finding out solutions for them.

No toxic chemicals used

You might have to worry about the chemicals being used if you go for the traditional cleaning processes for your office. If you want to avoid irritating your customers’ and employees’ eyes and lungs, use green cleaning products. The toxic chemicals can cause an overall decline in health. Opting for a green cleaning service will both be great for the environment and the employees. This will also avoid causing a negative impact on the quality of the indoor air.

No pollution

The eco-friendly, green cleaning products and services create minimum to no pollution. The products are even biodegradable which means that it will not cause any harm to the earth if it comes in contact. Even the containers in which these green cleaning products come are recyclable. This means they will not be harming the earth in any way and will be used again and again.

Green cleaning is a great way for your company and your business to boost your reputation. When companies try to make the earth a healthier place through their business activities, it definitely creates a great impact on the customers and also plays a big role in making them stick to your company. We assure you that going for a green cleaning service will definitely be a great option. Opting for green cleaning is one of the best options for your company, but choosing the right company for the cleaning service also is very important.

Factors to consider before hiring a commercial cleaning company

Here are a few factors that you must consider before hiring a commercial cleaning company for the work.


It would be great if you choose only reputed Perth commercial cleaners for the deep cleaning of your property, office, or workplace. It is like an investment and for better returns, a little bit of research is necessary. You must find a company that stays true to what it promises to deliver and is diligent and works in a professional manner. Also, before you finally hire a commercial cleaning company, look for their experience and the companies and businesses they have served so that you can get an idea about the quality of their work.

Employee training

The best commercial cleaning companies will only hire well-trained, experienced, and qualified staff for the work. Before they set the for the services, they also consistently train their staff to ensure safety and quality of work. You must not hesitate to ask the companies about their training procedures, etc.


Never hire a commercial cleaning company if it hasn’t provided appropriate insurance policies to its employees. The simplest way to check if the insurance is done is to just ask for the COI (Certificate of Insurance). All reputable cleaning companies do have all the insurance records to show to their clients. Insurance is important because no business wants to get stuck in legal trouble while getting their office cleaned. This is why requesting a COI will never be a bad option.

Services offered

Your company might need a specific set of cleaning requirements. This is why you must know the type of services offered by the cleaning companies. Before you sign any kind of agreement with them, don’t forget to ask if they are ready to provide the kind of facilities and services that your company actually needs. Some companies offer specialized services while some just the basic cleaning services.


If you are looking for cost-effective and high-quality retail cleaning services, get in contact with Clean Bright.

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