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A Few Ways of Maximizing Your Time in Any Escape Room

If you along with your friends have decided to do something unique like visiting an escape room then you want to look for ideas on how to increase your chances of escaping successfully?  You may either be new to this game or a seasoned player, there is much more to just being successful rather than waiting for your door to lock and hoping for the best escape room in Atlanta.

When you are playing an escape room Atlanta then the following few tips can increase your chances to escape room game:

  • Ask questions correctly

You will never know about the room all by yourself unless you ask the relevant questions. There are a few game masters available to whom you can ask many questions and get hints to solve the puzzle.

  • Delegate

Different members of your team may have different talents to solve the puzzle quickly. You may try to delegate the problems based on their individual to expertize so that solutions can emerge quickly.

  • Communicate

Communication among the team members is the crux of the matter so that you can escape the rooms. If anyone on the team can succeed in finding any clue then the same must be immediately communicated as early as possible.

  • Organize

Make someone in the team as inventory manager who may note down all the possible clues that are identified, before you forget to use them or you have already used them. This can prevent duplication of efforts.

  • Timeboxing

Though you must ignore the clock to avoid stress but should not devote too much time to any single puzzle. Better to leave the puzzle for someone else to try and try to solve the next one.

  • Examine everything

If you have found any clue then carefully examine it by reading it again. There must be a reason for the presence of every object that may go double for any texts and numbers.  Also, look for misspelling, wrong colors, etc.

  • Don’t overthink it

Often these escape games are quite challenging, and cannot be solved within 60 minutes based on whatever knowledge is available in the room. Even if any foreign language is used there will be some clue available and you don’t need to know that language.

  • Get there early

You need to ensure that you have sufficient time to find the solution to all the puzzles. Therefore, one idea can be reach to the room as early as possible so that you become more familiar with the place. 

  • Follow the rules

You must listen to the introduction and rules given by the Game Master otherwise you may perhaps slip some useful hints that could save your time a lot. This will also apply to the hints offered during the game too.

  • Pass the baton

If you are not getting any solution to any puzzle then better you pass it on to any other team member.

You need to stay ahead of the clock otherwise time will undertake you. You should not rush or panic.  The more efficiently the team will move throughout the game, you will get quicker results and more chance of escaping.

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