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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Apply for Australian PR in 2020 Hassle-free

How to Apply for Australian PR in 2020

Planning to immigrate to Australia as a Permanent Resident in 2020? Are you familiar about how to apply for the Australian PR Visa? It’s always essential to have a clear insight into how to apply for the Australia PR Visa card prior to Australia Immigration. Staying updated helps you to avoid any last-minute hassle. So, have a look at the comprehensive guide and take your steps accordingly.

Getting an Australian PR Visa Card is essential if you want work and earn a living in Australia on a permanent basis for a period of 5 years. Moreover, you can also apply for Australian citizenship post living there for 3 years. Get the Australian PR Visa and move to the kangaroo land without any fuss.

Prior to Australia Immigration as a permanent resident, you need to meet certain requirements set by the Australian Government.

Now, Let’s Take a Tour of the Eligibility Criteria for Australian PR Visa 2020

To apply for the Australian PR, you need to meet the following eligibility requirements such as:

  • Score the Minimum Points Required

To apply for the Australian PR, you need to score a minimum of 65 points under the point assessment grid. The scores are given on the basis of certain parameters such as age, relevant years of work experience, language efficiency, educational qualification and many more.

  • Age

You should be minimum 18 years of age if you want to apply for the Australian PR Visa card. If you’re more than 45 years, you’ll not get any scores under the age parameter. So, try to apply in the early age if you want to score more points.

  • Proficiency in Language

Being efficient in English is one of the main requirements that you need to be met if you want to get hold of the Australian PR. A minimum or competent level of the English language is needed if you want to apply for the PR Visa card and live the best days of your life without any fuss. Most participants complete PTE classes in Parramatta to help get the required score on their Pearson’s Test of English to demonstrate competence.

  • Choose a Nominated Occupation that’s In Demand

Prior to applying for Australia Immigration, you must choose a occupation nominated in the Skilled Occupation List of Australia. Choosing an occupation that’s in high demand can ease the overall process of Australia Immigration.

  • Get Your Skills Assessed

After choosing the occupation, you’re required to undergo a skills assessment set, which make sure that you have all the skill set in order to work in Australia. So, before moving ahead, it’s essential to get your skills assessment done.

  • Must Possess Good Health and Character

Prior to applying for the Australian PR Visa, it’s essential to validate your health and character. As per this, you need to submit your medical clearance certificate and Police Clearance certificate reflecting that you’ve a clean bill of health and no criminal records in the past and present.

Now, what is the Process of Applying for the Australian PR Visa

Post meeting all the requirements, you’re all set to apply for the Australian PR Visa Card. Follow the steps given below and you’re all set to fly to the kangaroo land without any stress and worries.

  • Check the eligibility and make sure you meet all the eligibility requirements.
  • Select your occupation from the Skilled Occupation list Australia.
  • Score maximum points in the Australian PR Calculator.
  • Submit your Expression of Interest through the online skill select system.
  • Now, within the 60 days of your acceptance of your EOI, you’ve to apply for the Australian PR Visa along with all the documents.
  • Have patience and get your PR Visa approved
  • Fly to the Kangaroo Land

Important Tip: It’s always better to gather all your documents well in advance so that you don’t face any hassle at a later stage.

Take the Best Decision in 2020

So, are you ready to immigrate to Australia? Well, meet the requirements and follow the process given above, and you’re all set to make your future brighter and more secured. The Australian PR Visa allows you to stay in Australia for 5 years at a stretch. Moreover, you can also apply for the Australian Citizenship after living there for 3 years.

Well, if you re still confused, it’s advisable to take the assistance from the best immigration experts. Hiring the best immigration experts is always better than throwing darts in the dark. So, make this one-time investment and spare no expense, as in the end, it will be worth it. Good Luck!

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