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A Checklist for Moving with Senior Citizens

Moving with senior citizens requires safety, comfort, and ease even if you are making a local move. Perhaps you are moving with your elder parents, you need to ensure that you are checking off each crucial thing that needs to get done. 

Here are some essential tasks to accomplish before moving with senior citizens:

  • Things to Done Eight Weeks Before the Move

Mobile Accessibility

Elders will need to get to your new home without mobility limitations. Make sure that your new home is accessible. Also, make sure that your home has accessible designs like a wheelchair ramp. Because going upstairs and stepping in the bathtub can be challenging for elders.

While designing or buying your home keep elders’ accessibility in mind. So, they don’t have to face any difficulty in the future.

Moving Quotes

Get moving quotes as soon as possible to know what you can expect to pay for the move. Professional moving companies will give you an accurate cost estimation. They facilitate you by providing virtual or in-person quotes. You can have an idea about the cost you are going to spend on moving.

This will avoid any unpleasant surprise on moving day and you can move without any inconvenience. Ask them to provide you a complete quote so you can move without any delay on moving day.

Organize and Declutter Items

Elders are possessed with their belongings. Preparing for the move with seniors is a little tough task as you have to ask them to remove excess clutter. It’s tough for them to declutter their belongings as they have carried them for decades.

Go easy with them during the sensitive part of the moving process. Ask them to donate extra items to make their decision easier. This will help to prevent unwanted items from coming to the new home. If it’s emotional for you to ask elders about decluttering their items. Hire a senior move management service.

They will help the senior citizen choose what to get rid of, either by donating them or giving them away to family members. They help senior citizens choose favorite items to keep and pack all belongings.

Research Senior Move Management Service

If you are moving during peak seasons, like summers or weekends, it’s not an easy task to find reliable movers. Plan the moving date and hire professional senior moving services. Senior move management minimizes the stress of moving by addressing all aspects of the moving process.

  • Four Weeks Before the Move

Make a List of Items

After donating and removing unnecessary items, it will be easy to make a list of items that you want to take to your new home. Make an inventory list to help you estimate how many boxes you will need for packing. 

Confirm Moving Arrangements

Clearly tell the movers about your moving date and time while hiring. For more surety again inform your movers about the date of moving. 


If you are hiring senior moving services, they will take care of all the packing processes. But if you want to save money, purchase packing materials like boxes, tapes, labels, and scissors.

Pack valuables in separate boxes, so they don’t get damaged or misplaced. Label every box according to the items in it. Pack all things that are not going to be used on a daily basis like decoration pieces. 

Get in Touch with Physicians

Make elders appointments with a physician for healthcare. With a proper checkup, you can make sure that your senior is well for moving. Ask a doctor for precautions that need to be taken during the move. 

Change the Address

Notify all these services about the change of address:

  1. Credit card companies
  2. State Vehicle Registration
  3. Federal Tax Bureau
  4. Banks
  5. Cancel newspaper subscriptions
  6. Print new checks with the new address

Change Pharmacy/Prescription 

When a senior is moving to a new place it is necessary to change their prescription to another pharmacy. Choose a pharmacy near your new location. Notify the pharmacist about your location so the precipitation doesn’t end up being sent to the wrong address. 

Schedule Time off from Work

Schedule the time off from your work for moving days and other days you need off. By doing so, you can move without the stress of office work.

Dispose of Hazardous Waste

Dispose of hazardous waste like paint, gasoline or propane, etc.

  • One Week Before the Move

Pack Everything 

If you aren’t spending your mover on packing services, you’ll need to get more serious about packing. As you have already packed the items which have not been in use recently it’s easy to pack the remaining items. Pack essential items into a suitcase to live out of during those last few days of packing.

Pack Small Essential Items

Pack items that are still being used, including medications. There are more chances to forget such things on moving day, so keep those items together to avoid leaving any of them behind. Take a carry bag for small things like medicines, keys or glasses. 

Donate to Charity any Excess Items 

Donate all excess items that you are not going to use in the future. Many charities are willing to pick up your donation. Ask them to pick up your donation, it will save your time. 

Clean Your Home

It’s unethical to leave your home messy behind. If cleaning a home is a tough job for you, hire professional cleaning services to clean your old home. 

  • Moving Day

Decrease Seniors Stress

Moving day is a stressful day for you as you have to manage a lot of things on the same day. This may be your first time to help an elder person move, senior move managers know how to do this. Senior moving services help you to reduce your stress. 

Verify the Mover

Scammed by movers would be the last thing you expect. Ensure that you are moving with the right company by checking company logos on workers’ uniforms and trucks. 

Check Each Room

Do a complete walkthrough from room to room to make sure that this is left unpack. Make sure that every room is in the right conditions before you leave the property. 

This senior moving checklist will help ensure an efficient and successful move for you or your loved one.

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