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9 Unique Places to Visit in Montana

Montana is a beautiful western state, home to rocky mountains, great plains, several hiking trails, snow-covered peaks, and small towns. Moreover, it is the fourth largest state in terms of land area and yet the least populated. There are amazing opportunities for outdoor adventure, from hiking and trekking to camping and sightseeing. In addition, the site features incredibly beautiful and vast landscapes, national parks, and plenty of wild places. Besides, it gives an insight into the fascinating history and a sense of exploration around the attractive places.

Find out about the nine unique places to visit in Montana in the comprehensive travel guide.

Big Sky Resort

Big Sky Resort is home to numerous “Greatest Skiing” in the US. Moreover, one can take an hour’s drive south of Bozeman and witness the jaw-dropping scenery. The slopes are well-known for a blanket of white snow of almost 400 inches every year. Thousands of skiers and snowboarders would come in winter and participate in skiing. In addition, the place will give you full exposure to adventure and an incredible resort experience.

Several restaurants and apres-ski entertainment options are open for visitors in the area. Various airlines, including Delta Airlines, offer great opportunities for on-site activities under a vacation package. You can speak directly with the team by dialing Delta Airlines Booking and customize a package as per your preferences.

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is one of the unique places to visit in Montana. Moreover, it features mountain ranges, tropical forests, alpine meadows, waterfalls, numerous lakes, and beautiful glaciers. In short, it will be a real adventure paradise packed with impressive landscapes. Every year tourists in large crowds would come to witness the magical scenery of nature in abundance. There is a 50-mile-long Going to the Sun Road, and it is the only paved route easy to navigate. Moreover, it crosses the Continental Divide at the 6,604 foot-high Logan Pass, joining with St. Mary.

The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center

The Wolf Discovery Center is another must-see attraction in Montana lying in West Yellowstone. Initially, it was a sanctuary for jungle creatures that can’t live in the wild area. Moreover, spot giant bears and gray wolves in a natural habitat while you are here. The center focus on important issues like population decline, history, and animal behavior. Moreover, major highlights include watching the bears, paly in ponds, and hearing the howling sounds of the wolf packs.

Blue Ribbon Waterways

The place reminds of the 1992 movie, A River Runs Through it, starring Brad Pitt. Moreover, the movie was directed by Robert Redford and displayed the heavenly scenes of the place. The majority of the spectacular scenes are filmed on the Gallatin River, and it offers incredibly beautiful mountain scenery. Furthermore, you may connect with a local guide shop and enjoy the unique experience of fly fishing. Popular Montana Rivers designated for Blue Ribbon trout rivers are Missouri, Yellowstone, Madison, Gallatin, Boulder, Blackfoot, and Big Hole River.

Yellowstone National Park, Montana

Montana is home to two main entrances to Yellowstone National Park, and it is the country’s first national park. Moreover, there are two openings, including the Western Entrance and the North Entrance, featuring a getaway to beautiful places. The national park dives deep into geyser country. After reaching the charming Madison Junction, 14 miles from the main entrance, explore the surrounding attractions of Yellowstone. Norris Geyser Basin lies in the north of the Madison Junction, home to Steamboat Geyser, and features breathtaking views.

The State Capitol in Helena

Helena is the capital of Montana. Initially, it was famous as Last Chance Gulch after some gold-diggers had a final dig before knowing about gold. Moreover, it is one of the most remarkable state capitol buildings in the US. Additionally, it reflects a Greek Renaissance style of classic architecture made with sandstone and granite. The building’s top is made with a copper dome and exhibits impressive murals in different themes of Montana’s past.

Moreover, Montana’s legendary artist, Charles M. Russell, has a mural giving glimpses of Lewis and Clark meeting the Indians. Furthermore, explore Reeder’s Alley, a popular historical attraction in the downtown atmosphere featuring contemporary art galleries.

The Shore of Flathead Lake in Montana

Flathead Lake is among the largest natural freshwater lakes in the American West outside Alaska. Moreover, it is the northwest part of the state, spreading up to 25 miles in the south end of Whitefish. The beautiful lake features 160 miles of shoreline. Therefore, it may take a while for you to dive into the waters. In addition, boating is the popular thing to do at Flathead Lake, well-known for its turquoise waters. Various hiking trails range within Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks or the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. Another beautiful Montana City is Kalispell, and it is worth checking out an amazing place for night stays.

C.M. Russell Museum Complex, Montana

C.M. Russell Museum Complex lies in Great Falls. Moreover, it celebrates the great life and works of the famous US artist Charles M.Russell. It is perhaps one of the best-known Cowboy artists. In addition, the site exhibits several documents and fantastic artifacts dating back to the 19th and early 20th centuries. You will also find a wide collection of original paintings from the ancient era.

The Great Falls city features thrilling activities for a long weekend, and you can learn about the regional history. A major highlight includes visiting the original Russell House and Studio, which has now become a National Historic Landmark. Additionally, Russell Riders Sculpture Garden is also a great place to explore the wildlife statues.

The Western Heritage Center

One of the other unique places to visit in Montana is the Western Heritage Center. The heritage center displays more than 6000 photos telling about the fascinating history and culture of the Yellowstone River area. Moreover, it is housed in the ancient Billings Memorial Library and was built in 1901. Today the building is in league with the Smithsonian Institution. In addition, the museum displays a collection of things focusing on the Yellowstone River Valley’s history. However, the special focus is on the conservation of the past of the Cheyenne and Crow Indians.

Now you know about the unique places to visit in Montana, you can plan your itinerary the best way. If you need any help from the Delta team, dial Delta Airlines Book a Flight, and they will assist you thoroughly.

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