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9 Trending Bridal Sleeves Ideas

Bridal Sleeves You Need Know About

Gone are the days when blouse sleeves were only extensions and no more use. They were previously used to cover the bare hands but now, they are a style statement. For every bride, there is a fashion deck available to dress up and style in the best way she can. Sleeves are now used to bring out the perfect contrasting element of the blouse and also to give an extravagant look.

There are various trends which are down into the market for the perfect bridal sleeves. You can opt for any of these ideas for yourself. Bare arms are usually covered by sleeves, but now with these latest sleeves trends, you can even style your bare hands. Blouse sleeves are now becoming fascinating day by day and you definitely do not want to go sleeveless this wedding season.

Here are some of the trending Bridal sleeves ideas that you are never going to miss.

Trending Bridal Sleeve Ideas and Design.

Well, in this section you will be witnessing some of the trendiest bridal sleeves ideas that you will be going to wear in this wedding season. Remember to match these ideas with Indian Jewellery for Brides.

1. Fringes

    Image Source: shaadisaga.com

As the name suggests, sleeves are made up of fringes of threads. These sleeve blouses are always in the trendiest list because they can be moulded into any style according to the need of the situation. It gives your blouse the fun element and also gives you an ultra-chic look that can sway anyone.

There are threads or curtains hanging down from over your shoulders up till your elbow. To give it a more crazy look, you can even add beads to them from starting off your blouse to the end till elbow. They can also be used rarely if they are made up of silk threads with a little stiffness which will give a fascinating look though. Silk threads are not spread all over the place to ensure that they do not go out of the match with the blouse. But, Beaded fringes sleeves are still mostly used in bride sleeves.

2.    Fibre Balloon Sleeves

They are Dramatic Fabric plays that are exaggerated with fabric all around to give a damn look to your outfit. You can use layered bell sleeves, balloon sleeves or gathered dropping shoulder sleeves, each of them will cover your bare hands with the fibre but with different styles.

Although they are not in the top position in the list, they are surely one of the best choices to give your ordinary sleeves a wow look. Balloon sleeve will Start from your shoulder, go till your elbow and then it starts spreading horizontally as well as vertically to give a balloon look. There are netted sleeves also present in this option which you can wear with a covered blouse.

3. Faux Feather

Well, yes these sleeves top the list. They are the trendiest sleeves ideas in 2020. When you are wearing a lehenga or a cape, with a sophisticated blouse, you want a sleeve idea which will give you a sexy look. Here ends your search.

Their sleeves have a fur highlight starting from the shoulder and ending till elbow. It Is an elegant choice over a lehenga or a cape to add pomp and flair to your blouse. Feathers are soft to touch, grace in look, and extraordinary when matched with a sophisticated blouse over a lehenga. Some of the designers have made this trend to list on the top for every bridal collection.

4. Fringe Feathers

Image Source: shaadisaga.com

Here again, you are going to witness feathers in sleeves but now, with a whole new style. Feathers are generally different from fur, and that’s the reason to repeat this again. In this trend, fringes are made up of pure feather dangle till the elbow. There are various colour options in this bridal sleeve idea, but dark feather will go the best in this trend. You can match these up with a lehenga or a cape plus an elegant blouse on top.

5. Netted

Netted sleeves are going best till date. Netted sleeves is not a new trend, instead, it is one of the oldest sleeve designs for brides. It is one of the most classic options you can add down in your blouse for an elegant look. You can pair this up with a saree, an Anarkali, a lehenga, cape or a gown.

Netted sleeves have been in use for decades and now there are many new ideas to attach netted sleeves in your blouse. Netted sleeves give you a chance to opt from full sleeves or half sleeves because it looks great in both these ideas. They made arms look delicate and also act as a perfect base.

6. Beaded sleeves

Image Source: shaadisaga.com

Chunky beads are one of the most adored sleeves yet present in the market. You can add beads to your sleeves of rhinestones or any other to give your blouse a super unique sleeve idea. You do not need to overdo anything, all you need is shimming beads to add in the fringes of your sleeves or as such normally and here you go. You can add beads to almost any of the sleeve ideas but make sure they should match with your blouse or your outfit.

7. Mirror work sleeves

It is also one of the oldest designs used in sleeves. Sleeves made up of mirror work are counted in ethnic wear but it is not always true. They are in trend from our grandmother’s time. Mirror work sleeves also give a sense of the traditional look, thus they are one of the most used sleeve ideas of brides in India.

One thing you must notice about this is that they can match up with any colour, any blouse and with any outfit. It is just the right mix of fashion and tradition. If these mirror work sleeves match up with the pattern of embroidery, you will get a remarkable bridal sleeve.

8.    Dainty Embellishments

Image Source: shaadisaga.com

If you are searching for the sexiness in these sleeve ideas, here is the end of your search. You can add these Dainty Embellishments and details to your blouse which will grab everyone’s attention. It is quite not delicate but is perfect for fashion freaks. You will get a bold, bridal look after wearing this sleeve.

9. 3-D work

Image Source: shaadisaga.com

They are not of much use for now, but it is one of the best bridal sleeve ideas in 2020. Whether you work on 3-D fur or feather, or with multiple layers of fringes, all these will give you the best look that you aspire for. This is the best idea for a bride who has an experimental and bold sense of fashion. It will readily catch anyone’s attention. It is a whirlwind of metallic specks and is known as the mother of embellishments.

So, here were all the trends in bridal sleeves that you surely want to know. Apply these sleeve ideas into your blouse for an extraordinary look. You can even take out your style which you should add in your blouse sleeves.

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