9 Smart Ways to Develop Business Relationships and Funding in 2022

A new report from trade credit insurers predicts over 20000 business failures in 2022 in the UK

While Govt. support during COVID-19, has supported business expeditions until now, the present pulling off of the Govt. restrictions against multiple petitions, and government finances taking a back seat, business failures will speed up.

Because of this, “Business failures will be 33% higher than that in Pre-pandemic”.

The worst part is – It is the highest in the world.

Because of this, the country may witness a surge in loans in Ireland for bad credit in 2022.

Given this, it has become more important than ever to develop a business relationship that lasts and contributes to the business growth unrestrictive.

How to develop business relationships?

Serial Entrepreneur Phyllis Newhouse leveraged her knowledge of the federal government to grab a $10 million contract and resources from a strategic partner.

She asserted, “Business relationships, which lasted for years, helped me take on large contracts and build up a knowledgeable staff.” 

Similarly, start-ups and small business operators benefit from the power of relationships to boost their revenue and network.

The blog is about how to develop business relationships and nurture them to leverage funding opportunities.

First things first,

Diversify your business network

It is always better to walk beyond your comfort zone and interact with someone in your industry, like a supplier, competitor, or customer. It will help you get exposed to the ideas discussed and help in taking dynamic business decisions on the fore.

Open communication and transparency are the key growth drivers. Don’t fuel up the expectations or under-deliver. Be realistic and honest with your proposals. It will help you develop a diverse business network required for you to lead the game.

Focus on Local Business Landscape

For catching the attention of the investors and get funded, the business owners must know the local landscape. Recognize the norms, customer behaviour, values, and preferences that shape your company and establish it as a power in the competitive and cut-throat environment.

Doing so will help you form a potential business network that you can use for your business interests

Keep in touch with your contacts

Making a million contacts is easy, but ensuring a healthy connection isn’t. However, to ensure a successful business, you must keep in touch with every contact now or then.

It works like this: The more frequently you contact a person, the more likely you will be at the top of their mind.

Leverage the power of social media to connect, engage, and diversify your business network. It is not just a tool but a weapon to open doors to new opportunities. Keep yourself on the radar.


Honesty in business relationships is probably the most essential rule you can follow. If you’re honest with your communications and transactions will earn trust much more than by any other aspects. Customers as well as vendors and employees are able to tell whether you’re trying to hide the truth. They might not be aware of what the truth is, but it’s easy to tell when someone is getting swindled out of something.

Most importantly is that once someone has negative impressions of your company and you It’s nearly impossible to change their minds.

Exchange Knowledge and Resources

Watering dead plants isn’t the deal. Strive towards ensuring a healthy connection by exchanging knowledge or seeking advice on business expansion. And you can connect with your customers in some form to know their current needs and issues to change your product or services.

For example:

Asset protection services are crucial to every firm.

If your company specialises in leading-edge security products with a fresh concept, it will be more beneficial to your clients, customers, and connections.


  • By providing insight into its usage and implementation,
  • Providing complete information and creating a need for it
  • Using your experience and know-how in business security products

It is imperative to exchange knowledge as one thing that can establish you as a leader in your industry is your unique idea and knowledge.

Thus, for building long-lasting business relationships, sharing knowledge and expertise is critical.

Meet Frequently

Relying on constant emails, text messages, and phone calls is good, but planning a meeting is even a better option. Look for maximum possibilities of launching a casual or business meeting with your connections.

Whether it is about a coffee break or a trade fair going on in your country, grab the opportunity and discuss important business parameters and gain actionable insights.

For example, – Elina is a digital marketing entrepreneur and possesses a diverse connection portfolio. She frequently interacts with her contacts and sends personalized emails. In case of confusion, she contacts one of her networks or launches a survey. The personalized greetings helped her manifest a whopping $400 crore business.

  • Apply Sources to Counter key Social Issues

Best relationships are those based on similar beliefs. Thus, focus on building a constituency of people who share your beliefs and values. Collaborate with them on sorting out a solution to a specific social concern.

This engaged network can turn into your brand advocates.

Yes, you can do so!

Master the art of collaboration and glorify your attempts to create a niche of your own among the leaders.

Renew and Re-shape your audience

Nurture and grow your relationships carefully and sagaciously. Eliminate those contacts whose usefulness has diminished over time and identify new relationships that are vital to your future.

While building new relationships, avoid these:

  • Be selective about the connections
  • Identify the situations where you can derive the value or add the value
  • Invest your time wisely in identifying the market demands and consumer awareness
  • Introduce an element of “freshness” in your network

Congratulate your connections

Many come across a news feed that addresses success. Not everyone appreciates the efforts. Therefore, focus on ensuring a healthy relationship by congratulating your connections on achieving a milestone. Use the opportunity to peer into their life’s goals and discuss yours, too.

To conclude, the depth of your relationship with your connection directly affects your growth prospects.

Relationships are crucial, whether it is about finding the best loan agencies in Ireland for business or expanding your business. Moreover, business relationships are a lifesaver to ensure good funding and a credible image in the industry.

These relationships will help you prosper and recover from losses along the way, respectively.

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