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9 Hand Grip Exercises | How to improve your Grip

Hand grip exercises help you develop a firm grip so you are able to efficiently perform daily life tasks. They are easy and simple. If you have good grip strength, you are living a blessed life. If not and you are wondering how to improve your grip, here we have some easy and helpful hand grip exercises for you. 

In this pandemic era, where we have learned a new 20-seconds handwashing practice, we realize the importance of keeping them clean. While it is essential to keep hands clean, it is also necessary to keep them strong by following special hand exercises. 

Hand Grip and Longevity 

The practice will help you in your routine tasks and ensure that you live longer. Recent research states that good grip strength is an indicator of long life. If you have poor health, you may suffer from a loose hand grip. In such a case, if you need to refer to a pain clinic, premier pain clinic is a good place to check out.

Experts say that grip strength is directly related to heart ailments rather than blood pressure and physical activity. While people with solid grip usually spent a more active lifestyle. But if you don’t have a god-gifted firm grip, you need not worry as special hand grip exercises can help you improve. 

Work Setup During Pandemic 

The pandemic has established a new norm of work from home, our hands suffer badly due to inappropriate work setups. A poor work ergonomic setup at home can lead to repetitive stress damages, muscle imbalances, and strains. So, if you are working in this kind of setup, your fingers will cramp after a long day of typing on the keyboard. It is the time when hand exercises play a significant role. 

Hence, the specialized exercises that enhance the gripping ability will help engross, stimulate, and strengthen your hand muscles. It is essential for you (especially old people) who want their hand muscles to work hard to effectively perform daily tasks. 

When you hold bulky items in your hand, you train your muscles. If your grip becomes weak, you may be at risk of injury. The worst scenario is hand arthritis and wrists down the line.  

Some people have a routine of lifting heavy objects. They are lucky as they have stronger hands. When you hold extra weight, like swinging a kettlebell or coiling a dumbbell. 

When you practice bodyweight workouts like lunges or planks, it gives the same results. The reason is that lifting external weights and your body weight will enhance your grip power. You will perform a majority of the exercises in the program. 

And if you still find your grip weak or muscle cramps, try out these excellent hand gripper exercises. 

9 Hand Grip Exercises 

Finger Opposition 

If you want to improve your hand strength and mobility, touch your thumb to each fingertip of the hand. You should move from your pointer to your pinkie and repeat. 

Hand Circuit

If you wish to enhance the range of your hand motion, practice the minor strength-training circuit. Straighten your palm, then loop all five fingers down at the lump. Then, fix your fingers at 90 degrees from your palm, and finally, crowd them into the fist. (Note: The more forcefully you squeeze, the more you will be able to improve your strength). Repeat the procedure opposite, and then start again from the initial step. 

Rubber Band Bounce 

It acts as a resistance band exercise for your hands. You need to grip your fingers by wrapping a rubber band around, and then stretch your hand open (as much as you can). The extra resistance of the band will help reinforce your phalanges. 

Ball Squeezing  

Did you ever wonder about the role of the stress ball available in the market? You might not realize its worth, but it can notably improve your hand strength. Buy the cheap stress ball to experience miracles. Put it in the centre of your hand, crush with your best force, and grip for a few seconds before you release it.  

Camped Planks and Push-ups 

If you wish to toughen your hands during routine exercise, you just need to change one tiny thing for your moves that you are already performing. When you perform planks and place your hand flat on the ground. Instead, you should put your fingers in a “camped” position leaving a small space between the palms and the floor. In this way, your fingers will bear the burden of the workout and help strengthen them. 

Seated Cross Wrist Extension 

It is a weighted move that will engage your hands, wrists, and forearms. Take a five to ten pounds dumbbell and grip it in one hand. While sitting, put your forearm on topmost of one thigh with your wrist and hand out somewhat past your knee. Slightly swing your wrist up and down, holding the mass as you move, and perform three sets of 20 repetitions on each side. This would add as a grip trainer exercise and will also strength-train your wrist and fingers.

Seated Dumbbell Wrist Coil 

This move is like the adjacent wrist extension but diversely challenges your hand. While sitting, take the same five to ten pounds weight in your hand, put the backside of your forearm against your thigh. Make sure your wrists are almost four inches above your knee. Bend and spread your wrist to “coil” the weight. Note that the movement is just like the typical bicep and triceps coils, and try to work through the full range of motion. 

Seated Dumbbell Reverse Wrist Coil 

You need to reverse the dumbbell wrist coil for forearm, wrist, and hand strength that you perform in the sitting position. Put the inside of your forearm on the top side of the thigh while keeping your wrist three to four inches above the knee. Use your wrist to move the weight up and down. Practice three steps of 20 repetitions. It will help prevent future injuries in the regions you are exercising. 

Seated Dumbbell Finger Coil 

Start from the same point as you did for seated dumbbell reverse wrist curl, grip a weight in hand with your palm facing the roof. Allow the weight to roll down to the fingertips and then hold it and coil back to start.

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