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9 Companies Proving React Development Can Bring You Success!

Ever wonder what programming language some of the most successful businesses use? If you have, the answer to your question is React! There must be reasons behind why these companies choose to use React. Want to know what’s good and what’s great about React? Just ask a React developer and they will gladly tell you about the benefits of React. Or, even better, read on! 

React is a programming language that has many successful companies backing it! Take a look.   

9 Popular React Websites From Popular Companies

For a company to be successful, having a presentable and functional website is essential. Your website will be visible to the world and acts as your face to the public. For these 10 companies, React was the best choice, it could be true for you as well. 

1. Asana

This website is basically a collaborative tool that aims to increase and improve communication. The addition of reusable UI components is what makes ReactJS perfectly matched for the Asana collaborative workspace. Likewise, you can leverage React development to add features that assist in organizing teams in your company. 

The Asana website features that React provides are especially useful for enterprises. Companies that have hundreds of employees need such collaborative tools. Tasks can be clearly assigned and there are no instances of confusion among employees.  

2. Clearbit 

In the case of Clearbit, ReactJS plays a crucial role in making sure personalization is present. Users are able to get custom plans rendered on their screens rapidly! Meaning you won’t have to lose customers due to slow loading when you hire ReactJS developers for your project.   

Clearbit is a tool that helps a business understand its consumers and identify possible marketing and sales chances for the future. Basically, this B2B (business to business) website aims to help other businesses plan for their future. 

3. Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a security service providing other websites with the ability to fend off attacks and other security issues with high capabilities. If you choose to provide safety for other websites, you have to have a reliable and stable website. This is where React for website development works at its best. 

Thanks to React, Cloudflare manages to extend its services to a wide range of companies in different industries. It is great to know that React can give your website such options. 

4. Codecademy

The name of this company gives you a hint as to what they do and how they got famous. Codecademy is a coding class that helps budding developers hone their developing skills. We are sure the founders thought carefully about using React for their web development.

The Codecademy website boasts of having rapid performance and a pleasant user interface given by React website development framework. The ReactJS also helps the coders who use this company by providing high-end animations that make understanding the code easier. 

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is a writing aid that helps writers and even students get their spelling and grammar back on track. It manages to do this by using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP). AI and NLP in combination with React help to assess the sentence and also provide better alternatives. 

They don’t stop there, with the help of a JavaScript framework, they offer other services as well. This includes a plagiarism checker, word counter, and spelling checker. Grammarly is a complete tool that highlights errors in sentences and also provides better solutions. In other words, it is a communication bettering aid. 

6. Outlook

Since its launch in the year 2017, Microsoft praises the use of React to make this high-performance and efficient productivity tool. is a perfect example of what you would want your website to look like and behave like. This ReactJS website benefits greatly from the uniqueness of the React programming language.

The React features that impress Microsoft are responsiveness and minimalistic design, which lead to a fresh and clean user interface. Considering that Outlook is a personal information handling tool, a simplistic website that allows fast access to data is vital. 

7. Sanity

You must have heard that ‘Content is King’. This is indeed true and not about to change anytime soon! This fact makes websites like Sanity very important and their road to success using React is an inspiring one. 

There are reasons why a ReactJS development company will suggest React for a website that deals in data. Sanity uses ReactJS because it allows you to treat any content like structured data. This is good since data can easily flow across APIs, making the user experience that much better! 

8. Trello

Trello is a collaborative tool that allows people to come together for the purpose of work. Although not initially made from React, they admitted they needed to ‘adapt to changing demands’. Ultimately, The company turned to ReactJS development due to its responsiveness and friendly design.  

React works well for Trello, it remains a good example of why you should use ReactJS for your website! Apart from React, the company uses Typescript and GraphQL to help overcome any issues that may suddenly arise. 

9. Whereby  

Given the popularity of video-conferencing, Whereby makes sure meetings go off without a glitch! This app works through APIs and embeds the meeting in the website or a mobile app. The web development process for this website is simple and does not come with complex maintenance requirements. 

Whereby allows for casual video calls or professional meetings, even if it is a one-time meeting. This is why many people prefer this tool. React was chosen as the programming language for this tool due to its fast, responsive, and effective features. 

Reasons To Use ReactJS Development For Your Website

React beats out the competition in many cases, depending on your requirements. In some cases, the features of React will benefit you and enhance your website for the better. 

Let’s look at the various reasons why you should in fact invest in React website development. These are the benefits your website can accrue from using this programming language. 

Virtual DOM For Faster Performance

React makes use of a Virtual Document Object Model (DOM) and not the old document object model. A virtual DOM is more effective at keeping the user websites and web applications updated and refreshed for users. 

Apart from keeping your websites up to date, the virtual DOM also optimizes memory and makes your website less CPU intensive. 

Reusable UI Components 

The JavaScript framework that React contains is usable in the form of modules and each one has a specific role to play. This helps to speed up the development process of your website. 

Your ReactJS developer is free to use these modules repetitively throughout the website development process. These modules simplify making edits to the coding of your website instead of having to rewrite the entire code again. 

SEO-Friendly Website Development 

Having a great website is no good if you have no visitors! Luckily, ReactJS development facilitates SEO-friendly activities and gives your website a shot at improving your website’s rankings! 

The secret to this is, React websites have server-side rendering features and not the traditional client-side rendering other websites rely upon. 


Whether it is a simple company website or a productivity website you aim to develop, using ReactJS is a choice that requires serious consideration. If you want to unlock the full capacity of React, you can opt for the assistance of a ReactJS development company and make sure you get the best website possible.

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