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8 Top Places to Visit in Hamilton

Are you planning to go on a trip this weekend? Have you been searching for the right place that is pocket-friendly and adventurous at the same time? Are you tired of planning the perfect itinerary?

Well, if yes, yes, and yes are your answers to the above-mentioned questions, then you have come to the right place. We will recommend a place in Canada where you will get to explore nature, enjoy a lion safari, get to enjoy football and get a closer look at Canadian football history, and much more. So, book your reservations to Hamilton with American Airlines Español and fly to this amazing tourist destination this holiday season.

Along with that, we have also prepared a list of the top 8 places that are worth your visit when you land in hamilton. Make sure you do not miss out on any of the below-mentioned places.

Let’s take a look at the list.

The Bruce Trail

The Bruce rail is one of the most visited and most adventurous locations in Hamilton. Originated in 1959, it is a 900kms long trail spread across the edge of Niagara Escarpment. The trail is a part of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve’s list. If you look to be around a jaw-droppingly beautiful natural setting and love road trips, explore this beautiful train in the city. Along the trail, you get to see the best jumping spot, Canterbury Falls, and much more for every traveler to explore. Make sure you bring your own vehicle if you want to stop and explore each area to its best.

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

If you are someone that gets thrilled by war stories and evidence, then this museum is the place for you. The first thing you must visit when you land in Hamilton is the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. This museum holds the entire history of the Canadian military and aviation. The museum has a total of 40 aircraft, some in their original form, while others are restored and placed in displays. The highlight of this place that attracts the maximum number of tourists is Avro Lancaster. This is a piece from WWII and is now completely dedicated to Andrew Mynarki by painting it.

Dundurn Castle

Home to Sir Allan Macnab back in 1854, this gorgeous villa is now one of the most loved tourist attractions. Once you enter the castle, there is no end to all that you can explore here. From the huge and amazingly maintained 40 rooms to the stocked-up garden, this castle has a lot to tell people.  The management still grows fresh produce here. Be a part of one of the guided tours to know everything the villa has been holding on to for decades. Also, don’t miss out on the military museum where they have placed the war equipment and everything that was in use back in the day.

African Lion Safari

Jungle Safaris are always a great adventure. Here in Hamilton, you get to go on an African Lion Safari. Although it’s called a lion safari, once you are here you will see a huge range of wild animal species. Giraffes, cheetahs, rhinos, lions, elephants, and the list can go on. Along with this, if you are lucky enough, you might get to see a whole different range of birds in this forest. Early there were only 40 lions, but now the place has a collection of more than a thousand species of wildlife.

Royal Botanical Gardens

Another beauty that Hamilton holds for its little travelers is the Royal Botanical Gardens of Canada. With a huge variety of flowers, herbs, trees, and plants, this place is also home to an arboretum, a rock garden, and a wildlife sanctuary.  The botanical gardens are subdivided into many segments dedicated to a different range of plants or flowers. One of all segments is the Centennial Rose Garden that is mostly loved by visitors. You can also be a part of the many events the management organizes her snow and then. Bring your children along and introduce them to this beauty.

HMCS Haida

Battleship for Canadian battleships between 1943 to 1963, HMCS Haida is now one of the many tourist attractions in Hamilton. Once you hit the floors of the ship, there are a lot of stories, pieces of evidence, and war equipment for you to explore. You can also catch a glimpse of the quarters of the crew members where they used to sleep, eat, and survive. Take a walk along with the decks and soak in the beautiful views. We recommend you join a guided tour to listen to some of the most adventurous stories of the battleship from the time of the war.

Canadian Football Hall of Fame & Museum

How can we not mention football when we are talking about Canada? The country is known, loved, and visited for this amazing sport. To give tribute to the sport, here is a museum of the sport in Hamilton. Visit the very famous Canadian Football Hall of fame and Museum. Here you can get a closer look at why people love Canada so much for its sport and sportsperson. The first thing that you will see here is a large sculpture depicting “Touchdown” at gate number 3. Inside the budding, you will find uniforms, metallic busts of some of the most famous Football players, and Canadian football history in the form of documents and displays. If you are a huge football fan and have never missed a match, this place is the right one to put an end to your amazing trip.

Final Statement 

Hamilton is a small holiday destination perfect for you and your family to spend a couple of days in. Make sure you do not miss out on this wonderful place. From the natural beauty at Botanical Gardens to the Football thrill at the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, explore each spot to its fullest. Book your flight tickets already with Frontier Airlines Book a Flight and explore this hidden gem of Canada and make the best memories with your loved ones.

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