8 Simple Steps to Move Your House within a Year

It takes time to relocate from Ranchi as it is a time consuming, tedious, difficult and money consuming job. . In the world we live in today sometimes we have to plan a move within a year. It is possible to squeeze all the work which is supposed to be done within a time frame or hire packers and mover in Ranchi to help you out with their experience and professional techniques. You will have to do everything on a faster pace to get on to the life. It will definitely stress you out to move house within a year here are some of the simple and easy steps that can definitely help you to make it happen

Here is the chronological order that will help you out in executing things in an order.

1. Research

This is the beginning of every move as it is not something that you do on a daily basis to be so well informed that is the reason you should research about each and everything related to your move

Start looking for movers as soon as possible: it is important to find the right movers that are the reason one should start looking movers as soon as possible. Talk to them, ask for estimates, compare things amongst different movers and then get to a decision. Don’t be in a rush here even though you wish to move as your belongings and your money are involved in the process. You cannot trust every moving organization. Get quotes, compare the answers, read the reviews of different companies that you are considering.

2. Are you going to rent a house or you are going to buy one?

These are two different ways has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Usually, when you buy a house or apartment, it is a huge investment and you have to go through a lot of legal formalities as well. On the other hand, renting is something that you usually do by yourself. That is why it is always better to identify bad landlords before moving in. It is going to save you lots of trouble afterwards.

3. Start looking for a new house

Ask yourself what you actually need? Assess on the basis of location, convenience and costs (buying/ renting and maintenance). Once decide the location you will be moving to, ask yourself what sort of home will suit you best, you can looking for houses in your neighborhood, contact property dealers or mediators.

4. De-clutter your current house

When you know what your next home will be like, you can decide what to take and what to get rid of. Only take items that are necessary for you or have a high value or some emotional attachment. But, don’t take things that you have not used for years because you are never going to use them ever. You don’t have much time to pack the whole of large four bedroom house so be wise while decluttering. Measure the furniture and the doorway of your new house and only take those thing that fit in your new house. It is useless to pack and move a couch that cannot acquire space in your new house.

5. Get a job

If you are changing the area or city then you will have to work to earn a livelihood, so it is important to look for a job in that area. Finding a job is not easy and it usually takes time when it comes to finding the right one, So, when moving home in a year you better quickly start sending CV’s and making phone calls to look for available positions if you are moving to an area which is not near your current office. If you are moving to another city then it won’t be possible for you to go amidst of the relocation work then you can arrange for video call or skype interviews.

6. Packing

When you have planned to move within a year then it is important to start with the process of packing as soon as possible. Once you’ve cleaned up your home and cleared all the items that you won’t be moving then it’s time to plan how to pack the rest of the things. Make an estimate for the packing supplies you will need. Take some time every day, particularly if you have a larger home and a lot of things to move. If you are moving alone and already have a busy schedule then you should hire movers and packers Ranchi to help you out. They are quick, efficient and professionally trained; they know how to protect your belongings in transit.

7. Changing your address

It is important to notify financial institutions of your move like banks, credit institutions and post. Collect records from doctor, dentist, schools, colleges etc. It is one of the most important steps out of all.

8. Throw a welcome party

This is a way to get to know your neighbors and colleagues. You can also invite friends, family and colleagues from your previous residence and go down the memory lane. Since your move is a quick change so it is important to adapt to the new environment and avail every opportunity for social gathering that comes your way.

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