8 Reasons Which Make Motorcycle Leasing a Great Option

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most soothing experiences. Going on long rides with friends could be great fun. However, not many people can afford the luxury of owning a good motorcycle to experience such pleasures.

Fortunately, there is a way for these individuals to obtain a motorbike and fulfill their desire without having to purchase expensive vehicles. Leasing is an alternative way of getting your hands on your dream motorcycle. It is crucial to understand what is a lease and what rules it involves before going for it.

What is a Lease?

To put it simply, a lease is a contract by which one party lends land, property, vehicles, properties, etc., to another party for a definite time, usually in return for a periodic payment. Unlike rental agreements that tend to cover a short term – usually 30 to 60 days – leasing contracts apply to longer periods, usually 12 to 18 months.

Reasons Why Leasing a Motorcycle Could be Better for You

With an ever-rising hike in motorcycle prices these days, owning a motorcycle is often seen as a far-fetched dream. That is where leasing comes into play to ensure your dream does not go unrealized. Here are some key benefits of leasing that beat the alternative.

1. Lesser Monthly Payments

The biggest advantage of leasing is that it does not involve exorbitant payments, which is typically entailed in the buying process. Whenever someone finances a motorcycle purchase, they have to pay the entire sale price of the bike along with some interest.

On the other hand, leasing a motorcycle works differently. Instead of paying a huge sum of money to get a bike, you can simply acquire one by making small monthly payments that cover the vehicle’s depreciation over the lease period. And since you are only paying the depreciation instead of a hefty price for the motorbike, you will take a much lighter beating.

Additionally, the savings you will accumulate could be used to either upgrade your motorbike to a more desirable model in the future. One of the most popular motorcycle manufacturing giants, Harley Davidson, offers some of the best deals on motorcycle leases.

2.Access to High-End Vehicles

Most people dream of riding luxurious motorbikes, but their bank account does not allow it. They would lust after people who could afford such deluxe conveyance. With the leasing option, you can quench your desire to ride high-end bikes even if your income bracket is somewhere low.

Instead of having to pay ridiculous sums of money to ride your favorite motorcycle, you can simply get it on a lease contract which usually entails a somewhat affordable monthly fee for the same experience.

What’s more, a two to three years car lease allows you to switch between different motorcycles of your choice. With Harley Davidson’s financial lease, you can ride some of the world’s best and most renowned motorcycles without having to break the bank.

3.Lower Repair Costs

One of the perks of leasing a motorcycle is the lower repair costs. In most lease agreements, the lessor usually covers most of the maintenance except for a few touchups, which you can easily afford to add.

All you have to do is check all the repairs and maintenance covered by the lessor prior to acquiring the vehicle. With Harley Davidson lease specials, you can get the best deals to lease your new motorcycle without any hassle.

4.No Hassle of Reselling

If you have a closed-end lease agreement, you do not have to worry about the bike anymore after the period is over. You can either renew the lease contract or walk away without financing a balloon payment, which is usually involved in an open-ended lease.

Furthermore, the declining value of the motorcycle over time will not be your responsibility though you might be legally responsible for additional financing towards the end of the lease duration, like excess mileage, etc. Overall, you would not be crushed under the weight of heavy payments.

5.Variety of Models to Choose From

One cannot be content with just one model for the rest of their life. Everybody likes change once in a while. With leasing, this becomes very much possible. As opposed to buying, you can easily switch to other models of motorcycles after the lease on your current one is over.

You would not have to worry about gathering more to get your desired model to replace the one you already possess. All you would have to do is sign up for another lease agreement that would probably be similar to the one you have had before.

Harley Davidson’s private lease enables you to do just that. Without low monthly payments, you can switch to different models of the Harley after every short term.

6.Transfer Your Lease to Another Enthusiast

Another great advantage of a lease is that you can transfer it to another potential rider who might have an interest in the model you are utilizing. Just make sure that your agreement allows it. This perk can serve to help you switch to a more desirable motorcycle much more quickly.

Suppose you have just leased a new Harley, and after just a few months, you feel like making a switch to a more advanced model. If your agreement allows you to transfer the contract to another enthusiast biker, you can easily make the shift. There are many Harley enthusiasts you can find near the place you are leasing your bike. This clause in the agreement gives an edge to leasing over buying.

Suppose you bought a brand new motorcycle from your hard-earned money, and after a few months, you feel like you are not satisfied with your purchase and want to make a change. In that case, you will have to go through the tiresome process of selling it and then adding more money to get the desired model. This would entail a wastage of time, money, and energy.

7.Option to Buy the Leased Motorbike

One of the purest forms of love is between a man and his motorcycle. After leasing your motorbike and using it for some time, you may fall In love with it. When the time comes for you to either return it or expand your lease, you can have the third option, i.e., to buy the vehicle altogether.

The cost of the leased vehicle is usually its residual value in addition to the processing fee required by the manufacturer. The money you have saved on leasing instead of buying can probably be used to buy that leased motorbike for less than its market value. This could be a smart financial move.

8.GAP Insurance May Be Included

Insurance is one of the most important things to look for when you buy or lease a road bike. Many motorcycle manufacturers like Harley Davidson offer GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance with their motorcycles. This comes in handy in case your leased motorbike gets in an accident and gets totaled.

However, you should confirm this coverage at the time of leasing since, in some conditions, the GAP insurance may not be applicable. The insurance might not be covered if you finance the bike for purchasing in the future.

Lease a Harley Motorcycle Today!

Harley Davidson, a globally well-sought motorcycle leasing company, offers some of the best motorcycle lease deals. With a wide range of models to choose from, plus the amazing motorcycle lease prices, enthusiasts often get flabbergasted. No worries, though, because Harley Davidson dealerships are almost everywhere to guide you. You can also find a Harley Davidson motorcycle lease dealer via the internet by typing ‘lease a Harley near me’ or ‘motorbike lease near me’ if you are looking for wider options.

Additionally, Harley Davidson’s financial lease can be procured through the official website, which has all the latest deals and answers to your queries. On Google, type ‘Harley Davidson lease,’ and you will be redirected to the website. So go and lease Harley Davidson motorcycle today!

Things to Remember

You have to remember that leasing is not for everyone despite the perks. Before you walk into a dealership waving cash around, make sure you understand what you are getting yourself into. Homework is important in this regard. Discuss with your fellows who have either bought or leased a motorcycle in the past. Check out various deals offered by numerous manufacturing companies. Harley Davidson is one you can look at.

Leasing might not be ideal if you do not rack up the miles (20,000 or more a year) in a motorbike. Buying could be better in this case. Suppose you do not cover the said miles on a leased bike. You are likely to be left with negative equity at the end of your existing lease. This will roll over into your next one if you decide to extend the lease.

Concluding Remarks

All in all, leasing is very cost-effective. You get to ride the most luxurious motorbikes without putting a strain on your wallet. This does not necessarily mean that buying is altogether a bad choice. Leasing and buying can be regarded as two sides of the same coin. Both have their pros and cons. But suppose you are looking to save money and enjoy the luxury of riding different high-end motorbikes. Leasing is the way to go.

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