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8 exciting platforms for your logo designing services

Whenever someone develops a company and website, they might design something different, something that people will remember about that company. Most of the firms buy logo designing services to create a logo design for the identification of their brand and company. But initially, it is quite costly creating an original logo for the company. A logo design is something that will be stuck in the head of the target customers.

A logo is the first chance to make a superb impression. It is a great way to establish your brand’s credibility. Logos can tell the targeted audience about the approach of your brand when initiating business. You don’t have to speak to them individually as they can tell by looking at your logo, website design, and business card. A logo can instantly tell more about your business and products than you. Therefore, create an eye-catching logo with professional logo designing services to signify your business.



Designhill is popular because of its two creative options. First is a free logo maker with a wide variety of templates. You can easily design your logo by typing your brand’s name, selecting a suitable logo template, customizing it, and getting a free logo design. The tool also gives you several other free services such as QR code generator, Twitter, and Facebook photo creators. The second option of this logo designing tool is that it has a community of professional graphic designers who will create a unique and eye-catching logo for your business. Hiring a professional means that you will get a more refined logo with many details. The tool also allows you to set a design contest that can help you get multiple logo design concepts to choose from.



Startups or small businesses that need a new professionally designed logo at a low cost can use Designimo as this tool has cost-effective solutions. You can design a logo using this tool without paying a single penny. However, you will pay a price of $29.95 for downloading high-quality files in PNG, JPG, and EPS formats.

Hipster Logo Generator


Hipster logo generator is an excellent choice for companies whose target audience is young people because it designs logos that show creativity, funkiness, and boost a personality that is hard to find. You don’t need any design skills to create a jazzy logo design because this is an incredibly easy-to-use software and allows you to customize your logo as well. You can also download a free logo in low-resolution PNG format or a high-resolution at a price of $10.



Canva logo maker is the most versatile one. You will find a library of pre-designed templates. Simply select the template you like and type in your company name. You can also use your illustrations or choose any from their library. Adjust your logo, add stunning features, and boom! Pick any style based on your preferences, insert the name of your company, and your logo will be ready. The logo maker lets you use your logo design for creating content for social media platforms.



ICONA is one of the best tools to design a logo that allows you to create a unique and professional-looking logo in just a few minutes. The logo builder gives you shapes, text, themes, and styles. For instance, if you click on the shape button, you will get various icons related to your business industry. You can customize the logo template using the desired font, text, and color. Creating a logo design is free, but you have to pay $5 to install this application on your phone or computer.



Logoshi logo designing tool takes a distinct approach when it comes to designing a logo. You will have to sketch out a rough design or something, and then this tool will complete it or fill in the details to make a complete logo. The tool also shows you how your logo design will look on a website, billboard, business card, or brochure. The tool also allows you to add a tagline or slogan and customize the logo. You can then download different file formats for $19 only.

LogoScopic Studio


The user-friendly LogoScopic logo design tool allows you to create your logo and download it directly on your phone. You don’t need any previous design experience or skills to design a logo that communicates your brand’s message effectively because this tool has resources powered by AI and a set of other advanced tools. You can design a logo in five minutes using this application if you have an Apple gadget but it is not compatible with an android one.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands

Tailor brands is an AI-based tool that allows you to design a professional, creative, and cost-effective logo. The logo builder will require your desired design preferences before creating a logo for your company. You will have to insert your company’s name, some basic information about your brand, the desired font, design, and style. The tool will generate a generous amount of logo design templates to select from. The entire process will only take five minutes. You don’t need any prior design experience. The platform provides you with other branding tools, including a website builder, domain registration, visiting card maker, social media platforms, a print store to help you launch your business. It’s free to create a logo with this tool, but you will have to pay for logos with high-quality files.



Logos are designed on 99Designs via a contest. You’ll have to describe your requirements and then various freelancers will forward their logo designs for you to choose from. It starts at $295.

Make your logo a story.

A logo is a business element that represents your brand. People can always remember your brand when they see your logo even though it doesn’t have a name on it. So it is important that you design a stunning, simple, and high-quality logo for your brand. It should be a memorable logo that represents your brand and its message. Designing a logo when launching your business can be costly. This article has a list of the best logo designing services both free and affordable to help you create a professional logo if you have a tight budget.

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