8 Best Real Estate Video Marketing Tips You Can Use Right Now

If a picture is deserving of one thousand words, how many words does a video deserve then? According to one study, the rate is around 1.8 million every minute. Consider what your company’s marketing campaign could achieve with that many words. Real estate Video marketing is a terrific way to build your real estate firm for obvious reasons: people engage with homes on a visual level. Thus, video is a great way to promote your brand.

On the other hand, video marketing is a learned skill that not everyone can grasp right away. But have no fear: with enough practice, you’ll be able to master it! If you want to incorporate video into your real estate marketing strategy, you’ll need to learn how to use it to improve client connections.

So, here are some real estate video marketing tips to help make your video marketing journey a success.

  • Use the power of storytelling to your advantage. 

You need to tell a fascinating story, so forget about making a sales-y film that concentrates on the pitch rather than what’s on the minds of homebuyers. Take the time to think about your customers’ emotions you want to elicit.

Are you selling high-end properties or fixer-uppers with unlimited potential? Or the welcoming stability of an affordable house for first-time buyers or the promise of a fresh start for established families?

Take that emotion and develop a list of pictures and themes that complement it, then compose your video screenplay around those ideas. If you’re appealing to people wanting to buy a home in Melbourne, you’ll want to highlight all the best amenities in that neighbourhood too.

  • Building a deeper connection 

One of the most significant benefits of video marketing is the ability to communicate with your audience more intimately than static photographs allow.

Your customer isn’t searching for a home with a two-car garage or a double oven; instead, they want a home where they can have family game nights, host holiday parties, and start a family. Include your vision in the videos.

  • Effective planning should be done.

The best videos aren’t made on the spur of the moment. Just taking a spur-of-the-moment notion to heart and running with it does not always yield the best results.

Instead, carve out time in your calendar to devise the most effective method. Consider the type of video you want to make, how you’ll film it, how you’ll edit it (more on that later), and how you’ll advertise it. Take into account all possibilities.

Ideate the kind of videos you want to make before you start making them. Do you want to make a neighborhood tour film, which can work best if you regularly sell homes in a specific region? Do you want to make a video tour of your home? The type of video you can make can be approached in various ways. 

  • Invest in the quality of production 

Because the real estate sector is sleek and polished, sticking to stereotypes isn’t always bad.

Invest in a friendly camera and a few lighting and editing accessories if your firm can afford to make your movie look more professional. Investing in production quality will prevent a perception of bad service or shoddy advertising, both of which are bad for business.

And we don’t always mean “spend a lot of money” when we say “invest.” A tripod for your iPhone, for example, costs $10, whereas professional lighting equipment costs $30 to $50. If your budget allows, you could even create virtual reality videos to take your real estate video marketing plan to the next level. There are a variety of virtual tour software alternatives available to assist you with this.

  • Bring other people into the picture.

People connect best with other people, which is why we advocate including as many humans as possible in your movie. Purchasing or selling a property is a highly personal decision, and emotions are frequently at the forefront of a buyer’s thoughts. So, it’s unsurprising that purchasers will react emotionally. Instead of merely marketing a house, consider developing a story with your video.

  • Keep it brief and hold the viewer’s attention. 

People are very busy and rarely have time to watch a fifteen-minute video. Instead, they only want one- or two-minute quick hits (and likely have time for).

Did you know that one-fifth of all video viewers stop watching after the first ten seconds? This implies you don’t have much time to capture your audience’s attention, so you’ll have to be on your game right away.

The good news is that short videos have a more significant impact than extended videos. Create a great image of a fantastic housing amenity as one method, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box and trust your instincts.

  • Call your customers and audience to action.

Do not let your video end without a call to action to direct your viewers’ attention. Instead, ask yourself what you want your consumer to do next and build an actionable step to make their fantasy a reality. You may invite them to sign up for a newsletter or visit your real estate website, for example.

  • Include testimonials and promote your videos strategically.

Testimonials are an essential component of the marketing process. Customers, after all, want to know that they can rely on you as their realtor. They want to know that you are looking out for their best interests. When it comes to such a significant decision, you’ll want to make sure your video marketing shows the trust you’ve earned from previous clients and how you’ve assisted them. 

So what’s the best approach to go about it? Rehire previous satisfied homeowners. One of the most crucial aspects of the process is carefully promoting your content. Make sure you allow enough time to think about how you’ll use the video across social and search channels. Of course, you should target new clients and those actively looking for a property.


Real estate is one of the few businesses that hasn’t fully embraced video marketing’s potential. So, if you haven’t already jumped on its video marketing bandwagon, NOW is the moment. Best wishes!

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