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7 Utmost Hacks for Busiest Business People to have Free Time

Entrepreneurs are responsible for managing multiple tasks in their startup with an extremely busy schedule. Things can get overwhelming to the limit of mental and physical exhaustion. Thus, you need some hacks to achieve maximum productivity within a limited time.

You will find numerous online communities and platforms to get help from other leaders. You necessitate understanding that it is impracticable to perform a lengthy list of assignments in an individual day. Procrastination is not good, but your mind needs rest to recharge its creative side.  

7 Utmost Hacks to Manage Schedule for Busy Entrepreneurs

Everyone will recommend creating a schedule with essential tasks in it to save time. However, it gets crucial to learn a few tricks to increase your efficiency with the same time and tasks. Here are some hacks for busy entrepreneurs to save time on their everyday tasks. 

  • Set Smaller Milestones

The long-term goals with minimal progress are motivation killers for many entrepreneurs. A concept for the longer picture is imperative for the adulthood of your startup. But you should focus on the small wins to increase productivity.

Break your long-term goals or projects into small milestones for a sense of accomplishment. It will help create a more accurate timeline to achieve them with less stress on your schedule. Moreover, you will remain on track with the deadline because of these smaller milestones. 

Also, do not forget to celebrate the small wins to motivate yourself and your team—the new addition to your clientele or completion of a project. 

  • Write Ideas

The mind of an entrepreneur is full of innovative ideas to streamline various processes or create opportunities. However, we often find ourselves short of time for a thorough evaluation of those ideas. Ultimately, they slip from our minds, and we forget them amid the hustle of professional life.

Thus, you should write any idea that came to your mind in a notepad or smartphone application. Research about them in your free time to help your business get an edge over the competition. You can always get startup loans for the unemployed from direct lenders to fund those ground-breaking ideas.

  • Take Help of Technology

Take Help of Technology

You should use technology to reduce the stress on yourself from your daily activities. The essential apps such as calendar and scheduler will remind of the important tasks to attend. Moreover, you should always use a timer to note down the time spent on different activities.

Set an hourly reminder not to lose track of time during some tasks. Make sure to automate or delegate the less important activities to save some space in your packed schedule. Some intuitive apps will make decisions on your behalf, such as food, clothes, or booking a cab.

  • Use Virtual Spaces

An office provides startups with a space to work without the constant disruptions of a coffee shop. You need them for a positive impression on the clients and investors. However, they are expensive to put a serious dent on your limited capital.

Moreover, it takes unnecessary time to reach your office daily because of the city traffic. You can save yourself time by working from home or in a virtual office. They are cheaper than your regular offices and saves time and effort in building the ideal layout. 

Many entrepreneurs are unaware of the virtual office concept. These are spaces for businesses to receive emails, redirect phone calls, and meet potential clients. Similarly, you can hire a virtual assistant to manage your business from a remote location.

  • Prioritize Tasks

Your schedule should contain the essential tasks to make the best use of limited time. It will require trusting the employees to take care of some business processes. Therefore, you will have time to devote yourself to the critical processes for the startup.

Start your day with a set goal in mind to complete before leaving the workspace. Let the employees understand the boundaries and problems that require your attention. Posteriors are equally important to set as priorities while creating a schedule for the next day or week. 

  • Create Time Blocks

Time blocks are the period during the day when the task at hand has your undivided attention. It will help achieve complete the most critical tasks in your schedule within a limited time. You need to ask the members of your startup not to disturb you during those hours.

The efficient use of time blocks requires a person to find their most productive hours. Many people start their day with the energy and motivation to get rid of the most difficult roadblocks. In contrast, another gains momentum after a few hours to achieve their maximum productivity.

  • Reduce Choices

You can save a considerable amount of time in the long run by reducing the number of choices to make in a day. People start their day with the decision to find the right clothes or cook breakfast. Similarly, the day will constitute endless small decisions to take needless time from your schedule.

Let your partners or team members make these unimportant decisions on your behalf. Find creative ways to reduce the number of decisions, such as the uniform dressing of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. Also, create and stick to your schedule to save your mental energy.

Why Are the Time Hacks Important for Entrepreneurs?

Our mind and body have limited energy for regular tasks. The feeling of being overwhelmed will start to take a toll on your health if you don’t manage the schedule. Also, your decision-making, creative mindset, and performance at work will start to take a hit because of the exhaustion.

Therefore, it gets important to use the time hacks for entrepreneurs and professionals. People often compensate for the less productivity from their unreasonable goals with additional hours in the office. It will start to affect your personal life as well with failed relationships.


To sum up, you can achieve more in a limited time with the right strategy at the workplace. Entrepreneurs need to focus on critical tasks as they cannot manage everything themselves. Moreover, you should understand the limitation of the human mind and body for your overall well being.

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