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7 Tips To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Hot Weather

Warm weather makes us look forward to having fun and free time outside, and then the fun and free time outside makes us look forward to returning home to a pleasantly chilly air-conditioned environment. It’s nice to walk in and feel the cold air on our faces.

Humans enjoy comfort, and in many locations, conditioning the air in your house to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer is a basic expectation and top priority. When one system fails or operates inefficiently, the safe place we all know and love can turn into an unhappy or even dangerous place.

You could be a do-it-yourselfer who avoids a professional air duct cleaning service Lakewood and takes on any project, and isn’t frightened to remove the AC unit cover to see what’s within. You could also be someone who hates all things mechanical and electronic. Both types of people, on the other hand, want to keep their calm.

There are several things you can do to prevent humid-summer situations and make sure the air conditioning functions optimally:

Service The System Regularly

In the spring, schedule an inspection, tune-ups, and any other maintenance or repairs you know about to avoid the hot weather and peak season for failures and emergencies. Regular maintenance will save you money rather than having trouble on a weekend, holiday, or other time when the repair call will almost certainly be more expensive.

Clean During Inspection

Check your air conditioner’s grates, fins, base, top, and other parts for leaves, twigs, and other debris before turning the switch to the cool position. Be on the lookout for rats that may have made their way inside for the winter, and carefully inspect the wires and electrical connections to verify no critters have harmed or bothered them.

More elementary maintenance for the AC unit might be to remove the grated cover and clean the unit’s copper coils and the fan blades and condensation drain and tube. You must lookout for an air duct cleaning service Westminster as the copper coils of an AC system need to be clean and allow unhampered airflow since the coils cool the air. The water that the system generates must drain easily, and the fan itself must make many revolutions per day. Its motor can require oil or bolt tightening to eradicate squeaks or other sounds.

Assess The Duct Work

Along with all the other issues that might affect the comfort of your air, the ductwork of your system, the air’s way of travel is also crucial. Say there is a layer that’s come loose or a seal that flopped for some reason. That break in the air system allows humidity and heat to enter where they must not. Ducts typically run through the ceiling or floor, above the garage, in the attic, and in other configurations.

Some places can be tough to check, but it’s advisable to do it because a leaky duct can zap 25% to 45% of your AC system’s energy. You might be able to find and seal the leaky spots with mastic, but others can be complicated to locate and might need professional testing. 

Change The Filter

Almost all heating and air conditioning systems have a filter or even two. When that filter gets unclean, it makes the system work rigid to force the air where it should go. Expert references differ about how frequently to change the filter, but once a month to every 60 days appears to be the best advice.

The complex part of this maintenance for many people first remembers to purchase the filters, but once the filters are in the house, it’s as simple as a calendar reminder. The filter is also what latches onto the particles to remove them from the air you’re breathing, so not only does it help the AC system function more easily, but it also makes your family a lot healthier.

Cool Off With Ceiling Fans

Back the direction of your ceiling fan before winter and summer to get the most out of its abilities. In the summer, run the fan in counterclockwise order, so you feel the wind when standing under it. Before winter, change the fan to a circular direction, which produces a little updraft to force warm air that upsurges to the ceiling back down to the living space. The switch is typically near the motor or head of the fan. This simple step can allow you to bump the regulator up or down by a few degrees to save money on the energy bill during both seasons.

Put The Thermostat To Work

Essentially, whatever you can do to help your air conditioner function more proficiently will benefit you, lessening your bill and increasing your unit’s life. Many people fascinated with saving electricity install a programmable regulator, which you can set to alter the temperature mechanically. For example, you can set the temperature some degrees higher while you’re out during the day. Then, you can set it back to normal before you get home.

You can possibly save 1% yearly on your electricity bill for every degree you turn up the thermostat for seven hours.

Fill The Gaps

Use sealant or silicone caulk to seal out hot air that can decrease the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Common problem areas include under sinks at plumbing openings, seals around doors and windows, and anywhere else there is any connection to the outside, such as a door edge. You might get this referred to as “the wrapper,” and the idea is to seal it as firmly as possible.

There is a lot to do in the changeover from hot to cold weather or vice versa, but the more mindful you are about repairs to both systems, the more resources you will save. Your unit will also last longer, and you’ll relish a more contented living space. We offer a denver air duct cleaning plethora of facilities when it comes to ductwork and airing systems. Our employees are experts in air duct cleaning to chimney and fireplace maintenance; we offer it completely! Get in touch with us at Action Air Duct to enjoy the most affordable and proficient services.

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