7 Tips that ensures a successful eCommerce Website Development

‘Be obsessive about how customers ‘flow’ through the website. Remove any barriers that prevent them from purchasing your product or signing up for your service. You don’t want your customers to ever wonder ‘how do I purchase this?’ It should be clear. Any moment of hesitation could mean the loss of a potential sale.’

This statement was given by the eCommerce Manager of Christian brands. We cannot stop but wonder at the amount of truth this statement holds! The eCommerce website of any business is the face of their brand where impression matters. Any website with attractive colors and patterns, rich presentation, and quick responsiveness is bound to attract new visitors and sales. On the other hand, any website that is cluttered and disorganized will make the visitors go away. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have an ideal eCommerce website development.

For every one of you there that is looking for success-driven tips towards a seamless eCommerce website development; your answer lies in this blog.

Before that, tell us! Do you know the success rate of an eCommerce store?

It’s 10%. Yes, yes, it’s awfully low. The reason is probably they do not follow the tips we are about to share with you today. Read till the end and you will know how to stand with the 10% of successful eCommerce stores.

Top 7 tips for successful eCommerce website development 

  1. Decide on the Right Platform and a Functional Theme

Right platform is the base of your eCommerce website. Hence, we advise you to opt for a platform with a proven record. Some of the big platforms that you can choose for eCommerce website development are BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, etc.

Once you have decided on a platform, the second-most pivotal thing is your theme. Here are some parameters that define an ideal theme,

  • The one that can be customized as per your brand
  • Is visually appealing
  • Faster loading time
  • Highly Responsive
  • Runs smoothly on all the browsers

In a nutshell, your site needs to be user-friendly and fuss-free.

  1. SEO and Site Performance

One easy way to help the shoppers find you is by SEO and searching the market. When these two things are on point, your page rank is bound to improve.

Did you know that around 40% of the visitors abandon the page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load? Well, this gives us a good reason to focus on site performance and page load speed which also hugely affects your UX and Google’s rankings.

For the last four years, page load speed for mobile devices has been a part of Google’s algorithm for ranking.

Well, it all comes down to one thing! Highly speedy responsive pages lead to a better experience and a better experience means a thriving sale.

  1. Target Mobile Customers

Having a web webpage that is optimized for mobile is a genius combination. Unfortunately, there are still hundreds and thousands of merchants that waste time on the old themes. They still have a website that is just compatible with desktops.

According to Statista, in 2021 mobile devices generated approximately 54.4 percent of global website traffic. This ratio is excluding the tablets.

Meaning, that your low speed on mobile is costing you around 50% of the business.

Your business presence on the mobile has to be easily searchable, simple to browse, and user-friendly.

  1. Security

Building an army of loyal customers or gaining their trust is a time-consuming process, yet pivotal. One way to gain the immediate trust of your audience is to have every page encrypted with HTTPS protocol. Yes, the security factor is not just applicable to the payment pages. You must keep your customer’s data safe.

However, you can always apply higher security to your payment pages. For instance, if you accept credit cards, ensure to make your site, Payment Card Industry Compliant.

  1. Be limited with your product selection

It is a popular belief that having more options is good for the business. Unfortunately, it is a lie that can hinder sales. Your buyers get overwhelmed every time they are bombarded with the choices. And instead of buying, they might just walk away.

Here are a few ways to tackle it,

  • Limit your product niche
  • Keep the top two or three choices and pre-select your products
  • Make the checkout process as easy as possible. Limit the clicks too

We suggest you include a fast, reliable, and scalable site search. One more thing of convenience you can offer to your audience is to get a robust third-party search engine with maximum filters. This will help them to narrow down their search. Besides, to speed up the product finding process, you will require a product description and targeted keywords.

  1. Offer hassle-free transaction

Despite having all the right things, you can lose a potential loyal client if the transaction process is not smooth. The bad checkout process can quickly win over your site search, amazing photos, and product descriptions. Here is how one can make the checkout process seamless.

  • Unfair shipping cost
  • No transparency about the return policy
  • Not accepting payments from all possible routes
  • The compulsion to create an account to purchase

We suggest you specify explicitly the shipping charges and return policies on your home page. This will avoid any unpleasant experiences.

Another thing is to offer them to sign up an account with you after their purchase. This will ensure your sale and also give them a chance to set up an account if they want.

  1. Use Quality Pictures and Videos

Believe it or not, you only have 10 seconds to win over the heart of your visitor. So, focus on the right thing and grab their attention.

Photos and videos do a great job of grabbing attention. They are the ultimate keys to success and you can place them one after the other to double the magic.

Photos can be influenced by the filters and other Photoshop options. However, videos give away the entire story and breathe life into the product on screen. According to the stack and stack, the conversion rates go as high as 144% with the products with videos.

These were our powerful tips that can enhance and ensure the success of eCommerce website development.


Every business owner dreams of a frictionless online shopping system. It’s not the job of one person but a team of the right professionals can give unparalleled results. If you are someone in the need of any eCommerce website development, Hire eCommerce developers at right price with us.

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