7 Tips for Keeping Your Fridge Running Efficiently

Tips for Keeping Your Fridge Running Efficiently

Our fridges are continuously at functioning, keeping our foodstuff cold and harmless to eat, but we hardly ever give them a lot love back. To keep your fridge functioning optimally, consider these seven tips, which can also help you save money on your electricity bill and avoid unexpected repair costs. Book your appointment for fridge repair in kolkata and Pune this summer for brands all possible in market. Below we talk about what are the 7 tips for keeping your fridge running efficiently and keep your foodstuff well.

We all have refrigerators in our home and this is the king appliances of our home especially in summer days. We have so many home appliances, but we have to take care of them as they can’t do it themselves. We human are responsible to give them love back to make them work longer and have long life in our home. We have so many easy solutions for your refrigerator, as it helps us a lot.

Refrigerator help us to keep our fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time. Due to this we can have to run to market less like once a week. Fridge are really time saving and a gadget which has so many benefits is defiantly deserving our so much love. So, in this article we will learn how to take care of our fridge, making them work efficiently.

Lets discuss the more about 7 tips for keeping your fridge running efficiently:

  1. Separate your appliances
  2. Keep grazing to a minimum
  3. Inspect and clean the gaskets
  4. Don’t put hot remaining in the fridge
  5. Vacuum the condenser coils
  6. Don’t keep the temperature too cold
  7. Cover food to reduce extra moisture

If you have space in your kitchen, put your fridge as far away as possible from your oven and dishwasher. The heat produced from your dishwasher, oven, stove and other kitchen appliances will influence your fridge to work harder to keep its temperature cool, growing your power unit as well as an electric bill during the procedure.

Keep Grazing To A Minimum

Repeatedly opening and closing the door of your refrigerator puts damage on your faithful old fridge. Try to evade unconsciously eating in front of the fridge (with the open door), in case you let too much cold air get away the fridge.

Inspect And Clean The Gaskets

You probably don’t pay much attention to the seal around the perimeter of your fridge door, but that little bit of rubber or plastic is essential to helping your fridge run optimally. Also known a door seal gasket, the colors can get grimy or worn out over instance of time. Use lukewarm water and gentle cleaner on a wipe or old brush to lightly rub any grime off the door gasket. To test whether the door seal gasket is firm and in good functioning order, close a paper bill in the door so that it is half in and half out of your fridge. If your seal isn’t tight enough, it won’t hold the bill tightly in place (if this is the case, you should look into replacing the door gasket seal).

Don’t Put Hot Remaining In The Fridge

If you have much of leftovers, don’t put them directly into the fridge while they’re actually hot; they can radically raise the fridge’s warmth, making the compressor work harder to cool the fridge down. If you let your food cool to room temperature before putting it in the fridge, you’ll take some of the strain off your fridge. Just remember, the India Food and Drug Administration (FDA) caution that perishables should be left out of the fridge for no more than two hours (one hour if the temperature is above 90 degree Fahrenheit).

Vacuum The Condenser Coils

Your fridge condenser coils release heat, forcing the fridge’s compressor run. When dirt, dust, grime and pet hair gather around the fridge condenser coils, the device gets overheated, the compressor breaks down, and your fridge can’t keep your foodstuff chill.

Depending on what kind of fridge you have in your adobe, you can almost certainly access the condenser coils from the Flipside (pull your refrigerator away from the partition or wall of the location) or from the base front (remove the grill). Use a vacuum or hair brush to clean the condenser coils in every few months, especially if you have a pet like dog and cat that sheds.

Don’t Keep The Temperature Too Cold

The Food and Drug Administration recommends keeping your fridge at or below 40 degree Fahrenheit and your freezer at 0 degree Fahrenheit. You might think that setting your fridge to the coldest setting will make your food last longer, but keeping the temperature colder than necessary is a bad idea. Not only you will big electricity bill, but the compressor will require to run longer to remain the fridge cold, which wears it out earlier.

Cover Food To Reduce Extra Moisture

It may be appealing to rapidly hoard an exposed bowl of berries or chicken in your home fridge, but take the additional time to transfer your food to closed and airtight containers. If your food is not covered, the moisture in the foodstuff is unconstrained into the air and your fridge is required to work extra hard to remain things dry.

On a gustatory level, packing your food in air tight container will also help make sure that it doesn’t get oddly dried out. All Electric Care is leading fridge repair in pune and basement ventilation service in India. Hire us for any type of home appliances repair in Pune, Kolkata, Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, Hyderabad, and many more Indian cities.


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