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7 Tips for Gaining Followers After an Instagram Cleanse

What’s an Instagram cleanse and why is it so important? If you’re like many other Instagram users, then you most likely find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your newsfeed several times throughout the day if not all day long. You’re constantly posting, interacting, and gaining followers.

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Although you might not notice yourself doing it at first, once you take a few moments to truly pay attention to how often you open the Instagram app on your phone, the results might terrify you. If you have trouble keeping tabs on it yourself, then don’t worry. Instagram also offers users insights on how much time they spend on the app each day.

You know you need a social media cleanse, but how can you gain Instagram followers back after doing so. You may lose a few followers from inactivity, but there are ways to get back into the game and gain Instagram likes and views once you’re ready to.

We’re here to give you all the answers. Continue reading below to find out more!

1. Join or Create a Support Group

The more interaction your Instagram posts receive, the better they’ll do on Instagram’s algorithm. This means that your content will reach a larger target audience if a good number of people are interacting with it. Losing followers during an Instagram cleanse is normal, but you can quickly gain real followers back by simply creating or joining a support group.

What are Instagram support groups or pods? These are groups made up of several other Instagram users between 15-20 accounts who want to share their support with you in return for your support. Here’s how it works.

Other Instagram users with accounts similar to yours will join forces with you to share, comment on, and like each other’s posts. In return, your posts get more engagement, a larger reach, and their followers become your followers and vice versa.

2. Post on a Consistent Basis

Once you’re ready to jump back into the social media world, it’s important to post on a consistent basis if you want to boost your followers. If you log back into your account and don’t post often, then some followers might not even recognize you’re back. You also won’t improve your reach.

To get back into the flow of things, you need to post on a schedule. How often you post is up to you. At least 3-4 times a week is ideal.

Know how often you want to post and then make sure to stick to it. Your followers will then expect posts from you on this schedule and your engagement will go up. Use Instagram’s insights tools to see when your followers are the most active and post on those days and during those times.

3. Use Your Hashtags

Don’t forget to use hashtags. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags on each post. When you use hashtags on your posts, people who follow those same hashtags will see your content.

It’s important to only use hashtags related to your content, however. If you use hashtags that aren’t related, then it could have the opposite effect. Keep in mind you want to switch up which hashtags you use as well.

Using the same hashtags on every post could cause Instagram to flag your account as spam. When you use hashtags in the correct manner, though, they can drastically improve your reach.

4. Tag Your Locations

Tagging your location can help with reach as well. Each time you post content somewhere, tag the location. Remember to always put your safety first and only post and tag your location after you’ve left.

Tagging the location of your photos boosts how many accounts you reach because some people are following the location or will search for the same location and find your photo. The best time to use a location tag is when you visit someplace popular, unique, and outside of your common locations.

5. Engage With Your Followers

If you want accounts to engage with you, then you also need to engage with them. You can start by following other accounts similar to yours and engaging with their posts. Then, be sure to engage with your own followers as well.

Comment back when people comment on your posts, and make sure to reply with more than four words, or Instagram might not pick it up as engagement. You can also post stories asking questions using the question sticker or taking a survey by using the poll sticker.

These are both simple, yet great ways to keep your engagement levels up.

6. Create Valuable Content

Unfortunately, not everything you post on your Instagram account will be seen as valuable to your followers. The best thing to do is take the time to determine who your followers or target audience is. What posts do they engage with the most?

Instagram’s insights can give you this information. Then, create valuable content on a regular basis. Focus on posting photos, videos, reels, or live IG TV clips that’ll bring some type of value to your followers.

This is a great way to improve your engagement and your reach.

7. Share Your Content to Other Pages

After you post new content on your Instagram, be sure to share it with your other social media pages also. For example, you can easily share it with your Facebook account.

This will then grab the attention of your Facebook followers who’ll then click on your post. The post will take them to your Instagram where they can then like your posts and follow you if they don’t already.

Gaining Followers on Instagram Has Never Been Easier

We know how important it is to take a social media cleanse every now and then. We also know how challenging it is to grow your Instagram followers back after losing some. With the help of this guide, gaining followers has never been easier, however!

Use all of the helpful information give above to start boosting your engagement, reach, and ultimately your followers.

If you’re interested in more topics on technology and plenty of other topics as well, then continue to visit our blog on a regular basis. We have lots of other helpful posts waiting for you!

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