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7 Things To Consider Before Buying Luxury Bed Sheets In Pakistan

Choosing your bed sheets is likely to be tremendous stress, and there are many things that you need to reconsider before you invest in Luxury bed sheets in Pakistan. Luxury Bed sheets are not cheap, so you will want to be satisfied with your choice as you are not likely to be reconsidering your purchase after only a few weeks.

Luxury bed sheets are just not restricted to covering your bed in desi households’. Bed sheets play a crucial role in largely defining your home’s aesthetics and feel. It won’t be an exaggeration to mention that a bedsheet is preferably the first thing noticed in our bedrooms. While some individuals might experiment with contrasting shades and prints, others may choose to keep the color tones light and not too bright for the eyes. Read on as we talk about seven things to keep in mind before buying luxury bed sheets in Pakistan.


While some standard-sized beds are available, people still prefer getting customized beds based on their preferences. To get the bedsheets to fit perfectly, you should measure both the length and the thickness of the mattress before investing in a fancy bedsheet online. Generally available sizes are queen size and king size.

Some beds have more unique dimensions, such as small single beds or customized double beds, and you have to pay to get the correct bed sheet size. It would help if you took note of the depth of your mattress too. If you have an unusually deep mattress or a topper on your bed, you will need to purchase a bedsheet made with “deep” mattresses in consideration.

Remember that selecting the wrong size bed sheet does make a big difference. A bed sheet that’s too small won’t fit perfectly, so you’ll constantly be busy tucking it back in. Bedsheets that are too large can usually look messy and get difficult to manage, making your bed awkward to sleep in.


You can find various materials and fabric blends in eCommerce stores like Annies Home Decor ranging from cotton, poly-cotton, satin, etc. Keeping Pakistan’s hot weather in mind, it is best to invest in delicate cotton bedsheets. It is also essential for you to pay attention to the material types used in your bedsheets. Velvet bedsheets can be friendly for cold winter days; yet, you will likely want a cotton bedsheet to help you keep relaxed in the summer.

Cotton is a favored choice for sheets. Yet, many people opt for a cotton blend that will not wrinkle as easily. If you are in the mood for something more elegant, you can opt for a silk or satin collection available at Annie’s as well.

Annie’s range of bedsheets is uniquely handcrafted on high-quality cotton, velvet, and silk and is delicately printed in the home of our nationally praised master crafters. The prints in our bedding collection are inspired by elegant winter aesthetics with soft patterns of flowers. Annie’s beautiful bed linens feel soothing to the skin and don’t cause rash or irritation.

You should always Invest in bedsheets easily washed in average to cold water and dried in the sun. If preserved well, these types of bedsheets can be used for years without getting faded or tinted.


It would help if you learned about thread count before hitting the store. The thread count is the number of threads per square inch in the bedsheet’s weave directions. Store owners should prominently display the thread count on the packaging to make it effortless to find what you want to invest in. A rule of thumb is that the more the thread count number, the softer the sheets. However, keep in consideration that the higher the thread count, the more costly the sheets will be, and it is not true every time. With current manufacturing techniques, it is likely to increase the thread count without enhancing the quality of the bedsheet. Soft and durable material may have a thread count of around300-500, and going above it doesn’t ensure a better fabric.


So you’ve decided the size, type, material, and weave of your bed sheet, all that’s left now are to determine whether to go for a patterned or plain bed sheet. Patterned sheets suit primary bedroom schemes by adding a little extra touch to the room.

Choosing between printed and plain bed linen is quite a task for beginners. The quality of the bedsheet and kind of print often play an important role in decision-making. Some designs, such as checks or flowers, are bolder, while others, such as self-woven lines, are more modest. Plain bed sheets are versatile and work with any bedding scheme or room aesthetic. When compared with a patterned bed set, plain bed sheets add a sleek finish to a bedroom.

In modern times where everyone is smitten with machine designs, at least one handcrafted bedsheet available at Annie’s is a must-have.

The shade and style of your bedsheets and bedding are crucial to the overall aesthetic of your bedroom. You will like to create a soothing atmosphere helping to rest. Be certain that you choose a style you want because it can get quite costly to change your bedding regularly.


It is essential to buy more than one set of bed sheets for your bed for rare reasons. The first is just practicality. When you wash the sheets on your bed, you want another sheet to put in place. Also, if you have a few bedsheet sets in the cycle, you will be able to prolong the lifetime of all of the bedsheets.


Like queen or king, tailored sizes don’t consider the mattress depth. So if your bed is tall or you use a mattress topper, make sure to measure your bed before you invest in luxury bedding. It would help if you also accounted for natural shrinkage after laundering. Naturally, fitted sheets that fit up to 15-inch mattresses have served well in most fit tests.

Fitted sheets are explicitly created for shielding mattresses. They have an elasticated edge, making them much more comfortable to fit around your bed mattress and helping the sheet stay in place. Flat sheets are more flexible – they can be utilized as a sleeping surface on your mattress or as a layer to nap under. What’s more, a well-fitted flat sheet can look more presentable than a fitted sheet – which might be precisely the sort of element you want in your bedroom. Even if you favor the comfort of a fitted sheet, it’s a good idea to keep a pair of flat sheets on hand to sleep under on hot summer nights when a comforter is too much.


It’s not comfortable knowing whether you’ll love napping on the sheets until you’ve tried them out. Some stores, especially those with internet-only sales, let you make returns for valid reasons, even up to a few months after the investment.

So there you have it, a quick seven-step guide into buying bed sheets that are perfect for your bedroom.

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