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7 Major Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Business

Social media is a frenzy of new content, and companies are trying to stay above the competition at all times. Advertisements have come a long way from print to town criers to graphics.

Text is invaluable, and there’s no denying that. Throughout the millennia, written text has served its purpose as it has always done. It is even the springboard of other forms of media, such as graphics.

Graphics convey text in a more succinct, fun, and creative way. In a similar manner, videos collect pictures and transform them into a new vessel of information. Video marketing is the next natural step.

In the digital age, advertising is cutthroat and fierce. With the times evolving, shouldn’t you follow suit? Here are seven benefits of video marketing and why you should consider the next steps for your business.

1. Captivates Your Audience

On any online platform, you combat consistent scrolling and page refreshing. Photos and text are fundamental to advertising. However, they are static. They are stagnant and unmoving.

Studies show that visual attention is directly related to movement. It’s called eye-catching for a reason: your eyes are more drawn to videos than to static images. Take advantage of this instinct to look at motion with your own motion picture shorts!

Consumers love videos, with YouTube amassing a 1 billion hour watch time daily. Still not convinced? Your clients could be there, waiting to see more of you!

2. Adds Screen Time

Remember to keep it short and sweet to cater to the average human attention span. Make it worth their while, while you have their eyes glued to your screen.

Advertisements should be entertaining and not another video viewers will want to click off of. Often, the shorter, the better. Steer clear of rookie mistakes and head over to for professional video marketing services.

3. Higher Value Perception

You want your target market to see the actual value of your service. Video production costs more effort, time, and energy than a photo or text post. It’s an investment of action that your paying customers will see.

Increase your perceived value by ascribing a higher value of effort to your advertisements.

You’re not fooling anyone into thinking you provide high-quality services; you’re showcasing that you do. Video marketing shows that your business is willing to put in the work and deliver to their customers.

Give your viewers a sense of connection. Prove that your establishment can and will deliver its promises.

4. More Frames Per Second

You can only capture so much in a single photo, poster, or frame.

With fast-paced consumerism, you want to cram as much information as possible. Video marketing allows you to inject more meaning into your posts.

In as short as a few seconds or a few minutes, you’ll have your message ready for your clients.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words do you have in a video snippet? Not only do you increase your visibility, but you also increase your content.

Make every video count. Try to use videos as a gateway to your business with explainer videos. It could take only one video luring your catch in for them to read all about your products and services.

5. Increases Your Viewership and Engagement

Engagement is central to boosting visibility and, by extension, boosting profits. Did you know that only 25% of users check the second page of google search results?

Videos are the algorithm’s best friend. Google prefers showing optimized videos over text and images, which is good news for you.

Everyone fights for the upper rankings of search engine results. A way to stay up there is to use video marketing to stay on the good side of Google. Formulate an eye-catching thumbnail, an intriguing title to frame your quality content.

Furthermore, videos show the highest engagement compared with all other forms of media. This means that it’s more visible to your audience and that they are more likely to interact with it.

With more likes, shares, comments, your brand is sure to rocket its way mainstream. Increased engagement and viewership also serve as a good barometer in studying your clients and what appeals to them the most.

6. Allows More Personalization

Laying your business name out there isn’t enough; you have to build your brand. We are in the digital age, with the world wide web connecting everyone. Ironically, this age is when people feel disconnected.

Building your brand creates a more human aspect despite communicating through the screen. Restore this aspect and connect with your fan base through more engaging pieces of media.

Through videos, you not only have a creative outlet but also have more room for personal touches. Greater personalization allows you to build your brand further and make it distinct from the rest.

Additionally, online platforms provide an array of video streaming services. Keep up to date with the latest video marketing trends like shorts and lives to vary your plate. The choices are endless, and you are free to curate them to your audience.

7. High Shareability

While advertising and marketing methods have evolved, how can you beat the classic? How can you beat the golden advertisement of word of mouth?

Videos and photos have a greater chance of your customers sharing them as opposed to texts. What’s more, the next person downstream to receive the shared media experiences all the benefits stated above.

People love to share, so give them something good. When done right, the added effort and entertainment value make video marketing the most obvious choice to boost your business.

Why You Should Pursue Video Marketing

Drive your sales through video marketing! Video marketing has the highest clickability, shareability, and engagement compared to other media. Get your audience involved and excited through more dynamic and versatile marketing strategies.

Staying above the competition is a tough fight, so give yourself a fighting chance. Thank you for reading our article; we hope you found it helpful. To learn more about the latest marketing strategies, check out our other blogs.

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