7 Important Tips For Security Guards Training In Calgary

A List Security is a private security firm responsible for hiring, training, and assisting security guards and concierges for condominiums.

Our security personnel are accountable for the supervision and protection of various residential, commercial, institutional, and other properties and communities.

We not only provide security services with trained guards but also provide Security audits for security. Customized security systems creation, and the installation of security cameras and other security equipment.

Our highly trained security guards can follow a structured program of development designed to provide superior security services.

This is a brief overview of the basic training program we provide for every staff member.

1: Level 1 Security Training

A Level One Security Course offers the basics of training based on the qualities we, the security companies, are looking for when we hire.

This will ensure that you receive a practical, effective workout that can be applied to job readiness.

The Level 1 training will require that you pass an interview and resume screening procedure, have a valid Alberta Security License. And have completed the 40 hours of the security license program.

The candidates who have passed the test will acquire fundamental security techniques. Including efficient communication with residents and clients and the primary methods for responding to emergencies.

They will also understand patrols and access control to control security systems already installed in commercial and residential buildings.

From responding to fire and bomb threats and medical emergencies to identifying suspect vehicles, individuals. You’ll gain an understanding of the basic security skills needed by private security.

Candidates must score at least 70% on the test written at each level of education to be eligible for employment.

2: First-Aid & CPR

Beyond the essential emergency response techniques learned at Level 1. We provide simplified First-Aid and CPR classes that ensure you are competent in managing emergencies with grace.

The course will teach the practical application of first-aid and CPR. And you’ll be awarded a certificate of accomplishment endorsed through Toronto EMS Safe City.

When you have completed this course, you’ll be able to safely apply CPR and basic first aid at work or home.

From breathing emergencies and choking to fractures of bones and emergency incident management. This course will ensure you’re well-prepared for emergencies in the real world.

This course is available to current employees, their family members, and acquaintances. Who have taken the initiative to become prepared and certified for higher levels of responsibility.

The standard first aid course is a prerequisite for our Level 2 security training.

3: Level 2 Security Training

The Level 2 security education program is available only to employees who have completed the Level 1.

The course covers a range of advanced skills required by security personnel, such as emergency response, self-defense and physical security. Threat and risk assessments, and the local laws that govern personal security within Alberta.

This training course for intermediates is designed for staff with at least three months’ experience. And have a track record of excellent performance.

This course is suitable for those looking to move up the ranks and develop transferable skills and an understanding of law enforcement and security. After completing level 2 of training, you will become recognized as a level 2 guard.

4: Verbal Judo

Verbal Judo is a communication strategy that includes methods designed specifically for police officers. And other law enforcement officers to calm violent situations and disputes.

Utilizing empathy as well as other forms of communication and techniques, this Verbal Judo course will teach how to communicate effectively with people who could be dangerous to ensure an amicable resolution for any disagreement.

Positive communication skills are the main focus of this course, assisting you in developing a better awareness of managing conflict situations. And applying an effective strategy to eliminate the threat.

This program is now a standard for police officers across Canada, which has proved its efficacy in teaching officers how to manage dangers.

From dealing with hostile people to greeting visitors who visit the premises, Verbal Judo uses field-based drills and tests to provide you with an array of abilities that will help you improve how you interact with your client’s residents and possible threats.

You’ll be awarded a Verbal Judo certificate when you have completed the course.

5: Level 3 Security Training

The Level 3 Security Training builds upon the base of knowledge you’ve gained from previous courses. It is only for those who have completed levels two and our Verbal Judo courses.

Level 3 is more mentally and physically strenuous because it focuses on using non-armed defensive tactics, including handcuffing, arrests, handcuffs, and the use of force laws in Alberta.

From self-defense training to physical exercises that embed self-defense strategies into your muscles, you’ll learn to defend yourself and others against injury.

For this course to be taken, you must pass the prerequisites and take an interview with the management and evaluate your standardized physical fitness.

6: Tactical Awareness & Use Of Force

We also provide three more special courses for those who want to sharpen their capabilities. The first one is ASP Use of Force training. That will allow you to develop your self-defense abilities to guard yourself against adversaries.

The course is focused on the basics of Use of Force theory and expanding the physical training you have received to teach you how to defend yourself using the baton.

Instructors will guide you through specific exercises and drills to ensure you’re in good shape and are prepared to fight physical assaults should they arise.

The second course we offer, Tactical Awareness, is a course that teaches the importance of being conscious of the surroundings.

It also provides information on how to behave when facing a dangerous scenario.

Training in tactical awareness will aid you in recognizing warning signals and other indications of aggression from threats that may be coming your way, allowing you to be more prepared for any potentially hostile situation.

7: Firesafe

We offer a Fire Safe training program that equips students with the necessary knowledge to handle and prevent fire-related emergencies.

This training is suitable for property managers, law Enforcement Officers, Supervisors and mobile patrols for mobile security services – A List Security.

Professional Firefighter Instructors will guide students through the basics of fire safety and prevention. According to the Alberta Fire Code, how you can be a practical resource in keeping people safe.

Participants will receive hands-on instruction and participate in real-world scenarios, including fire drills, under the supervision of an experienced Fire Captain.

These classes are only offered to employees who have proved themselves efficient and responsible security guards.

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