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7 Different Types of Wheelchair Ramps For Steep Stairs

Wheelchair ramps for steep stairs are essential if you need to safely get a wheelchair up or down steps. Are you looking for a concrete wheelchair ramp for stairs? You’ll need specific features in the right size to find the right one. It can be tricky to find the perfect wheelchair ramp for stairs because of the different models available, and each model has specific features that make it unique. With all of these options, SPN Construction Mobility provides impact-rated concrete wheelchair ramps at an affordable price for people with low movement. Moreover, when you hire us, everything is in your hand, including the design, material, color and anything you want to add or subtract in your wheelchair ramp for steep stairs.

Keep reading to explore different types of wheelchair ramps for steep stairs:  

  1. Concrete Wheelchair Ramps

We make concrete wheelchair ramps that do not require railings to create a safe environment for your home. Our ramps can rise to 20 feet and have an inspection check by a third party to ensure quality work. The artisans of our company have families like yours, and they build each ramp with care and perfection to create the safest environment in which you can live comfortably at home. 

  1. Folding Ramps

A senior may fall because he or she can’t get up and down the stairs independently. If you want to allow your loved one to continue living independently in your home, make it senior-friendly with our wheelchair ramps for steep stairs. We have folding ramps that make steps safer when they’re not in use. We also have other aids, like grab bars and shower safety products.

  1. Suitcase Ramps

Forget having to lift your wheelchair over the wheelchair ramp. Our suitcase ramps take care of that worry while allowing you to quickly and easily load your wheelchair or scooter. Not only this, our wheelchair ramps for steep stairs are built with trustworthy polyurethane and come along with a lifetime guarantee. You can get them sloped to the perfect angle for your needs, so let us know if you want it in your unique details when ordering, and we will make sure to slant it right for you.

  1. Telescoping Ramps 

Our wheelchair ramps for steep stairs will ensure that every movement is steady and smooth when you go up and down your stairs. Our telescoping ramps offer an innovative design with a maximum weight limit of 800 pounds to provide a sturdy resting place for your tired feet. They offer a 10-degree incline to ensure no undue stress on the body. They contain durable aluminum and steel that withstand all types of weather. Moreover, You can adjust their length according to your need for stability and safety. They come in both a straight ramp and an “S” bend which allows one ramp to be used at a 90-degree angle to the next.

  1. Rollable Ramps

Rolling up and down the stairs is never an easy task. Sometimes, it can be a painful experience, especially if you are carrying groceries, newly purchased electronics, or a heavy load of other items that you do not want to drop along the way. Our rolling wheelchair ramps for steep stairs are the best in town to make your entry path more comfortable and convenient. Staircases with rolling ramps eliminate the need to carry large loads of items in both hands while safely exploring floors inside your home or business building.

  1. Modular Ramps

Best for steep and rugged entrances, our modular wheelchair ramps for stairs let you get in and out of any ground floor entrance, even if it is uneven, longer or curved. These sturdy metal ramps are perfect for almost any need, from entryways to garages. Standard features include high visibility ADA-compliant border markings that allow you to position the ramp. These ramps have components that assure that your escalators will continue to function as they were intended to. At SPN Construction Mobility, optional handrails are also available to reduce fall risk. If you could use help getting inside regularly due to walking difficulties or other obstacles, this is the product for you!

  1. Threshold Ramps

Our threshold ramps would be your first choice because they are durable enough to handle everyday wear and tear yet affordable enough to have a few around the house so that you always have one when you need it. It may seem tricky, but if you are afraid of heights, our Threshold Ramp can help you by offering an easy way to get into your car. And, you won’t sacrifice quality when you buy a threshold ramp. We have a reputation for making the best threshold ramps in the business.

Benefits of Installing Wheelchair Ramps For Steep Stairs

  • Navigate Doorways Easily
  • Enter the House Conveniently
  • Independence
  • Access the Outdoors
  • Kitchen Access
  • Privacy
  • Safety
  • Time-saving
  • Affordable
  • Easy To Install
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long-Lasting

Quality Wheelchair Ramps For Steep Stairs 

Our wheelchair ramps for steep stairs are necessary for many houses with slightly sloping driveways leading up to their doors. Today, more and more domestic customers tend to seek wheelchair ramps for steep stairs. No matter what types of houses they have, such as old houses or new houses, either houses with 2-stories or 1-story or bungalows or cottages, we can find suitable solutions to all their problems. Our ramps offer comprehensive protection energies and effectively solve the problem of cars or wheelchairs not being able to travel up the ramp. We also provide wheelchair ramps for narrow hallways, small rooms and other places needing accessible entrances and exits.

Get Affordable Wheelchair Ramps For Steep Stairs

At SPN Construction Mobility, wheelchair ramps for steep stairs are available in every type and size of the wheelchair. The only tricky part about finding these ramps is figuring out what you will need in features and length. But when you join us, you are free to custom design according to your requirements. Are you trying to get up a ramp with a ceiling height of 8 feet? Or are you looking for one that goes up over a threshold that is 8 inches high? Here, you will find these ramps in any design, style, and material you want. Not only this, our rates are competitively low for concrete wheelchair ramps. So, why are you waiting? Call us and get ready to make your home the best for both senior and elderly people.

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