7 Answers to the Question – How to Start a School in India?

Education has been considered as one of the most essential social acts since the Vedic ages. The Gurukulas had been considered to be spiritually important to a temple. Even today, India sees education as the prime mover of its growth and development. Starting a school in India is the greatest business opportunity that draws you not only the revenue but also respect in society. Taking the franchise of the developing school is yet a wonderful business choice. There are certain things to know before you start school in India:

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  1. Knowing the Cause – If you are starting a school franchise in India; firstly, you need to consider the cause of initiation in that particular area. For instance, if there is less availability of nursery schools in the chosen area than higher education, then it is wise to start nursery school to a higher education school.
  2. Land Acquisition – Most probably, it is great to start a school franchise in your land rather than depending on other’s land to prevent financial mishaps. Nevertheless, many school franchise opportunities provide wide offers including the land which will also be the best choice. But, the latter would not guarantee you more profit comparing to the former choice.
  3. Linking Your School with a Trust or Society – This would improve the vision of your school franchise India, and attract more crowd to your school. Because, most of the population love to study in a unique management trust, and if you do so, your business will boom. Linkage of your school with a trust or society will come under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. Also, the taxation will not be a burden for your school if you link your school to trust or society.
  4. School Infrastructure – This plays a crucial role in the development of your school franchise. The school should be properly planned to highlight the cause of initiation and should be constructed on a priority basis. For instance, if you are starting a preschool, the infrastructure should be pleasing to the kids like the Mickey Mouse entry at the gates and using catchy colors on the wall with kids’ game equipment that propagates edutainment, etc.
  5. Projecting the Mission and Vision – Mission and vision can only keep the growth in track and defining such is one of the necessary things to be done while starting a school in India. Not all schools need their mission and vision. It may be most probable for the secondary and higher secondary schools who deal with the students of adequate age.
  6. Recognized Franchise Selection – If you are thinking about – “How to start a school?” and choosing the idea to pick up a franchise of a known school brand, you should be aware enough to check if your franchise owner has been recognized by the Government to run the school of your choice.
  7. The Medium of the School – After all of them is set, it is to decide the medium of the school curriculum. Advanced curriculum methods will be the most preferred choice as India is moving towards the western-based education system.

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