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7 ACS RPL Report Rejection Reasons With Solutions

An ACS RPL report has to be perfect, as ACS (Australian Computer Society) doesn’t tolerate even minor mistakes. Most of the applications that reach the ACS table for assessment face rejection. Only the RPL reports fulfilling the expected criteria make their way to success.

Now, you must be wondering what factors lead to RPL rejection and how to prevent them. If looking for information regarding rejection reasons and prevention tips, then you are at the right place.

In this blog, we will familiarize you with all the mistakes in the ACS RPL report and their solutions. So, take a deep breath, start read the blog to the end.

Why Do RPL reports Face Rejection, And How To Prevent It? 

Plagiarism, one of the biggest reasons for the ACS RPL rejection, is plagiarism. Plagiarized content is strictly prohibited. It is also mentioned in the guidelines laid down ACS. It is the first guideline to write the report.

Many candidates copy from the online sources available on the Internet. They forget that the reference material is only for giving an idea of the format and structure of the RPL report. Seeing them, you can have an idea of how to prepare an RPL report. Copying from them means you are setting the stage for rejection.

So, use them only for reference purposes, and don’t copy from them. Even if writing the whole report by yourself, check for plagiarism to avoid unintentional plagiarism.

Irrelevant And Poor Job Descriptions 

Your prepared ACS RPL report is supposed to show your skills, knowledge and professional contribution. These three elements must be in harmony with the ANZSCO occupation position you are applying for; your role, responsibility and duty details must be convincingly relevant to the post you have chosen. You’d better read the job descriptions, roles and responsibilities properly before you make the report.

A minimum of 65% of the details must harmonize with the nominated occupation. In case of less than it, you will be considered not suitable due to lack of information. If it doesn’t happen, your report will face rejection. Therefore, write only relevant job tasks considering your selected position. It’s prudent to take ACS RPL writing services if you feeling nervous about writing the report.

Grammar Mistakes 

Being an excellent engineer doesn’t mean that you can excel in every task and subject. English writing skills require a strong firm on grammar. Moreover, you must be familiar with Australian English. Many applications don’t get success due to grammatical mistakes they contain in the RPL report. It may happen you can speak English fluently and excellently, but writing in English is an entirely different skill. The writing skill requires some flair, practice and experience for improvement, which only a professional English writer has.

The only way to prevent such mistakes is to take RPL review services. Here, an English expert will check your report, which itself is a guarantee of a grammatically flawless rpl report.

Lack of Work Experience 

This confusing point often becomes the reason for the rejection of the RPL application. It would help if you remembered that ACS has many criteria concerning the skills level requirements. Skill assessment of employment before and after the qualification is seen differently. First, you must have a certain period of work experience to meet the criteria for skilled migration. Moreover, you should know that if your work employment episode is performed concurrently with another employment period, then only one employment will be acceptable at one time.

Keep in mind that the work experience fulfilling the eligibility criteria is considered skilled employment but Only such work experience is eligible for the skilled migration point but If the work experience does not fulfil the eligibility criteria, the ACS RPL report will face rejection. It will be assessed as ‘not suitable due to lack of work experience’.

So, check your work experience first. When it finding sufficient, then apply.

Fake information 

Many candidates try to impress the ACS authority by writing fake information about their work experience. They see it on the Internet and include the information in their report.

It’s wise to familiarize yourself with ACS is experienced and intelligent enough to know such false information. If the authority finds anything like this, it will immediately reject that. So, be genuine and write in your own words. Those who have poor writing skills should take professional RPL report writing solutions and get their report written because Professionals know how to write in a way that your report sounds genuine.

No Credit 

It will help you credit those whose ideas, examples and diagrams you used to clarify a point. To Not giving them credit is an act of dishonesty. ACS doesn’t ignore such mistakes or cheap actions and It is mentioned in the ACS guidelines to credit the person whose work helped you create your RPL report. So, don’t forget to credit such helpful sources as mentioned in the guidelines.

Not Taking ACS RPL Report Writing Solutions 

Overconfidence and intense pressure on the candidate often bring about rejection. The RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) is a severe and critical report requiring is a great set of skills. From English grammar knowledge, engineering subject expertise, writing unique content aptitude, effective skills, concise writing, familiarity with the ACS guidelines. Vivid descriptions to highlight own creativity and engineering skills, all these things are can’t be found in a non-professional.

A flaw in any of these areas can fail the report. Therefore, it’s wise to knock at the doors of professional writers instead of taking any risk because. They have a crystal-clear idea of the RPL ACS Australia skill assessment system

You can get the whole report written from the beginning and get your prepared report reviewed. Take the service as per your needs and budget. But, never forget that this report is very delicate, and a non-professional can’t write the report fulfilling all the criteria.

If you are in quest of more information on the ACS RPL report, feel free to reach us.


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