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6 ways Influencers Drive More traffic for Ecommerce Brands

Influencer Marketing and E-Commerce — A 2021 Connection 

Influencer marketing has become one of the most preferred marketing strategies for most brands. This is why influencer marketing has a deep link to E-Commerce brands.

Last year has taught us anything it is that our lives have heavily become dependent on the online space. In 2020 social media increasingly kept us entertained and E-Commerce kept bringing the necessities in our footsteps. So it is quite clear that these two components will only gain prominence in our lives.

Having an E-Commerce brand demands that there is heavy traffic on your website which in turn generates sales. Social media advertising or influencer marketing are great ways to increase traffic on your E-Commerce website. 


Social media influencers usually have a very strong agency over the opinions and preferences of their followers. Confluencr, One of the largest influencer marketing platforms quotes that over 70% of people have admitted to relying more on influencers than celebrities. This has made influencers a fantastic ground for marketing communications.

Investing in marketing strategy takes money, time, effort, and several PR activities. An influencer, in the way they market your products can make a huge difference. Often, they carries forward their face-value and reputation to your company. This is why influencer marketing creates trust for a product quickly.

6 ways Influencers Drive More traffic for E-Commerce Brands

Influencers have converted up-and-coming brands to household names within a short time. In months brands have gone from startups to stabilize companies drawing the right buzz and traffic.

Satt Naturals is a good example of this case. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best ways to draw more traffic through influencer marketing.

Reach the Right Audience

While establishing an E-Commerce Platform it is very important to be aware of the audience you want to reach. Choosing the right influencers can make or break your platform.

If your platform mostly has products for the adult demographic then choosing a youtuber with a teenage audience will not profit you in any way. Being linked with positive influencers and not the ones surrounded by scandals and controversies are also an important factor.

Use platforms wisely for Influencer Marketing

Social media is audience-driven. The audience is demographically inclined. Different social media platforms are associated with different age groups and demographics.

Platforms also vary in demand among these demographics. Instagram has emerged to be one of the most popular platforms among most demographics generally. Using it for ads and marketing will only bear advantages. 

Influencer Marketing- contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways are a great way to create healthy competition. This competitive spirit also becomes a driving force for the participants. This thrusts the motivation to perform well. With the competition, they are motivated to engage their audience.

When the audience is engaged in your contests they can also be drawn to your brand and business. This in turn drives sales and increases traffic to your website. 

To succeed in this form of marketing, it is imperative to have a relationship. A relationship is only formed when there are benefits for both parties. One-sided benefits would not allow for such a relationship to form.

Businesses should provide benefits to these individuals for this relationship to bloom. Many influencers prefer cash as payment and compensation. If your business has the means then this is one of the best methods. Free products can also be a form of compensation.

Take part in trends influencer marketing platform

There is a reason that most brands take part in current and popular trends. For example, various challenges are normally very trendy for brands to take part in.

Involving influencers in the trends through the brands would only create curiosity and visibility about the brand itself. With an increase in brand awareness, it will surely increase the traffic in the E-Commerce sites for the brand as well. 

Utilize a micro-influencers 

A lot of times businesses underutilize micro-influencers. They are drawn to the large numbers of influencers overlooking the lack of engagement. A lot of micro-influencers have a big amount of engagement.

Working and correctly utilizing them will only draw more engagement to your business and in turn more traffic for your websites.

They are also great for startups or businesses that have a limited budget for marketing. These influencers also often accept compensation in forms kind which might be beneficial for the business. 

Traffic from Influencer marketing

Creates genuine partnerships and relationships 

Companies must create the right kind of relationships with their influencers. Motivating influencers solely on a monetary basis may not work all the time. The audience may catch the authenticity of the paid content hence building a relationship based on respect may work better.

Influencers can also be drawn in with affiliate partnerships with codes or coupons, where the sale benefits them as well. This can be a driving force behind their motivation. Compensating them respectfully and correctly also works to build a genuine relationship with them. With a healthy and professional relationship formed with the influencer’s promotions and endorsements are filled with authenticity. 


Influencer marketing is going to be a game-changer shortly. The year 2020 provided a great platform for novice content creators, and brands made the most of it by leveraging their skills and popularity.

A massive trend that is being looked forward to is how brands will merge content marketing, influencer marketing, and social media marketing. Looking forward, brands will need to focus more on finding and partnering with influencers who share similar values and they should enter into long-term relationships with them rather than on a contractual basis.

Podcasts are also expected to be the next big thing, and micro-influencers will emerge in huge numbers which do not have many numbers but enjoy popularity among a niche audience.

Such marketing presents a lot of advantages in this competitive environment. It is economically and technically advantageous. It surely helps to increase brand awareness and website traffic making it a marketing favorite. 

Author Bio: Allina Gupta

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My main interest in writing ranges from short fictional stories to that of the reporting style.
I have imperatively grown and learned about all the important advantages of marketing.

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