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6 Tips to Write a Great Cover Letter

Writing an effective cover letter can be the difference between landing an interview and getting passed over. You can get effective cover letter by getting best cover letter services. If you’re not sure how to write a cover letter, this article by thebinyameen covers the basics of what should be included and how to make it shine without taking away from your resume’s content. These six tips will help you create a great cover letter that won’t be easily forgotten by those reading through all the candidates’ applications.

1) Create a Quality Cover Letter

Before you write your cover letter, though, make sure it’s designed to catch a hiring manager’s eye. One way of doing that is by choosing high-quality paper. You might think that heavier stock paper will impress a hiring manager more than a standard 20lb bond, but there isn’t much difference between those two weights once your letter is folded and stapled. Go for 24lb or better if you want to blow away an employer. In general, cover letters should carefully tailored representations of you as an applicant—not carbon copies of each other.

The best way to do that? Write them yourself, using specific examples from work experience and personal accomplishments as evidence of your value as a candidate. Once you’ve made your first draft, ask someone you trust (ideally someone who can provide constructive criticism) to review it for any grammatical errors or typos so you don’t come off looking unprofessional during an initial screening process.

2) Use the Perfect Font

There is an endless number of fonts available. Before you start typing, make sure your job application is using one that looks professional and crisp on-screen. Avoid using very large or very small fonts as they can appear amateurish, but make sure it’s not so small that it’s difficult to read. A good rule of thumb is for your font size should be somewhere between 10-12 points. And if you don’t have any interest in learning how to design a cover letter yourself, there are the best cover letter services available that will format your cover letter professionally based on job listings across sites like Career365.  These are great options because once you’ve made your purchase, all you need to do is copy and paste your resume into their software. Using some of these best cover letter services helps ensure that you’re not throwing money down the drain by paying someone who doesn’t understand what makes up a good resume.

3) Keep it Short and Simple

Make your cover letter brief and concise. Candidates often get too wordy and wind up losing their audience after just a few paragraphs. Remember that hiring managers usually only spend an average of 15 seconds skimming your cover letter so keep it short and sweet. Ideally, your cover letter should be no more than three paragraphs long with each paragraph no longer than four sentences.

A great way to get down to business is by starting with Here’s what I can do for you, followed by three or four bullet points describing your biggest strengths and value add—and then end with, I hope we’ll have an opportunity to speak soon. You can also try ending on something like There’s never been a better time in history to work at DigitalAvior because of its innovative business strategy/etc., where you focus on why you’re excited about working at your target company, rather than listing out your experience.

4) Use Career Specific Terms

It’s important to use career-specific language when writing your cover letter, especially if you are applying for a job that requires technical skills. The key is not only using relevant keywords but ensuring they are in context. If you read your letter out loud and it sounds natural, then it should be good to go. On the other hand, if you find yourself adding filler words or repeating words often, then rework your sentence structure until it flows correctly. You should also avoid using informal terms such as hello or thanks. Instead, stick with formalities like a good day.

Your goal is to make a good impression; make sure your word choice reflects that desire. Don’t worry about addressing every single person on the team by name. Avoid sounding insincere by simply saying something along these lines: I am excited to work with Team X, I have heard great things about them! Remember that networking plays an extremely large role in career success.

5) Be Specific

When you’re applying for jobs, your cover letter should be as specific as possible. If there’s one common complaint hiring managers have about job seekers, it’s that they can never figure out how interested applicants are in their positions—so make sure you spell it out. Mention what your professional goals are and why you believe these positions will help you reach them; discuss why you like working for (or what you like about) the company, and outline any relevant experience or knowledge that makes you particularly well-suited for these positions. Show that you’ve done some research into each company and position; that way, hiring managers know that they can trust your abilities if they end up choosing to hire you. It also shows off your attention to detail and care in general, which is always a good quality for an applicant to have.

6) Tell Them Why They Should Hire You

If you’re applying for a job and your resume isn’t getting results, it might be time to focus on your cover letter. This short document is often an employer’s first impression of you and can make or break whether or not they want to call you in for an interview. To write an effective cover letter, start by telling employers why they should choose you out of all of their other applicants. Explain why you’re great for the position and how your experience lines up with what they need right now. It may sound like common sense, but if they don’t know that you’re awesome then chances are they won’t call. Make sure you emphasize what sets you apart from everyone else who’s applying for the same position.

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