6 Reasons To Visit Malta, The Hidden Gem Of The Mediterranean

Most individuals are unlikely to be able to tell you where Malta is if you ask them. This is part of what makes this European nation, which consists of three islands tucked away in the Mediterranean 60 miles beneath Sicily, so endearing. Its magnificent beaches still feel unspoiled, its museums and historical attractions are blissfully uncrowded, and its cobblestone alleys aren’t overrun with tourists. Even better, due to the country’s small size, you can fit in a lot of activities in a short period. This lesser-known jewel is a must-see location for adventure seekers and history buffs both. Are you looking for a few compelling reasons to make a trip to Malta? These six will probably surprise you.

  1. Malta Is An English-Speaking Nation

While traveling to a place where English isn’t widely spoken can be a lot of fun and even culturally stimulating, it can also make tasks like ordering dinner and purchasing museum tickets a little more difficult. Maltese, which has a lovely fusion of Italian, Arabic, and French in its pronunciation, and English are both recognized as official languages of Malta. This means that everyone will speak English and that everything will be written in English, from street signs to menus.

  1. You’ll Adore The Nation’s Ancient History And Gorgeous Beaches

Traveling to Europe frequently entails spending days touring renowned museums and historical sites or relaxing on a Mediterranean beach. In Malta, you can complete both tasks in a short amount of time. The morning is the best time to explore one of Malta’s three UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, the Megalithic Temples, and the city of Valetta, which is a fortified city with hundreds of monuments (a labyrinth of underground chambers probably used as both a burial site and temple). Then, change into your swimsuit, apply sunscreen, and spend the afternoon at one of the numerous beaches along the coast or in the renowned Blue Lagoon (to get there, take a boat to Camino, Malta’s smallest island).

  1. The Local Mediterranean Cuisine Is Distinctive

You’ll find an eclectic mix of Mediterranean cuisine in Malta because of its geographical location—60 it’s miles (97 kilometers) south of Sicily and 160 miles (257 kilometers) north of Libya—as well as the fact that the nation has been occupied by numerous other civilizations and nations over the centuries. Fish pie, rabbit stew, beans, garlic, and loads of olive oil are among the traditional Maltese cuisine that can be found in any Mediterranean restaurant in Malta. You’ll also find unusual spices in some recipes that give standard Mediterranean fare a Middle Eastern twist. The food is not only delicious but also stunning, making it ideal for honing your vacation photography skills.

  1. Malta Is A Safe Place For Solo Travelers

You’ll probably feel safe in Malta, whether you’re strolling the country’s cobblestone alleys at night or relaxing on a beach in broad daylight. Malta consistently ranks as one of the safest nations in the list of the world. For instance, Malta was ranked second on a list of the world’s safest nations for women in a 2018 report by consulting firm New World Wealth. Therefore, even while carrying your passport and cash in a money belt is still a good option, you won’t feel as vulnerable to theft if you also carry a handbag.

  1. It Is A Diving Mecca

For epic scuba diving, you might believe you need to go to the Caribbean, Mexico, or even a far-off location like the Maldives. However, due to Malta’s proximity to some of the cleanest and clearest waters in the Mediterranean, tourists frequently travel there to view the underwater scenery. Put your diving equipment in your carry-on. Alternatively, you can rent gear from one of the many dive shops you’ll find (which also provide beginner’s training for anyone interested in trying the sport).

  1. Getting To Malta Is Easy

You can find quick (and affordable) direct flights to Malta every day if you’re already in Europe. you’re leaving your home country? Most likely, you may go to Malta with just one stopover in Europe. Even better, it’s simple to get between Malta and the two smaller islands of Gozo and Comino using a rental vehicle, Uber, bus, ferry, or even on foot. Because of this, even if you just have a few days to travel there, it’s simple to feel like you’ve experienced the country in its entirety.

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