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6 Reasons to Translate Your Digital Content

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Translating digital content plays a critical role in helping a business attain a competitive edge in the market and increase its sales overhead. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you need to think about how you can translate your digital content. As you know, businesses differ, for example, if you have a clothing shop, it’s easier to find such a specialist who will help you with the content translation than if you produce particular equipment for a wind farm. This article is going to guide you on the reasons why you should do it.

1- New markets

Translating your digital content is going to enable you to target the native markets. Many online users prefer to buy products and services from websites that they fully understand. For instance, contracts to be signed are binding, and signatories want to sign documents that they understand. Even in the cases where clients do speak fluent English as a second language, English may not be their preferred language.

You may translate the content by yourself if your workers know the foreign languages that you are working with or you may hire freelance specialists who will deal with this. There are also many companies that can offer you professional online translation services. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task. A right company boasts of a competent team of professional linguists who have experience in various business domains.

In your journey as a digital marketer, you are going to appreciate that consumer behavior is localized. Customers have a preference to what is available locally. You are going to learn that a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy is not a viable and sustainable marketing strategy.

2- Better user experience

When you write in a language that your online readers understand, the clients will feel that you do make an effort to understand their needs. In other words, your clients are not going to feel alienated by your website. Moreover, they will feel a connection with you and they will develop a desire to build a relationship with your company and buy your products and pay for your services.

3- Wide client base

Translation of digital content ensures that your business widens its client-base. This is because you are going to reach out to both English speaking clients, and non-English speaking clients. If you are able to penetrate the markets in both cultural groups, then you are going to have an advantage in terms of sales.

For example, the China market is known for its big size in both the size and population. As a matter of fact, China stands out in terms of the pool of clients that could be converted. If you choose digital translation services targeted at the China market, you will have the possibility to colonize such a market and reap optimal benefits from it.

In the contemporary business environment, entrepreneurs cannot afford to work only with their existing clients. They must seek to convert the potential clients and at the same time, retain the loyal ones. This cannot be done in a short time, but rather, it requires patience and persistence.

4- Brand awareness

Through choosing digital translation, you are going to position your business as an international business. In connection to this, you are going to be able to popularize your brand on the global platforms.

Positioning yourself as an international business is going to help you when seeking funding. This is because the international market has more sources of funding than the national market. There are investors who prefer businesses with a global approach due to their probability of success.

Having your business going international may protect from national or local business collapse. For example, harsh legal procedures could make it difficult for you to continue doing business in your local jurisdiction. Other factors could drive you out of your local market, and therefore, you need a backup plan.

5- High positions in Search Engines

Translation of your websites could lead to a higher ranking by the search engines as there may be less competitors on the target markets. This is because translation creates Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is friendlier and one which boosts ranking. It should be noted that translation enhances the use of particular strategy keywords, and this is good for SEO.

6- Portfolio diversity

Through translating digital content, you are going to diversify your portfolio. This means that in the case one section of the business is not performing well, the business can rely on the geographical sections which are doing well.


The following recommendations can come in handy on the issue of digital translation:

  • Digital translation is no longer a preference but rather a necessity. Businesses do not have an option but to implement this strategy.
  • You must be sure to work with a company that is going to use high-tech when it comes to translation. At the same time, there must be ample human resources due to critical stages such as removing errors. It is crucial for businesses, especially when they have a specific field as the translators must fully understand all the details to make it accurate. One should not look for a short-cut on the task of translation. The most prudent thing to do is to seek the services of the professionals. 
  • As a business that is seeking the services of a translator, it is important to find a company that offers human translation by professionals who are natives of the targeted language. This is going to ensure that you achieve optimal translation outcomes.
  • Investing in digital translation carries a high rate of return on investment (ROI). It is therefore worth it in both the short run and the long run, and is worth consideration.


Thinking about digital translation will help you to be more competent in business and to open up your business to more opportunities. Your company is going to have an international presence and it is going to stand out among the peers. Overall, digital translation will come in handy in turning around the fortunes of your business.

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