6 Reasons to Hire a Traffic Lawyer After a Violation

There are over 41 million traffic citations given each year in the US.

And it can happen to any of us. Driving is an everyday norm, but sometimes our journeys don’t go to plan.

If you’re hit with a traffic offense, pleading guilty can cause more harm to your life. It’s best to hire a traffic violation attorney to handle your case.

Why you might ask? Keep reading for these 6 reasons you’ll want a traffic lawyer by your side.

1. They Know the Errors to Look For

When you get handed a ticket, your immediate thoughts won’t go straight to looking for errors. Or trying to prove you didn’t do what the ticket says you did, for that matter.

A traffic attorney knows how to spot things the average person could miss. For example, they could help you calibrate your speedometer to show it told you the wrong speed. Go here for more.

The best lawyer can find errors like this and more on the ticket which almost always gets it dismissed. That’s a powerful ally to have on your side.

2. They Know How to Get Penalties Reduced

If there are no mistakes to make use of then you can’t get it dismissed. The hope is always that it won’t reach this stage, but there is a chance you need to take responsibility.

This doesn’t mean you’d have to pay the whole fine. A lawyer can help negotiate a lower fine. This could be because of your previous good driving record, for example.

3. They’re Your Voice

It’s likely that as a driver you don’t know the full extent of your rights. When you hire a lawyer, they’ll know everything there is to know about traffic laws and your rights. This knowledge improves your chances tenfold of getting a dismissal or reduced penalty.

4. They’re an Intimidating Presence

If you’re representing yourself, you’re not going to intimidate even the newest prosecutor. This is why most people who represent themselves end up with harsher penalties.

Hire an attorney and you’ll they’ll have the legal clout to make a real impact on the other side. They know the lawyers know what they’re doing and a more likely to give in to their demands.

5. They Can Sway the Way a Judge Sees You

Most people who know they committed the offense will pay up. If you’re invested enough to hire a lawyer, a judge may be more likely to believe you’re innocent. This means they’re more likely to rule in your favor.

6. They Likely Won’t Charge As Much As You Think

One of the first words you think of when you hear “lawyer” is “money”. While this can be true of some lawyers, most will offer reasonable rates.

After all, no one would hire them if it’s more expensive than the ticket, right? You’ll find they can be excellent value with the chance of a dismissal or reduced penalty.

Hire a Traffic Lawyer to Fight Your Case Today

You’ll want to have a traffic lawyer on your side if you get a violation. They’ll be able to look for errors to get them dismissed. Or they can represent you in court and try to get you a reduced penalty. They’ll be your voice and get your point across, knowing the law and how best to work your case.

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