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6 Most Common Issues Handled by OnePlus Service Center

OnePlus is one of the best Android phones available on the market. Packed with the most incredible features, the smartphone delivers immense value for money. That said, a lot of customers have experienced bugs and glitches in their devices, leading to major complications.

If your OnePlus device is also acting up, you must visit a good OnePlus service center. The expert technicians at the service center can help you diagnose the real issue and suggest the most appropriate solution. Thankfully, most of the mobile issues that occur are easily fixable by experts.

What is your repair process?

A majority of smartphone owners fail to ask this question to the service centre. It might be because they just want their beloved device fixed, and it does not matter how it happens. Well, you have to know how technicians at the service centre will replace the broken screen. It will enable you to determine whether you can trust their repairs or not. Before replacing the cracked screen, technicians usually do a few diagnostics tests. This is to check if there are other issues as well. More parts might have got damaged, as your device landed on the ground from a height. Once they have confirmed that there are no other issues – or if there are issues – the service centre usually informs you about the extent of the damage and how they are going to do the repair job.

Are you going to use a genuine OnePlus Parts? 

You must ask about genuine parts when you contact a third-party centre for OnePlus. Without a genuine OnePlus part, it is not at all possible to do the screen replacement right. If you forget to ask this question, the centre might feel that you don’t care about what type of component it uses. And it might install a substandard duplicate screen. You must visit the centre that only uses genuine OnePlus parts.

In this post, we will look at some of the most common issues that are dealt with by the technicians at the service center.

  1. Broken Phone Screen

A broken phone screen is one of the most widespread issues faced by smartphone owners across the world. From an accidental fall to sitting on the smartphone while it is still in your back pocket, several things may cause a broken screen.

Luckily, getting your broken OnePlus phone screen replaced is easier than ever. You can visit a good OnePlus service center to get your screen replaced in the shortest time. They will give you an original screen replacement professionally and affordably.

Make sure to check if your phone screen is covered by any insurance or manufacturer’s warranty before visiting the service center.

  1. Issues with the Charging Port

If your phone experiences very slow or no charging at all, chances are that your charging port has become faulty. There is a small metal connector in the USB port that connects to the charging cable. But if this connection does not take place, the phone does not get charged.

A faulty charging port may be due to some debris clocking the contact between the device and the power supply. Or, it may be due to hardware damage because of the phone dropping on the floor. Whatever may be the reason, you can visit a renowned OnePlus service station to get the issue fixed.

You can even try to clean the charging port at home using soft cotton and a needle. You can also try charging with another cable to make sure that the port is only at fault.

  1. Speaker Not Working

A lot of times, OnePlus users experience issues with their phone’s speaker. In case your device’s speaker stops working, make sure to check the speaker settings are accurate and the volume is not set too low. Also, check if your smartphone is still in headphone mode. If yes, reboot your phone to eliminate the issue.

If nothing works, you can visit the OnePlus service center to get your device evaluated. They will help you identify the issue and resolve it immediately.

  1. Issues with the Camera Flashlight

If you see that the camera is causing troubles or the camera flashlight is unresponsive, you must try out some easy troubleshooting measures to rectify the problem. For instance, check if the camera mode that is currently on supports the flashlight. Often, the professional shooting mode in OnePlus phones prohibits the use of flash.

Also, make sure that the flashlight is turned on. Many times in the auto mode, the flashlight does not work, especially if there is adequate brightness outside. Lastly, ensure there is sufficient battery in the device as low battery disables the use of flash.

If nothing works, you must visit the service center and get your camera and flashlight evaluated by experts.

  1. Water Damage

Dropping the phone in the bathroom or spilling your cup of tea/coffee on your phone can lead to water damage. Often, water damage is a serious problem that causes irreparable damage to your smartphone.

In case of water damage, it is advisable to turn off your smartphone immediately. You can open and split up all the components, such as the battery, SIM card, memory card, etc., and place them on a dry surface. You can wipe them to remove water traces. Following that, try the classic rice trick to bring your device back to life. Take a bowl of rice and immerse your phone in it for a couple of hours.

If nothing helps, you must take your device to a good OnePlus service station. They can check if your phone can be repaired in any way.

  1. Battery Issues

Last, but not least, battery draining is a common problem faced by many smartphone owners. If your OnePlus’s battery keeps draining out very quickly, you can take it to the service center.

But before that, try to close all the apps running in the background as well as delete the unnecessary apps from your phone. Also, make sure that your phone is updated to the latest software version.

If the battery still drains out faster than usual, you must visit the OnePlus Repiar center. Their technicians will help you identify the root cause of the problem and suggest the best solution.

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