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6 Innovative Surveillance Gadgets to Know About

As the world becomes increasingly complex, our personal lives are at risk of becoming even more threatened. No matter how many locks a person has on their doors or how high they build their walls. It will require a lot more than just physical barriers to keep someone out. To achieve ultimate protection from outside forces, one needs to consider high-tech gadgets to add up additional layers of security.

As technology continues its breakneck speed toward being so small, it’s invisible. There are countless new surveillance items available on the market right now that a person can use to protect themselves. While some of them may be more securely hidden products, others may be out in the open. This article will cover six unique surveillance items that people can add to their security arsenal right now to protect themselves from all kinds of mayhem.

6 Innovative Surveillance Gadgets To Know About

1. BirdsEye Satellite View

While it may sound a bit flaky to have birds as part of one’s surveillance system, this unique gadget is quite smart. By using GPS technology and Google Maps, BirdsEye Satellite View can offer up actual images from the skies above in real-time (including heat maps). So that people can tell what is going on around them at any given moment. It makes it much easier for someone who has a private security agency to know if there are trespassers or potential intruders near the property in question at all times. It also provides another perspective that can catch patterns and other un visible information when looking from ground level.

2. Tiny Hidden Camera

When looking for a surveillance device, there are far too many options out there to count, including a solar-powered surveillance camera. However, one of the smallest camera units around can fit in practically any pocket or gadget bag because it looks like an old-timey key fob. Once someone gets past thinking that it’s entirely impossible to have something capable of taking pictures this tiny, they still think about how odd it would look if they were seen carrying around what appeared to be a car remote control everywhere they went. The only difference is that when someone types in the unique code for their vehicle, they can see who has been lurking around them while they were gone instead of seeing their car battery life.

3. Tiny Transmitter

If someone wants to keep their surveillance gadgets to a minimum. They can opt for an almost invisible transmitter to fit on a keychain. This little gadget can send out signals up to 10 miles away. While using its unique signal system that avoids the use of radio waves is nearly impossible for anyone who isn’t familiar with this kind of technology to detect. Making it easy for people to stand out too much when they are on stakeout. Or keeping watch over their property at night. They will notice how effective this device is because there have been multiple occasions. After all, this transmitter was in use.

4. WiGLE WiFi Location Map

In today’s world, there are certain gadgets that almost everyone will own at some point in time. One of those is a smartphone. Such devices may not seem all that advanced compared with something like a tablet or even a laptop, these devices have tools within them. That can be extremely beneficial when it comes to security.  For example, many apps such as Google Maps allow people to get their exact GPS location on someone else’s map whenever they need to find out where they are supposed to be going.

However, another option is available by using WiGLE WiFi Location Map to allow people to type in any address and see all open wireless networks within their geographic area. This way, if they are trying to track down a criminal who is using an unsecured network or has turned off GPS services for whatever reason – they can narrow down the search by knowing how close the target is.

5. Tiny Pinhole Camera

While it may be nice to carry around something as small as the previously mentioned key fob camera unit. There are many times when someone would prefer to have something that doesn’t look completely out of place. For such scenarios, there is also a pinhole camera that can record video. Into a microSD card that is hidden inside the device. Once someone puts in an SD card up to 16GB or more. They can place the pinhole camera wherever they want. And it will discreetly tape without anyone else even knowing it’s there.

6. Keychain Spy Cam

Another type of simple surveillance gadget comes in the form of a keychain spy cam. The design for these products includes a small camera lens that fits directly into a key fob with other features such as built-in USB connectivity and motion detection technology. It means people can record video clips onto a microSD card whenever something happens from their point of view. It also means they don’t have to worry about missing anything significant because the device is always recording. One of the best things about having a keychain spy cam is that it will fit comfortably in someone’s pocket. Their key chain without anyone knowing what it is unless they go up and take a look at it.

Wrapping Up!

Surveillance technology has come a long way since the birth of closed-circuit television. It will continue moving along quickly as people become more interested in security. Thanks to new gadgets such as keychain spy cams and wireless tracking devices, one can keep an eye on their surroundings.

The future of surveillance technology looks bright, and we can expect to see even more innovative gadgets in the years to come. Whether you’re looking for a camera to keep an eye on your property or one to monitor your loved ones, there is a device out there that will fit your needs. Be sure to do your research before making a purchase, as some cameras are better suited for certain applications than others.

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