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6 Amazing Advantages of Google Reviews Widget That Every Brand Should Know

As you all know the power of review and recommendation of your customers and its impact on your business, Google Reviews are one of the most recognizable and considerable online reviews that people are looking for. Almost everyone, including me and you, first check google reviews even before buying the best ice cream flavor while visiting an ice cream store near your home. Seeing such high potential of Google Reviews to business, many brands and marketers have started on Google Reviews Widget on their website to increase their visibility and attract an audience towards their business.

However, many marketers are still confused and start questioning why they should use Google Review Widget on their branded website. So here in this blog, I will tell you some amazing benefits of using Google Reviews on a website and represent it in the form of a widget. 

Let’s begin!

Top 6 Powerful Benefits Of Using Google Reviews Widget For Your Brand:

1. Boost Trust With Brand Transparency

Displaying Google Reviews on your website increases brand transparency by letting your website visitors know about your brand directly from the real customer. It is seen before that many people fall prey to fraudulent websites and brand’s marketing activities, so now people are looking for such content or proof before trusting any brand so that they can easily put their money into it.

Using Google Reviews increases the transparency of your brand or products to your potential customers and offers them unbiased content created by the real people who have already used your product or services.

Hence, Google Review proves to boost your brand trust with your potential customers. Google Reviews represent the real picture of your brand and make a trustworthy image in the mind of the audience.   

2. Build Customer Reliability & Loyalty

People are now aware and they do not believe in website content created by brand only. Embedding Google Reviews Widget on your branded website will boost authentic content as in the above point which in turn increases your customer’s reliability on your brand. 

With the help of Google Reviews, your brand leverages the benefits of Advocacy from your loyal customers and helps your brand grow credibility on digital platforms. 

Embedding Google Reviews on your website gives your audience a better reason to trust your brand and grow their reliability with the brand. Moreover, it is found that 90% of people believe in user-generated content or content shared by real customers. 

3. Improve SEO Ranking

The next big benefit of using Google Reviews on your website as well as asking your customers to leave their reviews on Google will help in improving the SEO of your website. 

Displaying a mix of positive and average star rating reviews on your website will lay a unique and attractive impact on your audience. 

As more people write reviews about your business and you are collecting them and displaying them on your branded website, it will build authority on your website. Positive reviews about your brand on Google will raise your website position on the search results when people search for a similar product like your brand. 

4. Enhance Brand Awareness & Reach

As your search engine rankings are improved and more people get to know your brand through real-life people, it will boost your brand awareness and grow your reach which is not merely possible with your website only. 

Moreover, deliberately showcasing your Google Reviews by collecting each one from the internet makes your website more useful, informative, and shareable. When people find your website more authentic and trustworthy, they would like to share it with their friends, family, and closed ones so that they also buy a product or use services from a reliable website. 

Hence, embedding Google Reviews on your website will increase your website awareness and grow your brand reach with a wider audience who do not even know a bit about your brand. 

5. Build Direct Relationship Between Brand & Customer

Google Reviews increase conversational content on your website by displaying unbiased reviews shared by your brand. 

When people are sharing their reviews, they use a natural voice of tone to write their views about the brand. It looks different from the brand-created content. Hence it will generate realistic content and create blended content on your website. It will give your audience both aspects of your website which in turn increases direct relationship with your brand. 

6. Grow Sales & Conversion Rate

Every marketer and brand wants to grow sales on their website. No one wants to drift their audience and leave the website before buying anything. 

Google Review Widget will boost your audience to make an informed buying decision by finding trustworthy and relevant content on your website. As people want to check the authenticity of the brand or product before buying, Google Reviews Widget on your website will provide your customers with trustworthy content. 


That’s it. Now you know the enormous potential of embedding Google Reviews on your website. As websites are the online storefront of brands and businesses, it is crucial to embellish them with creative, attractive, engaging, and informative content. 

Hence, what is much better than embedding these beautiful-looking Google Reviews on your website. So without doing any further delay, start embedding beautiful Google Reviews on your website. 

Daisy Smith

I’m Daisy and I’m a digital marketer & technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, social media platforms (like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Widget and etc.), and digital marketing trends.

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