5 Wedding Insurance Companies In India That You Need To Know About

Wedding Insurance for your dream wedding: Thousands of dreams of having their dream marriage hopes have been shattering every day. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has arrived, it has hit us very hard not knowing that what could be tomorrow up to. It has become very essential to ensure our future for the wedding goals we have dreamed about. So, to put it more concisely, if you are planning to get married later this year or in the upcoming years here is something you need to know about for planning your marriage safer and happier.

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is a kind of occasion insurance that protects you from misfortunes in specific circumstances including the big wedding day. At the point when you have invested a lot of energy and cash, planning for your big day, you may stress over how to secure that investment.

These incorporate unexpected occasions brought about by harm or injury at a wedding, outrageous climate, issues with the setting or sellers, and certain conditions that may keep your wedding from happening.

Benefits of wedding insurance:

  • The extent of cover includes cancellation of the wedding occasion because of characteristic natural and artificial hazards which incorporate harm to property or injury and even death.
  • It will secure you against alcohol-related occurrences. On the off chance that you are facilitating a wedding at home, this may likewise be something you need to consider.
  • The Personal Accident cover offers pay for pre-announced people against severe injuries, disabilities, and death.
  • Offers cover on the “Public Liability” front where injury/harm because of the mishap at the occasion scene during the strategy time frame.

Wedding Insurance works on 4 basic principles:

  1. Wedding cancellation
  2. Damage to property
  3. Personal accident
  4. Public liability

1.   ICICI Lombard

ICICI Lombard takes care of the expense of your wedding if there should be an occurrence of fire, seismic tremor, demonstrations of God, spasms of nature and air aggravations, thievery, and burglary at a scene.

And if the bride or groom are going through some injury, disease, or unexpected demise, and a ton of different variables which can be considered significant dangers. Their wedding protection takes care of expenses of wedding welcomes, any development given to food providers, setting, improvement, music, and so on. But, there are likewise a ton of elements that ICICI Lombard doesn’t represent in their wedding protection.


Next up is extraordinary compared to other wedding insurance agencies, which gives protection to keep quite possibly the most propitious days of your life secure. sees very well and deals with factors like vulnerabilities, normal or synthetic causes like hiccups and that’s it. likewise has a standard wedding protection strategy where they cover the expense of gems, valuable bridal jewelry, expensive ornaments, wedding welcomes, advance paid reservations, and appointments. The total insured under the strategy takes care of expenses of cards printed, advance paid to the food provider, advance paid for designs, travel tickets, etc.

3.   BAJAJ Finserv

For the lady of the hour to-be, this is one of the best insurance for you because Bajaj Finserv offers protection for your wedding dresses. Presently you at this point don’t need to stress over a great many rupees you have spent on that wedding linen, dresses, and lehengas because Bajaj Finserv conceals to INR 50,000 at an annual premium of INR 349 only!

Their wedding protection covers things like the robbery of the wedding lehenga, coincidental harm, a demonstration of God, and so forth the solitary thing all of you need to remember is to get your wedding buys protected within 30 days of procurement. To improve thought and to protect your beautiful wedding garments, visit their site for more information.

4.   Future Generali

This organization sees that spending a bomb on the wedding would itself be able to be hard to not to mention dropping every one of the plans and watching your cash vanish. This wedding insurance agency takes care of the expense of cosmetologists, pandits, photographers, videographers, electrical appliances and machines, and some more.

Likewise, there are a few conditions that notice what all would not be shrouded in the wedding protection offered by Future Generali. To get a reasonable thought, go through every one of the statements on their site and secure your dream wedding now.

5. is one of those wedding insurance websites which gives you detailed and step-by-step information on all of their schemes included in their insurance policies. Applying for wedding insurance is a hassle-free process on this platform. To some extent, it covers the expense which is nearly out of your control.

In case if there should be an occurrence of an undesirable occasion or hazard during the wedding service, the policyholder can guarantee pay by following some of the formalities or paperwork accordingly as policy. A wedding insurance claim can be settled within 30 days of the disaster. Regardless of whether the insurance agency needs some explanation, it must be done within these 30 days.


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