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5 ways to use artificial plants to add the “wow” factor to your home decor

ways to use artificial plants

By now, you may have spotted the increasing popularity of plants in indoor spaces. If you happened to visit a new cake or restaurant, you must have witnessed that plants were the main element of the decor of that particular place. Nowadays, people have started opting for plants and natural components while decorating or redecoration their place. If there is any cafe or a hotel opening up in your town, chances are that the decor will be held up together by plants. Even when revamping houses, people lookout for plants more than they look out for.

This prominent change of decision in decor may have occurred because plants and greenery have the ability to make the interiors as well as exteriors of any place more refreshing and lively. You can easily add warmth to your home if it has a cold or impersonal vibe by incorporating plants. All you need to do is order plants online and they are the ideal decorating solution for the type of space. Be it your home, office, hotel, or cafe. But fresh plants and flowers need a significant amount of time and care to survive. Some people see this as a downside of having plants at home because they don’t have a green thumb at all. Not a problem, you can still style your place with these green buddies as you get amazing alternatives i.e Artificial plants. These artificial plants are made so finely that they look lifelike. So, if artificial plants are your thing, then here are some ways how you can use artificial plants to increase the oomph factor of your place. 

Make their use where real plants wouldn’t survive

Living plants or real plants look beautiful and that is why we like to bring them to our home. But, let me remind you that these plants come with some basic requirements that need to be fulfilled if you want them to survive. They are dependent on sunlight, water, air, and other natural resources. Less or more, every living plant needs them for survival. That is why you need to look out for an appropriate place before placing them in your house. You need to take care that they get air to breathe, space to grow taller, and watering needs as well. But with artificial plants, this is not the case. One burden that you can lay off your shoulders is taking regular care of these plants. They don’t need any resources nor do they become shapeless as they grow. These plants remain the same as you brought them home. Also, since they don’t require sunlight or air, you can plant them in any corner of the house without having to worry about their survival. 

Create a plant corner

When styling your house with plants that are artificial, you have an open amount of styling ideas because you are not restricted to finding suitable spots or resources. So, with artificial plants, you can go on to create a specific corner that is surrounded by plants. Every house has at least one suck weird corner that has no windows, the sun isn’t very welcomed, and is a boring part of your home that desperately calls for decor. If you look closely at your home, you will find one such corner that you may have never paid attention to. It’s time that you put that corner into use when real plants won’t survive there, you have the option to use artificial ones. Enjoy the physical effect of the greenery by placing a sofa in the center and surround yourself with plants. 

The ceiling effect

With artificial plants, you can do anything that you can do with real ones, even more, because no restriction can bound you. So, the next styling tip that you can follow is to hang up these plants in hanging baskets and tie them to the ceiling. This is a very effective way if you want to shift the attention towards the ceilings, window sills, and walls. Trust me, they will make for an unmatched elegance for any place, be it your personal space or a formal one. Another advantage of hanging them to the ceiling is that it reduces the unnecessary crowd on the low surfaces. Hence, this is ideal decor for smaller places where there is not much space on the lower lands. 

Use the silk flower arrangements

When you decide to buy indoor plants online that are faux, my suggestion is to buy the silk flower arrangements. It will make the decor much more luxurious. You can easily afford more than one silk arrangement. Hence, for a more polished look, buy the silk flower arrangements and add them to important tables in the house or make it a centerpiece. Also, while purchasing, do check out the quality of this arrangement as it is supposed to be of high quality for the best decor. 

These are some ways how you can add a wow element to your home decor by using faux plants. 

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