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5 Ways to Keep Your Business Premises Secure

Security is a top priority for every business, but are you doing everything you can to keep your premises secure? Whether you’re operating from an office block, retail unit or restaurant, it’s vital to maximize security to prevent anyone from gaining authorized access to your property. For inspiration, take a look at these five ways to keep your business premises secure:

1. Install Parking Lot Gates

A parking lot makes it easy for clients, customers, and employees to access your premises, but it can mean that anyone can drive on to your property at any time. With professionally installed commercial parking lot gates, you can control the flow of traffic in and out while stopping anyone from trespassing. You might choose to lock parking lot gates outside of business hours, for example, or use an intercom system to ensure that only authorized personnel can gain access to the space.

2. Access Control Systems

Within your building premises, there might be specific areas that only particular employees should have access to. If so, an access control system is an easy and effective way to manage different parts or zones of the building. With pre-programmed cards or fobs, employees can access areas they’re permitted to, and guests or customers are only able to access to communal areas.

3. Remote CCTV

A CCTV system is a highly effective way to monitor commercial premises and it can act as a deterrent to anyone who is considering trying to trespass or break in. However, you’ll want to ensure that your CCTV system is high quality enough to capture useful images or video footage and that it has advanced features. Remote CCTV can be watched in real-time from any location, for example, so you can keep an eye on your premises, even when you’re not on site.

4. Exterior Lighting

When the area surrounding your business premises is well-lit, it can dissuade people from hanging around or trying to gain access. What’s more – exterior lighting could help to reduce the risk of slip, trip and fall accidents too. Whether you choose motion-sensor lights to alert you to movement or incorporate exterior lighting into your building design, there are numerous ways to ensure your commercial building is well-lit.

5. Security Patrols

Regular security patrols can provide an added feeling of safety and will signify that your building is well-secured. While you might not require security personnel on site at all times, rolling patrols give you access to enhanced security at a reduced cost. As a visible deterrent and a source of information gathering, security patrols can help to identify potential threats before they cause damage to your premises.

Keeping Your Business Secure

Implementing effective security measures is an essential form of risk management and it can help to prevent operational disruption. By finding the right security solutions for your premises, you can keep employees, customers, clients, equipment, and stock secure and stop trespassers or thieves from threatening your business.

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