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5 Ways to Increase the Traffic to Your Website

Whether you run your site to attract potential customers to hire your services, or you run an online store, seeking a website traffic increase is always going to be high on your agenda.

With close to 2 billion sites on the internet right now, there’s a lot of competition when it comes to finding your spot at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) – but as challenging as it may be to boost your organic traffic, you need to try!

So, what traffic source techniques can you employ in your business to propel your website to the top of the rankings?

Let’s take a look at five proven ways to get more visitors to your site.

1. Pay Per Click Advertising

The paid traffic method is one of the most effective ways of ensuring your website appears at the very top of the search results.

With pay per click advertising, you only pay for every impression that generates a click-through. That means you’ll pay directly for the results you yield.

To really make the most of this traffic source, you should work on the fundamentals of your website that maximize the direct conversion from traffic to sales.

2. Content Marketing

Websites with active blogs often perform very well in the organic search results. This is because there are more opportunities for you to match the intent of your users with keywords that matter.

Providing informative content really adds value to your business too. People are always looking for an answer to their questions, so if you can provide this in the form of a blog post, you’ll increase traffic easily.

Not got the writing skills for the task? There are lots of website content writer services out there that can help.

3. Social Media Advertising

Putting ads out on social media is a great way to target exactly who will see your business. Social media advertising directly places your brand in the news feeds of the exact demographic you’re looking to reach.

Don’t just stop at placing ads on social media though. Create a profile on the major platforms and really engage with people who are showing an interest in your business.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every website needs to be optimized for search. SEO includes:

  • Using keywords that match user intent
  • Building links that point to your site
  • Managing local citations on business directories
  • Ensuring sites are responsive on every device

SEO is an ongoing task. It is often the case, that this is outsourced to a digital marketing company.

5. Email Marketing

People still love to receive emails. Get your visitors to sign up to your mailing list by offering them discounts or exclusive information. Then, once you have their email address, send them regular updates that will entice them to your site.

How to Guarantee Your Website Traffic Increase

If you’re looking for a website traffic increase, you should use as many of these strategies as possible.

For more tips to help your website grow, check out the business and technology sections.

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