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5 Uses of Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

The growth of e-commerce has provided an excellent opportunity for the manufacturers of shipping containers. They are now loaded with orders for custom printed shipping boxes. The reason for this boom in demand are many:

  • Increase in e-commerce sales due to high customer demands.
  • Customers switching to online shopping as physical shopping becomes a thing of the past.
  • Sellers also preferring to settle their trading base online to save on costs.

All these and more factors have led to the retail industry witnessing a surge in demand for customized boxes. Shipment is very crucial in e-business. You must have a solid box base to establish a durable connect with customers. Moreover, your brand recognition can spread like wildfire when the boxes speak greatly of your brand values.

You may be surprised by the total sales volume of the e-commerce market. But you would be more surprised to find out the multi-faceted functions and uses of customized shipment packages. Here are some main ones:

Generate effective reviews

How do you tell customers to trust your brand? Of course, brand promotions help. But it is the tangible aspect of branding that makes a robust impact. What makes the boxes tick with customers?

Imagine that you are a customer receiving your order. What would excite you the most? Apart from using the product, the box and unboxing experience is what all contemporary buyers talk about. They rank this process to be as valuable as the working of the products. Researchers have advised businesses to focus more on the packaging of their products if they want to receive more orders henceforth.

Customers post and watch unboxing videos online to get a feel of what to expect from a brand. If they like these reviews, the brand gets an instant upward push. Such a favorable word of mouth is essential particularly for e-traders because the clients get a firsthand experience of the brand when their products are delivered. Acing this leads the brand to popularity and indispensable customer following.

Hold potential for marketing

Are you worried about the rising rate of marketing costs?

You are not alone in this; these costs are what takes up a huge proportion of almost all companies.

E-trading has a growth percentage of about 14.3%. This is touted to go further up. Such numbers show the level of rivalry in the market. This is the main reason why brands spend so much on promotions.

custom printed shipping boxes

One effective way to curb this stiffness of competition is to be aware of your customer preferences. Because including those within your packaging boxes can give you ample room of budget to be utilized elsewhere.

Modern packaging printers give exceptional quality printing results at affordable rates. This means that all your brand marketing can be effectively done on the boxes and without you emptying your pockets on more expensive ad platforms. The boxes hold immense potential to be used as apt marketing devices. For instance:

  • Placing the brand name and logo visibly.
  • Educating buyers of what the product does. That is, list its functionalities.
  • Improve brand recognition when boxes are shipped from destination A to B. More people would view the boxes as they are shipped and transported and find the brand image worthy to retain.
  • Display the contents inside better with interesting images and informative texts.

These boxes offer a variety of customized forms and shapes that can lead to more satisfied customers.

Choose the exact box types

If you think that custom printed shipping boxes only come in folding carton forms, then think again! There are various other box types that the corrugated stock can be turned into. These may be:

  • One Piece Mailers
  • Auto Lock or Auto Bottom Boxes
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Pillow Boxes
  • Tuck Boxes
  • Display Boxes
  • Chipboard Packaging

With so many different forms, your products can be boxed in ones that are perfect for them. Buyers appreciate distinct packaging that lets them get a good value proposition. This also makes it possible for them to identify your brand image from the many others available in the e-market.

Corrugated paper is the best shipping choice as it is made from sheets of corrugated air pockets that provide a cushion to protect the contents inside. Long routes and rough handlings of the boxes make the products prone to damage. Packing them in boxes that not only look charming but also are firmly constructed to contain all the items safely, can be your best bet!

The boxes are also the perfect choice for all kinds of products. Including:

  • Cosmetics
  • Personal Care
  • CBD
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Home Decor and Candles
  • Candy and Confectionery
  • Beverage Distribution
  • Pet Care

Enable the brand to become a favorite

Buyers are brand conscious and prefer to buy from the ones that they know of. Being in that category takes a wide-reaching brand identity that caters to your target customer group. The boxes are a good chance to become more relevant. By adding several image-enhancing tools like colors, fonts, and graphics, the boxes can also look the part when they depict the products pleasantly.

As soon as the shipment arrives at the customers’ doors, they hurry to open the product. This process involves taking out time to read the contents of the box that includes your brand logo. Setting the right tone can help to create happy buyers that order again. Customize the boxes sent for shipment to improve brand awareness. Custom printed shipping boxes offer a lot more in terms of meeting customers’ demands.

Repeat purchases fuel exceptional growth for brands and your business can benefit from this too. Brand loyalty is generated through buyers that trust your brand and select it for all their future orders. The stepping stone in this direction is your custom printed shipping boxes that must deliver the products safely. They must also create familiarity with your brand image and compel the consumers that they have made the right choice.


Modern calamities have sparked more sales growth in the e-commerce field. You can use these boxes in the mentioned ways in this article to gain from their diverse functions.


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