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5 Tips on Website Design for Nonprofits That Will Help Bring Awareness to Your Cause

Americans gave a record-breaking $2.7 billion on Giving Tuesday, the big fundraising day following Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Did your nonprofit organization see an increase in donations? If not, it may be due to your website’s design.

Website design plays an important role in converting visitors to donors. The first impression people get of your nonprofit is through the website.

A bad website doesn’t give the right impression, so you lose opportunities to raise funds to further your mission.

If you want to turn that around you’ll need to understand website design for nonprofits. You’re in the right place to learn. Keep reading as we give you the top design tips for nonprofit websites.

1. Emphasize Donations

Do you have an online donation tool installed on your website? If you do, it’s time to assess how that tool gets used.

A website with low conversions means that your site doesn’t connect with donors or they don’t know how to donate.

Your job is to make it easy without looking desperate for funds. Make the donation button stand out on the home page.

You can also use a ribbon at the top or bottom of the site with a donate button.

2. Be Clear and Concise

Nonprofit websites often have too much text. They want to communicate everything that’s great about the organization.

The problem with that is visitors don’t read. They scan, judge, and make a quick decision to learn more, donate, or leave.

Nonprofit websites are communications tools. You have to clearly communicate the difference your nonprofit makes in as few words as possible.

3. Always Say Thank You

Is your online donation tool connected to your CRM? If it is, it’s a great way to automate thank you notes to donors.

Donors want to be appreciated and if you can show that often, you’ll be able to get ongoing donations.

4. Work With a Service Provider

The only way to really know if your site’s design hits the mark is to work with a professional web design service.

Their design expertise is helpful because the best providers design websites built to convert.

You want to work with a service provider that matches your values, such as The Valley List. They’re a family-owned business that provides the right solutions for each client.

5. Tell a Story

Storytelling is important in your work. Without it, you can’t make an emotional connection with visitors to your site.

Tell stories about the impact your organization makes every day. Spotlight volunteers and other donors. It shows your appreciation and explains why others get drawn to your nonprofit.

Make Website Design for Nonprofits Work

Your resources may be stretched thin, but you can’t overlook the importance of your nonprofit’s website design.

How can you make sure your organization is making the most of the opportunities at hand? Start by following these tips for nonprofit websites.

Website design for nonprofits is a little different than everyday websites. Now that you know how to improve your site, check out the Technology section of this site to learn how to drive traffic to your website.

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